What has striking red fur and is the “original panda”? Why, red pandas, of course!

Greensboro Science Center

Sponsored - While Frederic Cuvier wasn’t the first person to describe the red panda, he was the first to publish a description of the species in 1848, nearly 50 years before the giant panda! Enchanted by its striking appearance, Cuvier bestowed the name “Ailurus fulgens”, meaning “red shining cat” to this beautiful mammal.

Meet the Greensboro Science Center’s (GSC) delightful family of red pandas–Tai and Usha, and their offspring, Ravi, Azula, and Zuko. These charismatic pandas have captured the hearts of guests with their playful antics and vibrant personalities.

Miso, the newest addition to the GSC’s red panda family, is a subspecies known as the Himalayan red panda. Miso is a foster and is being raised with Azula and Zuko at the GSC. Azula, Zuko, and Miso, who were born earlier this year, have already been captivating guests with their boundless energy and curiosity.

The GSC’s red pandas are not just adorable, they also play a vital role in raising awareness about conservation. Their presence reminds us of the need to protect their threatened habitats and conserve biodiversity.

Don’t miss this chance to fall in love with the red panda family at the GSC! Your visit supports their mission of education, conservation, and fostering a deeper connection with the natural world. You can plan your visit to see Tai, Usha, Ravi, Azula, Zuko, and Miso and all of the animals at greensboroscience.org.