CRVA to review pay policies

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority is proud of the figures connected to this year's CIAA basketball tournament.

Its Chief Executive Officer Tim Newman shared the news with board members this morning.

"We have now achieved 44 million dollars in impact from the CIAA tournament and over 200 million dollars in impact, since it came to Charlotte," he said.

While figures connected to the tournament show growth, members of the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority board wanted to know more about bonuses paid to CRVA employee Ereka Crawford-Brimm.

She has been in the eye of the storm, since it was learned that athletic association has had a role in her compensation.

Newman defended the payments.

He said, "In each year the tournament has been here, we've evaluated the tournament and made part of her annual total compensation payment received for those services from the CIAA."

Crawford-Brimm is designated as the conference coordinator.

According to CRVA director Tim Newman, her bonuses paid by the CIAA  go back tournaments held over the last five years.

"The average each year has been in the 15 to 20 thousand dollar range and the total amount has been the 90 to 100 that's been cited."

CRVA board members are all appointed by the Mayor and city council making it a quasi government group.

Money coming in from the outside raises the possible appearance of a conflict of interest, according to council member Andy Dulin.

"We've appointed you,"Dulin said." We expect you to behave appropriately."

During the board meeting, the mayor and council received a memo and financial statement from Newman detailing Crawford-Brimm's compensation the tournaments financial impact.

But does the explanation go far enough?

Newman now says the entire process regarding extra employee compensation may be under review.

"This was a standard operating procedure for the CIAA, whether it's standard operating procedure is something we'll look hard at," he said.

This year's bonus for Erika Crawford-Brimm has yet to be decided.