Iraq vet walks across the country to support struggling vets

GROVER, NC (WBTV) - For the past year and 2 weeks Troy Yocum has been walking every day rain or shine.

"I've been through the crazy storms in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana," said Yocum. "I've walked through the desert, I've walked through the snow."

Now his journey of more than 54 hundred miles and 31 million steps has brought him to North Carolina.

"It's not about the journey it's about helping those military families that are struggling right now," said Yocum.

Yocum an Iraq war veteran got the idea to raise money for struggling military families after he got a call from an Army friend who lost his home to foreclosure.

"We have an all time high of veteran Suicides, all time high of unemployment for veterans and their families and it's about time we do something about it," said Yocum.

In the time he's spent on the road, Yocum has raised enough money to help 34 families.  Wednesday morning the mayor of Grover donated $500.

"Right now we're helping a North Carolina Military family that lost their house in the Tornado a few weeks ago," said Yocum

Most days he walks alone, today he has supporters walk with him, one is Mike Mills, Desert Storm Vet.

"I think what he's doing is for the most important thing on this planet and its people," said Mills.

Yocum is trying to make it to Washington DC by Memorial Day, then heading to Boston and then back home to Louisville, but he says the cause won't stop there.

"There's always another family that needs help right around the next corner," said Yocum.

If you would like donate or keep up with Yocum's journey you can go to his web site