Free Psychic Reading Online - Best Psychics Sites for Free Readings In 2023

Free Psychic reading online

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Free Psychic Reading Online - Best Psychics Sites for Free Readings in 2023

Some of life’s most difficult hurdles can seem like a mess of puzzle pieces. They all seem connected, but don’t always fit together. If you’re reading this, you might be considering trying a free psychic reading online to shed some light on your situation.

If you feel like you’re in an endless cycle of frustration and you’re considering turning to free psychic readings for help, first of all, remember that you’re in good company! Consulting oracles is a time-honored tradition.

Not only did astrologers and clairvoyants grace the courts of queens and kings, but average citizens across the world have also turned to shamans and psychic mediums across time to help untangle their lives. Not to mention the mysteries of being alive!

Of course, in the modern world, it’s hard to avoid both stigma and snake oil salesmen when it comes to help of a more spiritual nature. Lightening the purses of people in need is also a sad and time-honored tradition, after all.

Not to worry though, even today it’s not impossible to find real psychics, so long as you know what you should expect from them. So here’s a helpful guide to finding your modern Oracle of Delphi, let’s find you the best psychic reading, free!

I came up with this list of websites that offer online psychic readings without hidden catches or fees, and making sure each of them offers psychic readings for free:

Top 5 Sites for Free Psychic Reading Online

1. Psychic Source - the best choice to easily connect with accurate free psychics, even if this is your first time ($1/Minute for a First Reading + 3 Minutes Free)

2. Kasamba - skilled and experience free psychics, especially for love and relationship questions, (70% OFF + 3 Minutes)

3. California Psychics - rigorous vetting process and generous packages

4. Keen Psychics - the best value for your money and their psychics are especially good with spiritual matters (10 minutes for $1.99 only)

5. Purple Garden - the best place to find advice about the future and get free readings

Why trust us?

My background is steeped in the occult. All my life I’ve been surrounded by teachings inspired by shamanism and various branches of both ancient and New Age spirituality.

In addition to being raised into multifaceted and multicultural spirituality, I was taught many forms of healing.

When it comes to learning about the heart and head, I turned to psychic abilities, among other things, to better understand myself and the universe.

My specialties are shadow work, astrology, and oracles. The things I learned on my journey have taught me above all else how easily I can both stumble and guide myself using spiritual tools, such as ones mentioned in this article.

1. Psychic Source - Most Accurate Free Psychics by Phone or Chat

Psychic Source

Finding the right psychic reader for you is crucial. Many sites boast a large pool of mediums, and unless you already know what you’re looking for, few sites can effectively point you in the right direction. This is where Psychic Source delivers!

Psychic Source has a well-vetted team of affordable psychics, but what’s impressive about their platform is how they connect you with the best psychics for you.

It’s easy to get to the person you want, and it’s just as easy to change your mind, which makes it a top choice if you want accurate and free psychic readings.

If this is your first time, Psychic Source ensures they will make your experience a good one with their satisfaction guarantee.

A quick overview of Psychic Source’s best features

What sets Psychic Source apart is their transparency and vetting process, both things you want to watch out for when choosing an online psychic. Apart from that, they also have these great features:

  • The Find a Psychic Tool
  • Online video readings
  • Facebook readings
  • Loyalty program
  • In-house 24/7 customer service
  • Affordable first reading as low as $1/minute (+3 free minutes)

What we wish it had

Now that we’ve looked at some of their pros, let’s see some cons:

  • They still don’t offer email readings

Luckily, that’s a short list! This is why Psychic Source is our feature choice: apart from offering free minutes, they’re safe, affordable, and helpful even for newcomers.

Picking the best psychic on Psychic Source

You can go the route of picking and choosing your psychic by scrolling through them, but if you feel a little overwhelmed, Psychic Source has an excellent way to narrow down your choices.

If you have a specific type or method of reading in mind, the menu helpfully breaks down your options in several ways, starting by introducing their psychics and the ways they can be contacted, including phone, chat, and video.

Under the category About Psychic Readings, Psychic Source offers a helpful breakdown of the Types of Psychics they host. They also describe each type of psychic ability in detail, which is especially useful and it’s informatively written.

Out of these, their Intuitive Psychics category caught my eye as a great option for beginners. If you’re having trouble pinning down your questions or expressing the source of your stress, intuitive psychics can give you the reassurance and understanding you need.

<<Let Psychic Source connect you with the psychic who has answers for you>>

The Find a Psychic Tool

If you’re struggling to pick one, or you’re not sure what type of psychic is best suited to your question, Psychic Source’s Find a Psychic Tool will present you with a set of questions to help you narrow down your choice. The questions are asked by the wizard, who can help guide you to the type of information you need.

First, the wizard will ask you what topic you want to talk about with your psychic. Whether it’s finding something you lost or interpreting your dreams, you will find a category that suits you. You can always pick “A general reading is fine” if you can’t decide.

Next, you’ll be able to choose what kind of psychic’s services you would like to use. Each one has a brief description of what each psychic talent can do.

Then, you can decide what kind of oracle you would like your psychic to consult. There are some interesting choices here, including astrology, spirit guides, cartomancy, numerology, angel, and tarot cards. You can choose more than one, and you can also opt to consult a psychic who doesn’t use tools.

Finally, the wizard will ask you what method of contact you feel comfortable with, which can be on the phone, by chat, or face-to-face over video. As always, you can select the final option if you prefer not to choose.

Your selection of psychics awaits!

Pricing and special offers

New clients are invited to consult with their first psychic for as low as $1/minute, which they recommend making full use of by purchasing a larger timeslot. This is a good way to get a feel for what Psychic Source offers at the lowest price!

Even at full price, you will find affordable and even free psychic readings, and you can even lock in the price of consultations with a psychic for a time as part of their Membership Rewards Program.

Their introductory offer gives you 3 free minutes in addition to the package you choose, which can be 10 minutes for $10, 20 minutes for $20, or 30 minutes for $30.

>> Try Out A Secure And FREE Reading On Psychic Source

2. Kasamba - Best Free Psychics for Love and Relationships Quastions


Kasamba also offers a satisfaction guarantee, as well as a wealth of information in their Articles & Media section you might want to know before asking your questions. There’s a lot of helpful guidance here from experienced psychic mediums.

The features that make Kasamba a great choice

Not counting the impressive tenure of many of their professional psychics, Kasamba leans into its strength by giving a variety of love and relationship advice. You will definitely find psychics who specialize in this area, but Kasamba also offers the following:

  • A free astrological compatibility comparison
  • The first 3 minutes are free with every reader until you find the one you want
  • 70% off your first reading
  • Email readings
  • Lots of good reviews and seasoned professionals
  • Anonymity and confidentiality are guaranteed

<<Make sense of your love life with the help of Kasamba’s psychics>>

What we wish it had

As to what the drawbacks are for Kasamba, let’s see where it could stand to improve:

  • It doesn’t offer face-to-face video options
  • You can’t make appointments or queue to see a specific psychic
  • No loyalty program

Although Kasamba might not have these features for the moment, the reputation of their psychics speaks for itself. Also, what it lacks in packaging Kasamba makes up for in the way it helps you findthe best psychic by letting you try out your options.

Kasamba has it all but specializes in love

Granted, the compatibility comparison only takes a look at the Sun sign of you and your person of interest, so what this free chart will give you may be influenced by other factors unique to both of you not covered in this reading.

Even so, this useful tool can be a great way to help you put into words some of the questions about your love life you might want to ask about from a psychic.

Kasamba also offers full astrology readings, along with every other type of reading or tool you can think of, their selection is that wide! So even if your free compatibility reading only gives you a partial picture, you can easily find out more.

Not only do they have experienced psychics, but their psychics are also versatile. You will find experts indream analysis, palm reading, and past life readings in their database.

They also have specialized categories for psychics good at answering questions about love, career, and the afterlife. Whatever your question is, Kasamba has someone for you.

Pricing and special offers

Kasamba is a platform for psychics to offer their services at the rates they wish to charge, so prices vary. They can be as low as $0.99/minute and go up to $6/minute, depending on what the given psychic charges.

For first-time clients, your first 3 minutes are free , and valid for both phone and chat consultations. After that, your first 3 minutes are free with any new psychic you haven’t consulted yet in chat.

>> Get FREE minutes at Kasamba by signing up today!

3. California Psychics - Authentic Readers at Your Disposal

California Psychics

California Psychics does a lot to make good on their satisfaction guarantee. Not only does their matching tool impress, but they also cater to a variety of budgets, needs, and tastes.

The features that set California Psychics apart

There’s quite a lot to like when it comes to California Psychics’ customer service. Take a look:

  • The Psychic Match Tool
  • Generous loyalty program
  • $20 credit when you sign up
  • Free detailed birth chart analysis
  • Rigorous screening of their psychics
  • You can schedule appointments

What we wish it had

As always, even the best sites have some downsides, and this one is no exception:

  • Although you can search reviews it’s difficult to find and read the negative ones
  • You’re assigned a psychic for your introductory 20 minutes

The best California Psychics has to offer

There is plenty to like when it comes to California Psychic’s offers, from its detailed categorization, through its informative articles, to its Psychic Match Tool.

Their psychic tools selection is well-rounded. Some of the most intriguing ones I haven’t seen on other sites include runes, the I-Ching, pendulums, crystals, and oracle cards.

Their free birth chart calculator will also give you some basic, yet accurate information customized to you. You might discover things about yourself, but even if you want more analysis, this will help you formulate good questions.

Ways to pick the best psychic

You can choose a psychic based on reading topics, psychic abilities, psychic tools, and inspirational style.

You can also find which psychics the community thinks are the best readers by browsing through their Customer Favorites, Premier Psychics, Staff Picks, and Rising Stars categories.

The Psychic Match Tool

Getting matched with the psychic suited for your questions is quite easy using California Psychic’s Psychic Match Tool . On this page, you can selectthe topic that interests you, thestyle of reading you want, and the psychic tool you wish your psychic to use.

The topics offered include all the major ones, ranging from career and love to your destiny and past lives.

The tools include things like tarot and crystals, but you can also select psychic methods, such as remote viewing and astrology.

The styles are a particularly interesting and unique feature, allowing you to customize the tone of your experience. The options include inspirational, compassionate, spiritual, and straightforward.

<<Enjoy the benefits of a personalized psychic reading and a satisfaction guarantee at California Psychics>>

Pricing and special offers

When you sign up, you get a $20 credit which is offered together with their introductory packages. The packages are based on their price tier. The price tiers will narrow and sort your selection based on the psychics’ experience.

The Affordable package has the largest selection of psychics, and you pay $1/min for your first reading. The average readings in this package are

between $4/min and $5/min.

The Popular package starts you off with $2/min for your first reading, then shows you a narrower selection of more experienced psychics. The regular rate in this tier is $6.50/min.

The Premium package gives you $4/min for your first reading. In this tier you will have your pick of the best and most experienced psychics, charging between $7.50/min and $8.50/min. You will find the highest-rated psychics here, too!

Whichever of the three you select, you will get 20 minutes for your first reading . If you didn’t spend all your minutes during your reading, your remaining minutes are added to your account.

You earn Karma Points with each purchase, which can earn you more time, exclusive offers, and perks, and they also offer regular discounts.

Connect With Real Advisors at California Psychics

4. Keen Psychics - Best Advisor Filtering System

Keen Psychics

If psychics set up an exotic bazaar and they were merchants peddling their delicious psychic wares in loud, friendly tones, it would look like Keen Psychics. The control is in your hands, and your wallet will thank you.

The features that stand out in Keen

Keen is best when it comes to educating clients about how to ask the right questions so they can give you useful readings, and they also offer the following:

  • Your first 3 minutes are free or the first 10 minutes are only $1.99
  • Affordable prices for experienced readers
  • Detailed helpful guides to help you decide what to ask
  • You can filter psychics for experience, skills, tools, and more

What we wish it had

Keen doesn’t pick and choose too much for us, and some of their bonuses are limited. Some other drawbacks are:

  • Only new clients get free minutes and trial & error deals
  • They don’t offer video consultations
  • Underdeveloped rewards system
  • Their website presentation could use some work
  • No screening process

<<Try your first 3-minute reading for FREE on Keen, the site for affordable psychics >>

Despite the lack of vetting and the vagueness of their Keen Rewards, Keen still stands out for affordable readings and satisfaction guarantee practices.

You don’t need to spend big to find quality on Keen

The best thing about Keen is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a satisfying reading. You can request a credit if you weren’t satisfied with your consultation, and you can try again.

Although their menu could be more transparent, their filtering system makes it easy to find the kind of psychic you want. You will find plenty of love psychics and psychics who can help with career and work questions!

They also host psychics who handle types of readings requiring sensitivity you don’t see in a lot of places, including breakup and divorce, commitment-phobia, LGBTQ, and women’s issues, among others.

Pricing and special offers

Pricing is where Keen truly shines, standing out as one of the most affordable online psychic services. Their regular price range is between $1/minute and $2/minute.

To welcome new clients, Keen offers two promotions: your first 3 minutes are free, which is a good choice if you just want to try out an online psychic, or your first 10 minutes are only $1.99 if you prefer to try several psychics at a discount.

You earn points for every purchase you make, unlocking Keen Rewards. First, you get Keen offers and birthday gifts, and at higher levels, you get anniversary gifts, access to contests and giveaways, and annual discounted readings.

>> Get 10 minutes for only $1.99 on the official Keen website >>

5. Purple Garden - Best Free Psychics for Predicting the Future

Purple Garden

Purple Garden is a good place to find experienced psychics who specialize in seeing into the future.

The unique features offered by Purple Garden

Purple Garden offers free Tryouts as part of their loyalty program, which sets them apart on this list:

  • Loyalty program with regular benefits
  • Tryout credit for VIP clients
  • Cashback rewards for purchases
  • They offer video readings
  • Affordable price range ( from $0.99 to $3.99 )

What we wish it had

Information about Purple Garden itself, and their selection process, definitely feels lacking compared to some of its competitors. Here are some other cons:

  • Subpar website presentation
  • They don’t offer refunds for unsatisfactory readings
  • No discernable screening process

Still, what Purple Garden lacks in form it makes up for with its generous loyalty program. This is one of the best sites to get regular free psychic readings!

The best Purple Garden has to offer

Although Purple Garden has a classic selection of services, from astrology to fortune telling, perhaps most interesting is their “Oracle guidance” section.

While all psychics tap into the same sources to get answers for you, few can capture the legendary power of the oracles of ancient times. So when you find a psychic who successfully attunes themselves to your fate, the results can be powerful.

Pricing and special offers

You can get a free reading by referring someone to Purple Garden. The credit will appear in your account after your friend makes their first purchase.

Purple Garden also has a cashback program for loyal clients. Each purchase gives you back a percentage of the cost, and there is no limit to how much you can earn this way. As soon as you have at least $10 worth, you can start spending it.

The Tryout credit system is similar to their cashback system, in that each purchase you make on their site earns you credit until you unlock a free reading with an advisor new to you.

<<Consult with the psychics of Purple Garden and find out what will happen in 2023>>

How can it be any good if it’s free?

It’s important to understand that when you’re consulting an oracle or spirit through a medium or a psychic, they are lending you their skills to help you gain clarity. Still, it’s also true that you don’t want to throw your money away and give it to scam artists.

The sign of a reputable free psychic reading site will offer you a few free minutes in an otherwise paid reading. Alternatively, at a good site, you should be able to get a reading and walk away having paid nothing if you’re not satisfied.

If you are satisfied though, consider supporting free psychics by giving them something in return for time well spent on your problems. Once you decide to consult a psychic, consider using the free minutes offered as a chance to assess who you really want answers from, then go for the full package!

How can you tell if online psychic readings are real?

The answer is partly vetting and solid reviews. The other part is expectations. I put together this list to expedite the first part and help you balance the latter, so you can find the help you want and know you can trust the source.

Expectations can be difficult to manage because we turn to oracles for guidance and clarity. The questions we ask can be very specific, but it’s important to understand that predicting the future and telling you what you need to hear aren’t always the same thing.

That doesn’t mean the truth isn’t clear to see for someone wise in the ways of reading people’s destinies. When you turn to a psychic or medium for help, you are still in control, and it’s up to you to integrate the messages which feel for you like they are sending you in the right direction.

In general, it’s a good idea to trust your instincts when it comes to selecting the best psychic for you. Each time you make a new connection, make sure you read the following:

  • Reviews from previous clients
  • The areas of expertise the psychic works best with
  • The psychic’s profile, which often gives detailed information about what you need to know so that they can help you to the best of their abilities

Finally, make sure the website hosting the psychic you want to consult screens their readers. Or if not, then take a closer look at their satisfaction guarantee.

All the sites mentioned here have some kind of vetting process, or free minutes or readings to offset it, which means your chances to get an accurate psychic reading with any of them are high.

How accurate are psychic predictions?

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to accurate free psychic readings. You might be asking yourself questions like this: how can anyone predict the future? How can anyone understand what I’m going through without knowing me?

What we mean by accurate

Before we can answer those questions, first we have to establish what is meant by “accurate” when it comes to spiritual readings of any sort.

Accuracy in mediumship and psychic readings means the oracle, reader, or medium you are consulting gives you useful answers.

What is useful to you, however, may not be a literal, objective truth. Remember, the powers you are consulting speak the language of symbolism as their mother tongue.

What is more, there is no evidence to suggest that spirit folk, guides, or other entities are bound in any way to communicate the truth!

Finally, keep in mind that psychics are human beings. That means they can be incredibly intuitive and on point, but it also means they also have filters, blind spots, and bad days.

That doesn’t mean what they say has no value, it simply means your expectations should be tempered accordingly.

But I came here for clear answers!

So what is the point of consulting a clairvoyant or a deck of cards? The answer is simple: you are using this tool to meaningfully shift your perception in a way that moves you forward in your life.

If it helped you change and adopt the right attitude, if you ended up where you were meant to be, it worked.

That doesn’t mean the future is set, which can be an uncomfortable thought, especially if you search for free psychic reading because you want definite answers. The good news is, if you find a psychic who successfully becomes attuned to you, you will at least get an answer you’re meant to hear.

Trust your destiny

Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not you trust the universe. It is the messages of the universe, harmonies plucked on the webs of fate, which oracles and mediums channel and interpret for us, attempting to help us make sense of it.

In my experience, and according to the best psychics won’t tell you what you want to hear unless they realistically see it happening. What they say isn’t a guarantee, however. For one thing, you have free will, and your changing attitude toward the situation you’re asking about might already be changing the outcome!

What do you need to know about the types of psychics and the tools they use?

There are many types of channeling, and many oracles to consult. It can be hard to figure out what kind of free psychic reading is best suited to your questions.

Clairvoyance, and other divination abilities

Clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance are psychic abilities that rely on the inner senses.

Psychics who possess these talents can clearly hear messages from the spirit realm, sense and read emotional energy, and see visions of your present and distant past, respectively.

Mediums are those who are especially attuned to spirits and realms beyond our own.

Although all psychic abilities touch upon the same aspects of the universe, what sets these individual talents apart is partly the form in which information is communicated to the psychic, and partly the affinity each of them has for spirits, concepts, and truths.

Tarot and other decks of cards

Many online psychics use a variety of unique tarot decks and angel cards and you can try them out as well. You can also find psychics on these types of websites who are well-versed in cartomancy, oracle decks, and other tools you might not have come across before.

Tarot cards, angel decks, and oracle decks all rely on the interpretation of the given deck’s unique symbolism. Each one taps into our subconscious with powerful archetypal imagery.

Each deck has a unique style, which is why some decks are better for helping you get to know yourself, and others are better for fortune telling. Some help you consult your inner guides, while others will give you straightforward truth.

Astrology readings

Astrology calculates the positions of the planets in our solar system and makes meaningful and eerily accurate predictions and determinations. It’s also the best divination tool to determine compatibility, whether it’s romantic, platonic, or professional.

Most astrologers you will find on these sites practice Western astrology, using what we call the tropical zodiac when they calculate birth charts. This type of astrology is excellent for learning about your true self, and about the abilities and tasks you are born with.

Those who practice Vedic astrology, in comparison, use the sidereal zodiac for their calculations. What is interesting about it is how accurate it can be in predicting your fate and what forces influence you throughout your life.

You might notice these two seem to complement each other! Western astrology can help you with inner work, while Vedic astrology is about you in the outside world: your life and your fate.

Apart from these, you might also see other astrology systems offered, like Chinese and Mayan, or others. Each has a unique perspective to offer the others don’t, so if one doesn’t give you insightful answers, another one surely will!


The mysticism of numbers doesn’t end with playing cards. Numerology is the ultimate form of finding meaning in symbolism. The numbers, letters, and other similar symbols that follow you through life can also reveal truths about your path in life and your destiny.

Dream analysis

There’s nothing quite as potent, or as confusing, as our dreams. Sometimes the symbols you see make no sense. The events or our reactions can seem downright bizarre to our waking minds.

Not only can dream analysis be reassuring, especially if you’re trying to make sense of a nightmare, this time there’s no question about trusting the source. Understanding these messages from ourselves will unlock insights about yourself.

Past life readings

Have you ever had that nagging sense that you’ve been somewhere before, recognized a stranger, or felt like what was happening to you shouldn’t be happening to you? You might find answers by looking into your past lives.

That’s not all past life readings can help you with, though! Maybe you want to find answers about why you feel or think the way you do. Even if you’re just curious about who you have been, your distant past might hold keys to your future by helping you better understand yourself and your purpose in this life.

Palm readings

As with our dreams, someone skilled in palmistry can read a great deal from the way specific lines cross and intersect on your palm. Questions about health, love, money, marriage, and mentality all etch their secrets into your skin in the five main lines.

When do you need a psychic?

Before you make your choice, it’s worth first meditating on what questions you want to ask, and what kind of help you want. This can mean you’re looking for a specific set of skills or answers tailored to your question.

When things align, you can get incredibly accurate readings, provided you understand your motivations and know what to look for in the people you consult.

Sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction, or you need someone to tell you what you already know deep down.

Every one of us is surrounded by symbols and signs, some coming from ourselves and some seemingly messages from the universe.

How to interpret your reading

You might get a cryptic answer, but sometimes you will get a specific answer which doesn’t pan out exactly as predicted.

In this case, it’s possible the psychic you chose wasn’t attuned to you. This can sometimes be helped by phrasing your questions differently or trying a different psychic. It could also be that you heard what you needed to hear to get where you need to be. This may take time to understand, but consider what you might have done differently with a different reading. The answer might surprise you!

Just remember: if it doesn’t feel right, or what you hear doesn’t sit well, you are always right. Only you know what’s right for you, and something can be wrong for you even if it’s right for someone else.

It’s always worth trying a different angle

It’s worth considering there’s usually a particular person, tool, or way to phrase a question that will result in the best answer.

So if you’re left wanting for clarity after a spiritual reading, consider consulting another psychic, or asking for a different type of oracle.

Like any service where there’s an exchange between the provider and the client, you might not click with a particular psychic. But that doesn’t mean another can’t help you!

Also, even the best psychics are somewhat limited by the tools and information they have on hand. Perhaps the spirits you are trying to contact have a reason for not revealing something to them.

How to phrase your questions to get the best results

Sometimes all you need to do to get the perfect reading is change your approach to your question.

Thinking it through and rephrasing your question again, or forming new questions based on previous readings can turn fog into sudden clarity.

Understand your motivations

You might need answers to life questions, or a financial forecast. Perhaps you want love and relationship advice, or you feel a career forecast might help bring your life into better focus.

Even if you have no pressing questions, fortune telling and free psychic readings can give you answers you didn’t realize you needed to hear.

Know that you have all the puzzle pieces, and always have, but it’s also okay if you can’t always see them clearly. We all need help with this, and this is one of the main reasons people turn to spiritual guidance for help.

If you know what kind of answer or resolution you are looking for, and more importantly why you want to know, you will get more relevant and accurate readings.

Ask about what you can do

It’s easy to feel as though consulting the fates means your destiny is written in stone. So it’s also easy to miss seeing a free psychic reading as an opportunity to find out what you can do.

If you ask questions that take into account your agency, you will find your readings will equip you with the knowledge you need to achieve your goal.

When the answers don’t seem like answers

We are not meant to understand or perceive everything all of the time. Sometimes we ask important questions, but all we get from the universe are cryptic answers.

Even if you aren’t meant to fully understand something yet, trust in yourself that you will guide yourself to the right place.

In conclusion, trust that the truth reveals itself to those who seek it. Take this as a sign: the universe guided you to this article, and I see a great year for you with free online psychic readings!