See, Click, Fix: Beware of gaping hole in sidewalk

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - From a distance all is well on S. Mint Street and Penman Street. It's until you walk right up to the northwest corner that you see the gaping problem. A large hole that butts right up to this Charlotte Mecklenburg utilities water meter.

It alarmed one WBTV viewer enough to write this post on our see, click, fix page online. Dale writes, "Hole in the sidewalk (big) enough to step in where 1000's of Panther fans walk each week...severe safety hazard".

Businesses line the street of the public sidewalk, and a few blocks down there is Bank of America stadium. It's plenty of opportunity for someone to be walking down the sidewalk, accidentally stepping into this hole and hurting themselves.

We took pictures of the eight inch deep gap in the ground and sent them directly to the folks at Charlotte Mecklenburg utilities. The response from CMUD Communications Information spokesperson Cam Coley,

"I am checking to see if they have already put some rock around to stabilize it until CDOT can re-pour the sidewalk around it. If not, they will be there later this week."

CMUD also reminded us you can always call 311 for these kinds of requests, and said water and sewer leaks are their main priority with the thousands of miles of pipes they serve. Considering someone can really hurt themselves, maybe even break an ankle in that spot, we're hoping that's being considered as well as they work to get this fixed promptly.

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