Charlotte Symphony conductor has royal touch

Christopher Warren-Green with Prince Charles.
Christopher Warren-Green with Prince Charles.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Friday, September 16 is opening night for the Charlotte Symphony's 80th season with Christopher Warren-Green conducting.

This is his second season with the symphony, and has brought with him a talent cherished around the world.

In fact Warren-Green, who is originally from Great Britain, conducted the orchestra for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton this past spring.

With the eyes of the world watching, the maestro told me, he was watching the bride make her way down the long aisle at Westminster Abbey.

"I was more worried for Katherine actually I thought what if she trips over the dress or something like that seriously," he said.

The music chosen for the wedding of the century was a collaborative effort.  The future father-in-law, Prince Charles had some favorites, but there was one song, everyone wanted in, "Crown Imperial."

But that song was written for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second.  They were not quite sure if it would be suitable for a wedding march.

"Prince William wasn't absolutely sure if we should play it or not being a coronation march, so in the end, he asked his grandmother, (the Queen) and she said, 'It is absolutely fine, just play it!'"

The song became a pivotal moment in the wedding for Princess Katherine.  She wrote a letter to Warren-Green after the wedding telling him so.

"She said the highlight for the wedding for her was the moment she walked out after signing the register and 'Crown Imperial' started playing.  She said she couldn't think of a better way to start her married life, which is a lovely way to look at it," Warren-Green remembers.

This season of the Charlotte Symphony will not be performing music from the wedding, but the musical choices and series have Warren-Green excited about the year ahead!

"I want people to try it, there is something for everyone. I say to people just get in here come and give it a try but don't have a preconceived idea about it because we're not as fuddy duddy as you might think!"  The maestro says with his infectious laughter to follow.

Warren-Green makes music fun so think about visiting one of the performances this year. You'll be happy you did!

There are many different price levels to enjoy the Charlotte Symphony, from $18 during their Friday morning practice sessions, to as low as $23 dollars for an evening performance.

If you would like to learn more about purchasing tickets visit the Charlotte Symphony web site at

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