See, Click, Fix: Low hanging cable at bus stop gets fixed

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The CATS bus stop where the problem is sits at the corner of Cedar and Trade street. The traffic signal cable hangs dangerously low behind it.

"That to me looks like trouble," says pedestrian Carl Campbell. Campbell uses the sidewalk to walk to church and says the fact that kids also trek through here is enough reason it needs an immediate fix.

"People have been talking about it and wondering why (the cable) is not back up," says Campbell.

To give you a sense of how low this cable is, our 6'2" photojournalist who shot this video, Corey Schmidt, just has to raise his hand and the cable is within his reach.

Dan M., who originally wrote to See, Click, Fix about this problem says, "This has been in this condition for more than a week!!! This really irritates me to no good end."

So we called numerous agencies to find out who can fix this...turns out Charlotte DOT was able to jump on the problem right away for us. They dispatched a crew to the scene immediately and by Wednesday afternoon we got a message from CDOT that the cable would be repaired or replaced immediately.

The low hanging cable is gone...and the problem, solved.

"I am glad WBTV is out here Channel 3. I look at your news and I'm glad you're out here trying to do something for us," says Campbell.