Man who calls self 'anti-Christ' gets 666 months in prison for sex assaults

Published: Jun. 27, 2011 at 8:48 PM EDT|Updated: Jul. 27, 2011 at 8:48 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A man who was on trial this week for sexually assaulting two girls, and who also called himself the "Anti-Christ", was found guilty of all six charges.

Christopher Guy was charged with sexually touching two young girls, ages 8 and 9. He represented himself during the four-day trial which began on Monday.

The jury announced its verdict Thursday afternoon finding Guy guilty on all six charges including three counts of indecent liberties with a child, two counts of first-degree sex offense, and one count of attempted first-degree sexual offense. They deliberated for an hour an a half.

Guy was sentenced to 55 1/2 years in prison, which is 666 months, according to an assistant district attorney.

Once the verdict was read, the mother of one of the victims addressed the courtroom.

First, she thanked the jury. She then said she hoped Guy receives the help he needs, and that it will take time for her forgive him. She also said she was happy with the sentence.

Guy maintained his innocence, but he apologized to his family as well as the families of the two victims.

Earlier in the day, Guy told the court there was no evidence to prove the young girls' claims of abuse.

Guy said he lost everything important to him because of the allegations, and that he is a good-hearted person who loves everyone and never lies.

But prosecutors told the court the victims had no reason to lie about the abuse. They said Guy fondled the girls during a sleepover where he tried to make them perform oral sex.

The prosecution went on to say that Guy was the only person to gain anything from lying.

On Wednesday, Guy took the stand in his own defense and put himself up for cross-examination by prosecutors.

"I have no regrets," said Guy. "I promise you though, I didn't do it. I'll say it again. I didn't do it."

He started his testimony by saying he always tried to be a good person. He said the girls had the wrong version of events.

During cross-examination, prosecutors also brought up a letter Guy wrote to the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office in which he claimed to be the "Anti-Christ." The letter, however, was stricken from the record.

During a special hearing, Judge Jesse Caldwell read a portion of the letter to decide whether the jury could hear anymore. The letter stated that Guy was "omniscient" and that "they were playing with the wrong one."

Caldwell said the letter would not be allowed in court.

An 11-year-old girl testified Tuesday about the alleged abuse. She had to answer Guy's questions during cross-examination.

The girl walked into court and did not even look at Guy. She handled questions from prosecutor Leslie Cooley very well, until Cooley asked her to get specific about the abuse.

The girl struggled for words. She looked up and down before crying.

Judge Caldwell called for a recess while Cooley and prosecutor Tim Sielaff tried to comfort the girl and help her to continue.

During cross examination, Guy asked the girl about their relationship and whether she had ever been harmed by him before.

The line of questioning and her answers seemed to demonstrate Guy still had a grip over her, and that she still cared about her alleged abuser.

Jury selection finished Monday. The prosecution team questioned potential jurors for more than an hour, but Guy told the judge he was happy with the jury and had no questions.

During opening statements, prosecutor Cooley told the jury that Guy stole a child's innocence during a Memorial Day sleepover. She woke to find Guy fondling her. She cried and told her family, who reported the case to police.

At that point, the second young girl came forward and reported she had been molested by Guy as well.

During opening statements, Guy said anyone who would commit such crimes deserved the electric chair. However, he claimed he was innocent.

He said the first alleged victim was upset with him for trying to correct her potentially promiscuous behavior. He told the jury any evidence against him was speculation.

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