See, Click, Fix: Broken Driveway UPDATE


We first told you about this issue a month ago.

A driveway at a home in west Charlotte not far off Freedom Drive.

Crews came out to repair a busted water pipe under the street, but to do so, had to break up a portion of the driveway.

The repair crews fixed the pipe but the driveway wasn't immediately repaired.

The homeowner wrote See, Click, Fix saying he had made over ten calls trying to get action, but to no avail.

I contacted Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities and was told a contractor was scheduled to work on the driveway that week.

That didn't happen.

But as of today, the driveway is being fixed.

Crews were out Monday making the repairs.

But what took so long?

One of the work crew members said they had other obligations and this was the earliest they were able to get to this location.

So sometimes it would appear that patience is needed when it comes to this type of work.

But is that fair to the owner of the property?

I've contacted the Utilities Department again and am asking that question: was this a reasonable amount of time to have to wait to have that property fixed?

As soon as I get an answer, I'll let you know.

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