QC Life

  Using tape as a tool when hanging a frame

This week's Life Stuff is all about hanging frames on walls with the help of tape.

  New Fitness Studio In Dilworth

  Life Stuff: How to upgrade your shower without any renovations

It's one of the biggest smallest projects you can do: upgrade your showerhead. Although the quick switch may seem simple, to some it can be intimidating.


  forward reverse lunge

  Mr. Russell's Classroom: It's Time For P.E. With Mr. Myers

  Girl Tribe

  Celebrating Fall At Carrigan Farms

  Checking plants with chopsticks to see if they need water

  Sticking chopsticks in plants to see if they need water

Keeping plants alive can be a challenge. But with a couple of chopsticks and a few reminders, you can keep houseplants happy.

  CLOG CAM: This $3 drain unclogging fix did the trick

Unclogging a drain can seem like a small project, but it makes a big difference. We have a quick fix to get your flow back.

  Talking Sports With Nate: Panthers Football

  Mr. Russell's Classroom: Learning About Money

  Bringing Live Entertainment Back To North Carolina

  Beach Music: Making Waves In The Carolinas

  How To Avoid Work-From-Home Burnout

  A New Leash On Life: Henry

  Pink Pint Night Goes Virtual

  What To Think About Before Trick-Or-Treating

  12th Charlotte Film Festival To Take Place Online

  Mr. Russell's Classroom: History And Science Test

  Jumping Between The Ac And Heat

  Pop Quiz: National Constitution Day

  National Toy Hall Of Fame Nominees

  Free Trees Through TreesCharlotte

  New Market Set To Open In NoDa This Fall

  Scholarship For Students Engaged In Social Action

  Jon Pardi Set Perform At 55th ACM Awards

  Charlotte Is Creative 3 Things About The State Of Our Stages

  Mr. Russell's Classroom: Learn How To Make Snow With A Diaper