Cleveland man makes alternative to traditional sippy cup

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Councilman, Pete Draganic has formed a new company, Reflo Ltd and his first product is on the market, based on his patent application filed in 2010. The Reflo Smart Cup is an open-rimmed, flow-controlled drinking cup that offers a superior alternative to sippy cups which doctors have associated with speech delays and dental problems.

Reflo Smart Cups have already gained the attention of two major retailers and has experienced strong online sales through the company website where customer and doctor reviews extol the vrtues of this revolutionary breakthrough in child training, safety and health.

The idea came to Pete when his children were toddlers, seeking a better way to teach them to drink from a cup. It took nearly 14 years before Pete had a viable idea which he then transformed into a tangible realization, making prototypes in his garage on his lathe and mill. Through trial and error he perfected his idea, produced CAD drawings and began production. Customers buying one to try have returned to buy eight more at $6.99 each. Daycares have replaced their sippy cups with purchases of as many as 48 Reflo Smart Cups at once.

Pete says "Naturally, I was hesitant about the cost of patenting, production and startup expenses. I was afraid that others might not feel as positive about this product as I did but the success in our first few months has erased any doubts I ever had".