Stretching Your Dollar... Recycle, repurpose, and save

Charlotte, NC - By Maureen O'Boyle - bio | email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – When you're cleaning up from your Memorial Day barbeque, take a good look inside your recycling bin.  There might be treasures in the trash.  Some of your recyclables have a hidden purpose just waiting to be revealed.

"That adage 'One person's trash is another person's treasure' is really true," says Delaware-based environmental consultant Kathy Klein. "I like the challenge of looking at things in a different way, and coming up with new uses for them."

Those cans that held soda at your picnic hold new meaning in the garden.  If you have a big pot that you want to fill with flowers, you don't need to use an entire bag of potting soil.

Instead, drop in four to five cans at the bottom, top it with soil and plant away.  Water will drain better with the cans at the bottom and that helps the plants roots not sit in soaking soil.

An added benefit, if you want to move that big pot, it will be much lighter that if you have filled the entire planter with soil.  And the best part, you save money at the garden center.

We are all trying to use less paper towels, but sometimes, they really come in handy.  That cardboard roll can be reused.

That tangled mess of cords under the desk doesn't look good, but you can fix it very easily.  Using leftover wall paint, or spray paint and paint the cylinder.

Carefully, take a craft blade and slice down the length of the cardboard.  Gather all the cords and slide the cardboard over them.  In a matter of minutes, the mess disappears and you didn't spend a dime.

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