LIVE: White House coronavirus task force gives update as deaths mount in New York

Even as the virus has slowed its growth in overwhelmed Italy and in China, where it first emerged, hospitals in Spain and France are reaching their breaking points and the U.S. and Britain are bracing for incoming waves of desperately ill people.

  States largely have authority over when to shut down, reopen

How to prep for and spend your government relief check

  Trump says ‘life and death’ at stake in following coronavirus guidelines

  AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s misfires on virus death rates, tests

  Census Day arrives with US almost paralyzed by coronavirus

  Help heads to NYC as experts predict over 100,000 US deaths

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Watchdog finds new problems with FBI wiretap applications

  Stocks drift, still headed to worst quarter since 2008

  Coronavirus slump expected to rival big recessions in history

  Fed steps in once again to try to smooth out lending markets

  How will we vote? Outbreak revives debate on mail-in ballots

Idaho governor signs into law anti-transgender legislation

  Abortion providers sue Texas over virus outbreak order

Planned Parenthood joined other abortion providers Wednesday in suing Texas over moving to ban abortions during the coronavirus outbreak.

  US cities brace for coronavirus spread; Spain’s hospitals at breaking point

The top infectious-disease expert in the United States warned that smaller U.S. cities are about to witness the rapid acceleration in coronavirus cases that New York is seeing.

US set to extend Iran nuclear cooperation sanctions waivers

The Trump administration is poised to renew several waivers on U.S. sanctions against Iran that will allow Russian, European and Chinese companies to continue to work on Iran's civilian nuclear facilities without drawing American penalties.

  NY Rep. Velazquez diagnosed with ‘presumed’ case of COVID-19

New York Rep. Nydia Velázquez stood within feet of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic and Republican leaders at a signing ceremony after the bill was passed.

New Trump mileage standards to gut Obama climate effort

  Wall Street pushes higher, led by surging health care stocks

  At least 130 test positive for coronavirus at Tenn. nursing home, including 2 deaths

  AP FACT CHECK: Trump gets a reality check on coronavirus

  Blissful ignorance? Submariners likely unaware of coronavirus pandemic

  Tokyo Olympics rescheduled for July 23-Aug. 8 in 2021

  Trump uses wartime act but GM says it’s already moving fast

President Donald Trump, claiming the company wasn't moving fast enough, on Friday invoked the Defense Production Act, which gives the government broad authority to direct companies to meet national defense needs.

Trump says US won’t pay for Meghan and Harry’s security

U.S. President Donald Trump has offered his opinion on the future of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, insisting the United States government won’t pay for the couple’s security if they live in the United States.

  Iran defends virus response as Syria reports first death

Iran's president on Sunday lashed out at criticism of authorities' lagging response to the worst coronavirus outbreak in the Middle East, saying the government has to weigh economic concerns as it takes measures to contain the pandemic.

  Coronavirus makes it harder for campaigns to ask for money

With a recession potentially on the horizon, there's a question of whether wealthy donors are in a giving mood and whether grassroots supporters who chip in small amounts will still have the wherewithal to keep at it.

North Korea test fires missiles amid worries about coronavirus

In recent weeks, North Korea has fired a slew of missiles and artillery shells into the sea in an apparent effort to upgrade its military capability amid deadlocked nuclear talks with the United States.

  Trump seeks to force GM to produce ventilators; Infections worldwide top 590,000

Italy, with by far the most deaths from COVID-19, surpassed China and the U.S. to also record the most infections in the world. With numbers rising in the U.S., though, the grim distinction could be temporary.

  Feds, states crack down on price gouging and hoarding of coronavirus supplies

Attorneys general at the state and federal level begin cracking down and investigating reports of price gouging and hoarding of critical supplies.

  Trump signs $2.2T stimulus after swift congressional votes

The House approved the sweeping measure by a voice vote, as strong majorities of both parties lined up behind the most colossal economic relief bill in the nation's history.

  Boeing may get billions in coronavirus stimulus aid

The aerospace giant qualifies because it's "businesses critical to maintaining national security."

  British Prime Minister Johnson tests positive for coronavirus

Downing St. says Johnson is self-isolating and continuing to lead the country’s response to COVID-19.

Pharmacists: Doctors writing prescriptions for possible COVID-19 treatment at expense of chronically-ill patients

Lupus patients say they are unable to get refills of their hydroxychloroquine after the announcement of clinical trials to study the drug for possible coronavirus treatment. Pharmacists say some doctors are writing prescriptions for friends and family members.

  This is how much money you could get from the stimulus bill

The income levels are based on tax returns for 2019. For those who have not yet filed their taxes, it will be based on 2018 returns.

  Washington set to deliver $2.2 trillion virus rescue bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the massive $2.2 trillion coronavirus economic relief bill approved by the Senate will pass the House on Friday with “strong bipartisan support.”

  Klobuchar’s husband back home after virus hospitalization

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar's husband has been released from a hospital where he was being treated for low oxygen and pneumonia as a result of the coronavirus, the senator said Thursday.

  3.3 million seek US jobless aid, nearly 5 times earlier high

The surge in weekly applications was a stunning reflection of the damage the viral outbreak is doing to the economy. Filings for unemployment aid generally reflect the pace of layoffs.

  Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Honda, Toyota seek to restart factories

The plants would reopen in early or mid-April, restoring the largest source of cash for automakers that generally book revenue when they ship vehicles to dealerships.

  Senate passes coronavirus rescue package on unanimous vote

The urgently needed pandemic response measure is the largest economic rescue measure in history and is intended as a weekslong or monthslong patch for an economy spiraling into recession and a nation facing a potentially ghastly toll.

  Highlights of Congress’ economic relief plan

Partial highlights of a roughly $2 trillion package to rush aid to businesses, workers and a health care system slammed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Family: US believes ex-FBI agent Robert Levinson has died

The family said in a statement posted on Twitter that it did not have information about how or when Levinson had died, but that it occurred before the recent coronavirus outbreak.

Judge orders environmental review of Dakota Access pipeline

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to conduct a full environmental review of the Dakota Access pipeline, nearly three years after it began carrying oil.

  Biden calls for ‘meticulous oversight’ of virus aid package

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Wednesday that the congressional aid package addressing the coronavirus outbreak “goes a long way,” but he said it requires “meticulous oversight” and isn’t all-encompassing.

  NerdWallet: Relief checks may be coming, but scammers are already here

The Federal Trade Commission is concerned you’ll hear from a scammer before you get your check.

  Talks on $2T bill to ease economic pain from virus drag on

Congressional and White House officials said Tuesday a deal appears to be at hand to provide sweeping aid to businesses and workers facing ruin from the coronavirus pandemic.

  Trump hopes country will be reopened by Easter amid coronavirus outbreak

As many public health officials call for stricter, not looser restrictions on public interactions, Trump said he was already looking toward easing the advisories that have sidelined workers, shuttered schools and led to a widespread economic slowdown.

  India’s PM decrees 21-day lockdown, world’s largest, to curb coronavirus

India will begin the world’s largest lockdown on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced in a TV address.

  Arizona death prompts warning against using chloroquine phosphate as treatment for coronavirus

A Phoenix-area man has died and his wife was in critical condition after the couple took chloroquine phosphate, an additive used to clean fish tanks that is also found in an anti-malaria medication that's been touted by President Donald Trump as a treatment for COVID-19.

  Coronavirus suddenly upends campaign themes for both parties

Shattered, certainly for now, is President Donald Trump's ability to tout a brawny economy and record stock market prices as the predicate for his reelection.

US shames Afghan leaders’ obstinance as pandemic looms

Pompeo said the Trump administration would slash $1 billion in assistance to Afghanistan.

  Negotiators near $2 trillion deal for federal virus aid

President Donald Trump expressed qualms Monday about extending the current 15-day shutdown recommended by the federal government, even as his officials warned that the coronavirus crisis is deepening.

US slashes aid to Afghanistan after Pompeo visit to Kabul

The U.S. secretary of state has left Afghanistan without saying whether he was able to broker an agreement between the country’s squabbling political leaders.

  Fauci says he can’t stop Trump from talking at briefings

The nation's top infectious disease expert tells Science magazine in an interview that Trump listens "even though we disagree on some things."

  In global fight vs. virus, over 1.5 billion told: Stay home

While other countries struggle to contain the virus, the central Chinese city of Wuhan, where the virus outbreak emerged last year, is now allowing for limited movement, both within the city and out of it.

‘Stay at home’: UK’s Johnson ramps up response to virus

British Prime Minster Boris Johnson has ordered the closure of most retail stores and banned public gatherings of more than two people in a stepped-up response to slow the new coronavirus.

  Testing blunders crippled US response as coronavirus spread

An Associated Press review has found that a series of missteps at the top public health agency in the United States created a critical shortage of reliable tests for the coronavirus.

  Stocks slump, despite Fed aid, as virus bill stalls again

The Federal Reserve did what it could to help financial markets and the economy Monday. But investors are still waiting for Congress and the White House to do the same.

  Sen. Rand Paul kept working for six days after virus test

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul says he was tested a week ago for the novel coronavirus, but continued working at the Capitol because he “felt that it was highly unlikely” he was sick since he had no symptoms of the illness.

  Fed makes strongest bid yet to protect firms, governments in coronavirus outbreak

In a series of sweeping, aggressive steps, the U.S. Federal Reserve will lend to small and large businesses and local governments as well as extend its bond buying programs.

Klobuchar’s husband tests positive for coronavirus

The former presidential candidate said her husband began feeling sick when she was in Minnesota and he was in Washington.

Supreme Court rules states can bar insanity defense

The decision could prompt states across the country to toughen standards for defendants who wish to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

  Some Californians can’t seem to stay away from the beach despite coronavirus ‘stay at home’ mandate

While Gov. Gavin Newsom, amid this coronavirus pandemic, was on air again urging Californians to heed the statewide “stay at home” mandate, thousands of people were flocking to southern California beaches.

  Congressional talks continue on coronavirus rescue package as crisis deepens

Lawmakers returned to the negotiating table after Democrats argued the draft aid bill was tilted toward corporations and did too little to help workers and health care providers.

  At a glance: Nearly $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package

Congress and the White House are negotiating a nearly $2 trillion rescue package of healthcare and economic aid amid the coronavirus outbreak and national shutdown. No final decisions have been made.

DHS: Pandemic measures cut illegal border crossings by half

A Trump administration official says illegal border crossings have dropped by half as the strictest U.S.-Mexico border policies yet went into place amid the coronavirus pandemic, despite confusion about how it was all working.

  Sen. Rand Paul tests positive for virus, forcing quarantines

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul says he has tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus. The Republican is the first member of the Senate to report testing positive.

  N. Korea says Trump’s letter offers anti-coronavirus cooperation

President Donald Trump sent a personal letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, seeking to maintain good relations and offering cooperation in fighting the coronavirus pandemic, Kim’s sister said Sunday.

Election limbo as coronavirus outbreak upends US primaries

At least 13 states have postponed voting and more delays are possible as health officials warn that social distancing and other measures to contain the virus might be in place for weeks, if not months.

  Census Bureau delays deadline for 2020 count by 2 weeks

The 2020 census had been scheduled to stop at the end of July, but the deadline has now been extended to mid-August.

  Income tax filing deadline moved to July 15 from April 15

In response to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, the U.S. deadline for filing taxes has been moved from April 15 to July 15, said Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on Friday.

2020 campaigns go digital amid fears of coronavirus spread

With control of the White House at stake, candidates have been forced to ditch well-honed strategies in favor of untested tactics.

  McConnell unveils economic rescue plan amid virus shutdown; travel restrictions expand

Wuhan has no new COVID-19 cases to report for the day, news that offered a rare glimmer of hope and perhaps a lesson in the strict measures needed to halt its spread.

Trump administration replaces counterterrorism chief

The Trump administration says it’s replacing the acting chief of the National Counterterrorism Center.

  Cautious optimism on Wall Street, markets rise with aid hope

The Dow Jones industrials gained almost 200 points, or 1%.

Lebanon frees US man as Iran releases US Navy vet

A US citizen imprisoned in Lebanon is on his way back as Iran grants a medical furlough to another.

  Gabbard ends long-shot 2020 bid, gives support to Biden

Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is suspending her presidential campaign, ending a long-shot 2020 effort that saw her feuding with Hillary Clinton and raising fears among Democrats that she would mount a third-party candidacy.

US pauses Afghanistan deployments, isolates arrivals there

The U.S. military says it is pausing the movement of any new troops into Afghanistan and is quarantining 1,500 troops who recently arrived in order to protect them from the coronavirus.

  Trump taps emergency powers as virus relief plan proceeds

In a memorandum issued Wednesday, Treasury is calling for two $250 billion cash infusions to individuals: A first set of checks issued starting April 6, with a second wave in mid-May.

National Park Service waives entrance fees

Social tease: ‘This small step makes it a little easier for the American public to enjoy the outdoors in our incredible National Parks.’

  Stocks fall, Trump Bump vanishes as virus fears slam markets

Stock trading has been halted for the fourth time this month Wednesday as S&P 500 drops 7%.