See, Click, Fix: Driveway Problem

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We're looking into something that got fixed, but when it was, it caused another problem. It involves a home in west Charlotte not far off Freedom Drive.

The driveway at the home is not in the best shape.

The person who lives there wrote See, Click, Fix: "The city came out to repair a busted water pipe in front of my driveway. They had to break up my driveway to get to the pipe and have not repaired my driveway. I have made over ten calls to no avail."

That's about to be fixed though.

I contacted the city and got a very fast response from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Utility Department.

I'm told the city's asphalt/concrete contractor is scheduled to work on the driveway this week.

The contractor wasn't able to get out there sooner due to other street restorations, according to the city.

So the problem should be fixed this week.

We'll certainly keep you updated.

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