Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 10:00 AM EDT

Caregivers Can Purchase 24/7 Monitoring System Using Pre-Tax Funds

NEW YORK, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Aloe Care Health ("Aloe Care"), known for inventing the world's first voice-activated, emergency medical alert and communication service for eldercare, is now available for purchase on and, leading marketplaces for tax-free health and wellness accounts. More than 70 million people can now use pre-tax flexible spending account (FSA) and health savings account (HSA) funds to purchase Aloe Care.

Aloe Care is a new, wearable-free, communication and safety service to help older adults and...
Aloe Care is a new, wearable-free, communication and safety service to help older adults and the people who care for them. (PRNewsfoto/Aloe Care Health)(PRNewswire)

For the 53 million people who are caregivers, finding in-home support for parents and grandparents can be challenging, and many are now turning to technology to help. Created by caregivers for caregivers, Aloe Care is the most advanced emergency medical alert and communication service on the market today. With 24/7 voice-activated access to an emergency response center, a critical void is filled for both aging adults and caregivers.

"The shortage of healthcare workers is having a direct impact on family caregivers who need the tools and support to remotely manage care for elderly loved ones," said Shawna Hausman, chief marketing officer of Health-E Commerce, parent brand to and "We're excited to offer Aloe Care's medical alert system as part of our wide selection of exclusively eligible FSA and HSA items, further simplifying spending for caregivers and giving them a 24/7 support tool and greater peace of mind."

"Aloe Care systems offer caregivers much-needed support while empowering older adults with better tools to maintain their lifestyles, get help in an emergency, and feel more connected to their personal network," said Ray Spoljaric, CEO and co-founder of Aloe Care Health. "With Aloe Care available on, and, even more people can take advantage of these benefits." Aloe Care offers a comprehensive, proactive approach to remote caregiving and communication. Acclaimed by PC Magazine, Today's Caregiver, and MD Tech Review, among others, Aloe Care Essentials includes:

  • Aloe Care's proprietary Smart Hub with voice-activated access to 24/7 professional emergency response and built-in motion, temperature, and air quality sensors.
  • A secure, proprietary family app that provides at-a-glance peace of mind about the elder's wellbeing, and improves communication and care collaboration (also includes the ability to make check-in calls into the Smart Hub).
  • A wearable Care Button.
  • 4G LTE connection (WiFi optional).

Aloe Care's voice-activated system is the world's most-advanced in-home medical alert and communication system for older adults. Aloe Care's, award-winning solution was created by caregivers, for caregivers. More than 70 percent of the team actively supports aging-in-place parents and grandparents. The company is headquartered in New York. For more information, visit

Health-E Commerce is the parent brand to FSA Store, HSA Store and WellDeservedHealth, a family of online marketplaces that serve the 70+ million consumers enrolled in pre-tax health and wellness accounts. The company also created Caring Mill, a popular private-label line of health products that benefits Children's Health Fund and enables customers to make a donation with each purchase. Since 2010, the Health-E Commerce brands have led the direct-to-consumer e-commerce market for exclusively pre-tax health and wellness benefits. Health-E Commerce plays an essential role in expanding product eligibility for important new categories within the list of eligible medical expenses. To learn more, visit

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