Stretching Your Dollar: Urban Gypsy Clothing trunk show

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV)  -  If you want to revamp your fall wardrobe, but don't have the cash for a big department store, and don't have the time to search thrift stores and estate sales, I've met the business woman for you.

Elle Palmer calls her company, The Urban Gypsy, a traveling trunk show of eclectic fashions from boots to ponchos. 

"I just began collecting and collecting these fabulous items and my friends starting to make offers to buy the sweater right off my back!" said Elle.

At that point Elle knew she was on to something and the Urban Gypsy was born.

Elle's trunks are jam-packed with everything from Diane Von Furstenburg blouses, to vintage well-love and well worn cowboy boots. She has pictures on her web site

She shows me one of her finds, a Welsh belted cape that must be from the 1960's.  The garment is in mint condition.

"Isn't this great?  Ponchos are huge this year," she says with a broad smile, as she twirls in the cape like a little girl playing dress-up, "I don't know what it is, but I almost feel 'lead' when I'm shopping.  It's just something I've been blessed with, finding these magical pieces."

Because The Urban Gypsy is a traveling trunk show, Elle doesn't have the overhead of most stores.

Her prices reflect that, "We have pieces for as little as four dollars, to the most expensive piece probably about sixty dollars," Palmer said.

Palmer spends a good deal of time researching the trends of the season.  She offers her clients unique items that fold into the current fashion trends while making a statement.

"This is a vintage piece," she says referring to a delicate cream colored cotton dress that she has paired with modern leather jacket in a complementing brown.

"Scarves add so much to an ensemble.  These knitted scarves were popular 20 years ago, and now, look what this adds to the outfit," Palmer says, wrapping a blue and chocolate brown scarf to add another layer to the look.

This weekend, The Urban Gypsy is opening her trunks at The Bizarre Bizarre, a carnival like party at The Atrium behind Amelie's French Bakery at 2424 North Davidson Street in the NoDa neighborhood.  The event starts at 2pm and runs until 8pm.  There will be live musical performances in the evening.

Elle says shoppers who spend more than $50 at this weekend's trunk show will have their name put in the running for drawing for a full wardrobe makeover by renowned stylist, Dean Pardue.

Pardue takes what you already have and puts together 'looks' that are current and on trend.  He prides himself on doing the most with what is hanging in your closet.  He is also a make-up artist and designs clothing.

Palmer's Urban Gypsy business is booming, you can see some of what she's selling at her web site

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