North Carolina

  Election 2020: Voting in North Carolina

As North Carolina residents vote in an election season unlike any other, some are still trying to grip the changes in place this year.

ECU POLL: Biden ahead of Trump in North Carolina

  More than 2 million people have already voted in North Carolina

  Some states allow ballots if voters die before Election Day

Husband of Kamala Harris to campaign in Wilmington today

Election 2020: Voting in Mecklenburg County

North Carolina resumes processing deficient absentee ballots

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Gov. Roy Cooper greets Presidential candidate Joe Biden during campaign visit to N.C.

'Very soul of our nation is at stake’: Joe Biden makes campaign visit in North Carolina to promote early voting

  ‘Your ballot has been spoiled’: Voters who requested absentee ballots getting confusing text messages after voting in person

Joe Biden to visit North Carolina to promote early voting

  North Carolina court issues stay in absentee ballot case

  Cooper, Forest clash on coronavirus, economy and schools in N.C. governor debate

  Judge orders North Carolina to revise absentee ballot rules

Voters with issues on their ballot will now be notified by the board elections, following guidance provided after the judge’s ruling.

Thousands of N.C. voters wait weeks for absentee ballots

Weeks from the election, three of North Carolina’s most populous counties are often taking two weeks or more to send absentee ballots out to voters who request them.

SLIDESHOW: Get to know who’s running in statewide races in the 2020 general election

At WBTV, we’ve created Virtual Candidate Cards to get you up to speed on important statewide races in North Carolina and South Carolina.

  Getting to know the candidates running for lieutenant governor of North Carolina

The race for lieutenant governor of North Carolina features Republican Mark Robinson and Democrat Yvonne Lewis Holley.

  Getting to know the candidates running for attorney general of North Carolina

  Getting to know the candidates running for U.S. Senate in North Carolina

Lara Trump heads to Wilmington to host ‘MAGA’ event Wednesday

North Carolina voters face upended Senate race

  Who’s on the presidential ballot in North Carolina?

  Cal Cunningham under investigation by US Army Reserve

  Absentee ballots hang in limbo as NC court fight drags on

Roughly 10,000 N.C. absentee ballots hang in limbo while multiple courts consider the final regulations for which absentee ballots should be allowed to count.

Republicans seek access to absentee ballot containers in new lawsuit

The North Carolina Republican Party filed a new lawsuit on Monday seeking to force the North Carolina State Board of Elections to provide access to absentee ballot envelopes, which are public records under the law.

Cal Cunningham misses virtual town hall amid sexting scandal

North Carolina Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham missed a previously-scheduled virtual town hall days after admitting to sending sexually suggestive text messages to a California strategist who is not his wife.

Charlotte leaders announced as part of new Biden leadership council

The council's members were announced today.

Cal Cunningham admits to sending sexually suggestive texts

Cunningham has since apologized to his wife and family.

Federal judge questions North Carolina absentee rule change

A federal judge says a North Carolina elections board directive making it easier for voters to fix witness deficiencies in absentee ballots may violate a previous ruling he made.

Trump campaign sues to block mail-in ballot rule changes

The federal lawsuit that national Republicans filed on Saturday claims the election board made a partisan “backroom deal” that undermines state lawmakers' election laws.

  Mecklenburg Co. political party leaders mobilizing voters in final stretch before election

In Mecklenburg County, campaigning on the ground looks a little different this year.

  Both Republican members of N.C. State Board of Elections announce resignation

Both Republican members of the North Carolina State Board of Elections have resigned from the board Wednesday night.

  Presidential nominees see N.C. as critical, battle ground state in upcoming election

Voters in Charlotte say they understand the importance of casting their ballot.

'It does not need to be this complicated’; N.C. lieutenant governor pushes for schools to reopen without mask mandate

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Forest has called for all North Carolina K-12 public schools to reopen without requiring students or teachers to wear masks.

  Tillis took pharmaceutical money within weeks of co-sponsoring new drug price bill

Senator Thom Tillis accepting more than $20,000 in campaign contributions from political action committees tied to pharmaceutical companies within two weeks of sponsoring a bill related to drug prices in late 2019.

Tillis, Cunningham trade accusations in 1st NC Senate debate

North Carolina Republican Sen. Thom Tillis and Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham are meeting for their first televised debate.

  State unemployment benefits remain static as federal dollars wind down

A bill signed by Governor Roy Cooper last week will add an extra $50 per week for people receiving unemployment benefits in North Carolina. However, the money is funded by the federal government and is set to expire in December.

AG: N. Carolina board won’t appeal ruling on felons voting

North Carolina’s elections board won’t try to stop enforcement of a court ruling that would allow more convicted felons to vote this fall, but legislators still could appeal last week’s decision.

N.C. governor asks politicians to lead by example by wearing masks, social distancing on campaign trail

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper says elected leaders and candidates need to lead by example during the coronavirus pandemic by wearing masks and social distancing on the campaign trail.

Hundreds of ballots accepted as N. Carolina begins voting

Hundreds of ballots have been accepted in North Carolina, making the Tar Heel State the first in the nation to kick off voting in the November general election.

North Carolina’s governor race enters the homestretch after summer of coronavirus

The stakes are high in North Carolina this cycle.

  As early voting days approach, some NC counties still need poll workers

At least a quarter of North Carolina’s counties are struggling to recruit poll workers for the 2020 election.

Judges’ ruling gives back voting rights -some felons to vote in 2020 elections

A three-judge panel ruled Friday that felons who have been released from prison but who remain on probation solely because they owe fines, fees, or other debts can vote in North Carolina’s coming elections.

  Gov. Roy Cooper signs $1 billion N.C. coronavirus relief bill, includes direct payments to parents

Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly for the package, which includes direct cash payments of $335 to families with school-age children.

Court: Money owed can’t block voting rights for NC felons

A North Carolina court has ruled that outstanding restitution, fees or other court-imposed monetary obligations can’t prevent convicted felons from voting if they’ve completed all other portions of their sentence.

  Mecklenburg absentee ballots sent out to voters

Mecklenburg County Board of Elections Director Michael Dickerson says usually there’s about 25,000 absentee voters in a presidential election year. He expects that number to be dwarfed in 2020.

North Carolina kicks off mail voting amid spike in requests

Mail voting is starting in the presidential election as North Carolina begins to send out about 600,000 ballots to voters who have requested them.

  Mecklenburg Co. Director of Elections speaks about absentee ballots being sent out Friday

Absentee ballots for the upcoming presidential election will be sent out Friday in the state of North Carolina. Employees at the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections headquarters spent the day getting ballots ready to be distributed.

  New system in place as North Carolina prepares for historical number of absentee ballots

Because of the pandemic, North Carolina has seen an unprecedented number of requests, as the state currently has more than 618,000 absentee ballots to mail out.

Biden, Gov. Cooper have early edge in N.C. election, according to Monmouth University poll

Among all registered voters in North Carolina, the race for president stands at 47 percent for Biden and 45 percent for Trump.

N.C. Board of Elections remind public it is illegal to vote twice

As of Thursday, there are just 61 days until November’s election.

NC Senate approves $1B federal virus relief package

The North Carolina General Assembly has advanced quickly a Republican proposal to spend another $1 billion in federal coronavirus relief funds.

President suggests voters should attempt to cast ballot twice in interview with WECT’s Jon Evans

The president is making national headlines for what he said in that interview about voting, when he suggested voters should "check their vote" by casting their ballot in person and by mail. “Let them send it in and let them go vote,” said President Trump.

  Group of N.C. Republicans come out in support of Joe Biden

A group of North Carolina Republicans are joining a growing list of politicians and voters across the country who are blurring party lines ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election.

NC attorney general joins multi-state lawsuit over Postal Service changes

Attorney General Josh Stein said his office is joining a coalition of states that will file a lawsuit against the U.S. Postal Service over operational changes to mail delivery that were causing widespread delays and threatening mail-in voting for the upcoming November election.