President Trump signs Executive Order on pre-existing conditions in Charlotte

President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order aimed at helping Americans with pre-existing conditions with their healthcare coverage, among other things, during his trip to Charlotte Thursday.

Witness signature required on SC absentee ballots after appeal

Resignation of NC elections board Republicans raises questions about closed session vote

  Joe Biden speaks to WBTV about pandemic, election in one-on-one interview

  Both Republican members of N.C. State Board of Elections announce resignation

  Teachers took personal day in protest of state S.C. House not voting on budget

Election 2020: Voting in South Carolina

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North Carolina board agrees to more absentee ballot changes

Supreme Court vacancy looms large in 2nd NC Senate debate

  SCGOP says someone shot bullet into window of office in Lancaster Co.

  Presidential nominees see N.C. as critical, battle ground state in upcoming election

  Trump asks Supreme Court for fast action in census case

Federal judge says you won’t need a witness signature for your absentee ballot this November

Report: Order to shorten count wasn’t made by Census Bureau

The report by the Office of Inspector General did not identify who made the decision to shorten the 2020 census from the end of October to the end of September, but it said bureau officials confirm it was not made by them.

Judge nixes witness signature requirement on SC mail ballots

A federal judge in South Carolina has struck down a rule requiring mail-in absentee ballots for the November election be signed by witnesses.

Senators to watch during Supreme Court nomination fight

The Senate is narrowly divided, with 53 Republicans and 47 Democrats, and if all the Democrats stand together in opposition, should four Republicans join them, the seat will have to wait until next year to be filled.

  AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s made-up car plants, court revisionism

Seeking to justify a possible confirmation vote before the Nov. 3 election, Trump asserted over the weekend that many high court nominations were made in an election year and “in all cases, they went forward.” That’s clearly not true.

  Local group holds voter event on National Black Voter Day

In N. Carolina Senate race, Tillis calibrates ties to Trump

  'A fervent icon of equal rights’; Local leaders remember Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Election 2020: Voting in North Carolina

Anthony Hamilton, Alma Adams to join Kamala Harris for virtual voter event based in N.C.

Gray Television’s Greta Van Susteren interviews President Trump

  President Trump reacts as some N.C. voters mistakenly get 2 absentee ballots

President Donald Trump tweeted Thursday about an election mixup that resulted in some Mecklenburg County voters receiving two absentee ballots.

  Barr under fire over comparison of virus lock-in to slavery

This is not the first occasion that Barr has condemned stay-at-home orders.

'It does not need to be this complicated’; N.C. lieutenant governor pushes for schools to reopen without mask mandate

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Forest has called for all North Carolina K-12 public schools to reopen without requiring students or teachers to wear masks.

  Tillis took pharmaceutical money within weeks of co-sponsoring new drug price bill

Senator Thom Tillis accepting more than $20,000 in campaign contributions from political action committees tied to pharmaceutical companies within two weeks of sponsoring a bill related to drug prices in late 2019.

  S.C. Gov. McMaster signs bill expanding absentee voting due to COVID-19 pandemic

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster is set to sign a bill to allow all voters in the fall to cast absentee ballots due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Senator: Allowing college athletes NIL pay is ‘huge mistake’

Republican Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina says athletes profiting would be a “huge mistake” that would damage college sports.

SC House to discuss Senate absentee bill during special session, massive education bill unlikely to pass

State senators unanimously passed a bill which would allow all South Carolina registered voters to vote absentee for the upcoming elections because of the pandemic.

President Trump to host ’Great American Comeback’ event in North Carolina

President Donald Trump is returning to North Carolina for another campaign event.

Tillis, Cunningham trade accusations in 1st NC Senate debate

North Carolina Republican Sen. Thom Tillis and Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham are meeting for their first televised debate.

  Mecklenburg County Board of Elections is busier than ever as absentee ballots flood in

Thousands of voters have already cast their votes for the 2020 presidential election. Here in North Carolina, there’s already been more than 20,000 absentee ballots cast and more than 780,000 absentee ballots requested. More than 4,000 of those ballots already cast are in Mecklenburg County, where

USPS sends vote-by-mail postcard to households

The mailing comes in the aftermath of questions about whether the agency was up to the task and questions from the White House about the validity of mail-in and absentee voting systems in various states.

Cruz urges Department of Justice to investigate Netflix film ‘Cuties’

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, wants the Department of Justice to investigate Netflix over the film “Cuties.”

Expect US election to have consequences for troops overseas

While both talk about troops withdrawals, each has, in some ways, tried and failed.

Kansas City Chiefs fans boo teams during display of unity against racism, social injustice

The Chiefs chose to stay on the field for the national anthem while the Texans decided to remain in the locker room.

Prosecutor looking into the origins of Russia probe resigns

Nora Dannehy was a top prosecutor on an investigation into how the FBI and other federal agencies set out to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether the Trump campaign had coordinated with the Kremlin.

Challenger to QAnon supporter bows out of race in Georgia

Democrat Kevin Van Ausdal bowed out of the race for “personal and family reasons."

  State unemployment benefits remain static as federal dollars wind down

A bill signed by Governor Roy Cooper last week will add an extra $50 per week for people receiving unemployment benefits in North Carolina. However, the money is funded by the federal government and is set to expire in December.

AG: N. Carolina board won’t appeal ruling on felons voting

North Carolina’s elections board won’t try to stop enforcement of a court ruling that would allow more convicted felons to vote this fall, but legislators still could appeal last week’s decision.

Russian hackers targeting U.S. campaigns, Microsoft says

Most of the infiltration attempts by Russian, Chinese and Iranian agents were halted by Microsoft security software and the targets notified.

  ‘Deadly stuff’: Trump’s own words bring focus back to virus

The president unleashed a barrage of tweets Thursday morning, some in an effort to change the subject, and others taking on the Woodward book head-on, defending his comments and charging the media with conspiring against him.

NC health officials won’t allow athlete’s families to attend college football games

North Carolina Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. Mandy Cohen has denied a request for colleges across North Carolina to allow families of football players to attend games in-person.

NC: Trump rally exceeded pandemic limits, but not illegal

A spokeswoman for North Carolina’s governor says President Donald Trump’s rally in Winston-Salem this week violated state health and safety protocols but was not illegal.

N.C. governor asks politicians to lead by example by wearing masks, social distancing on campaign trail

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper says elected leaders and candidates need to lead by example during the coronavirus pandemic by wearing masks and social distancing on the campaign trail.

  City of Charlotte announces new revitalization project, community advocates worry about possible negative effects of gentrification

The city of Charlotte announced a 24.5 million dollar investment today into its new project called the Corridors of Opportunity.The goal is to revitalize certain intersections and neighborhoods within Charlotte to re-energize the space and community.

  Emails on RNC highlight the ways delegates failed to follow guidelines

In an email sent to Mecklenburg County Commissioners after the RNC, Public Health Director Gibbie Harris highlighted the biggest disappointments from the convention.

  Harvey B. Gantt Center hosts conversations to get more Black voters to be politically engaged

Serious conversations about how to bring Black voters to the election polls this November is happening at the Harvey B. Gantt Center.

CMS finds way to raise minimum wage, avoid layoffs despite battle with county commissioners

CMS Board Vice Chair Thelma Byer-Bailey said during Tuesday’s meeting CMS did not fire a single individual, but the district had to eliminate 177 jobs.

Hundreds of ballots accepted as N. Carolina begins voting

Hundreds of ballots have been accepted in North Carolina, making the Tar Heel State the first in the nation to kick off voting in the November general election.

Democratic groups sue to seek fixes for more North Carolina ballots

Several Democratic groups want to block a state provision that requires residents to cast their vote over from scratch if a witness fails to sign or provide an address on the envelope containing their absentee ballot.

  New bill signed into law gives parents coronavirus relief money in North Carolina

House Bill 1105 was signed into law by Gov. Roy Cooper after the bill was passed by N.C. lawmakers. The $1 billion bill gives parents $335 to help during the pandemic.

House expected to vote on marijuana decriminalization bill in September

Congress is expected to vote on a bill this month that would federally decriminalize marijuana.

North Carolina’s governor race enters the homestretch after summer of coronavirus

The stakes are high in North Carolina this cycle.

  As early voting days approach, some NC counties still need poll workers

At least a quarter of North Carolina’s counties are struggling to recruit poll workers for the 2020 election.

A ‘rolling rally’ for President Trump traveled 87 miles around Indiana and Ohio Sunday

Sunday afternoon crowds gathered at a “rolling” election rally for President Trump in southern Indiana and Ohio.

  Mayor promises police reforms following Daniel Prude’s death

The mayor of Rochester says reforms are coming to the police department as community elders seek to bring calmer minds to a fifth night of demonstrations over the the March death of Daniel Prude, who lost consciousness after police held a hood over his head.

  Veterans are divided about reports Trump disparaged military

Veterans and military families are divided about reports that President Donald Trump made disparaging comments toward the military.

Judges’ ruling gives back voting rights -some felons to vote in 2020 elections

A three-judge panel ruled Friday that felons who have been released from prison but who remain on probation solely because they owe fines, fees, or other debts can vote in North Carolina’s coming elections.

  Gov. Roy Cooper signs $1 billion N.C. coronavirus relief bill, includes direct payments to parents

Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly for the package, which includes direct cash payments of $335 to families with school-age children.

Court: Money owed can’t block voting rights for NC felons

A North Carolina court has ruled that outstanding restitution, fees or other court-imposed monetary obligations can’t prevent convicted felons from voting if they’ve completed all other portions of their sentence.

  Mecklenburg absentee ballots sent out to voters

Mecklenburg County Board of Elections Director Michael Dickerson says usually there’s about 25,000 absentee voters in a presidential election year. He expects that number to be dwarfed in 2020.

  Protesters gather outside Pelosi’s California home after her salon visit

Hairstylists took to the street outside of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home Thursday.

Six N.C. sheriffs endorse Joe Biden

Six sheriffs in North Carolina have endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President and Vice President, according to Biden’s campaign.

North Carolina kicks off mail voting amid spike in requests

Mail voting is starting in the presidential election as North Carolina begins to send out about 600,000 ballots to voters who have requested them.

  Mecklenburg Co. Director of Elections speaks about absentee ballots being sent out Friday

Absentee ballots for the upcoming presidential election will be sent out Friday in the state of North Carolina. Employees at the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections headquarters spent the day getting ballots ready to be distributed.

  New system in place as North Carolina prepares for historical number of absentee ballots

Because of the pandemic, North Carolina has seen an unprecedented number of requests, as the state currently has more than 618,000 absentee ballots to mail out.

SC State Election Commission says they are ready if absentee voting expansion bill is signed into law

Election officials around the state are already preparing for a lot of absentee ballots in November. They said if lawmakers make changes later this month they’ll be ready.

SLED agents investigating 3 possible absentee voter fraud cases

According to officials, voter fraud is rare in South Carolina and across the country.

Biden, Gov. Cooper have early edge in N.C. election, according to Monmouth University poll

Among all registered voters in North Carolina, the race for president stands at 47 percent for Biden and 45 percent for Trump.

N.C. Board of Elections remind public it is illegal to vote twice

As of Thursday, there are just 61 days until November’s election.

NC Senate approves $1B federal virus relief package

The North Carolina General Assembly has advanced quickly a Republican proposal to spend another $1 billion in federal coronavirus relief funds.

President Donald Trump returning to N.C. for campaign event

President Donald Trump is coming back to North Carolina this week for a campaign event.

SC Senate approves expansion of absentee voting for November election

Now that the Senate passed the bill, it’s heading to the House.

President suggests voters should attempt to cast ballot twice in interview with WECT’s Jon Evans

The president is making national headlines for what he said in that interview about voting, when he suggested voters should "check their vote" by casting their ballot in person and by mail. “Let them send it in and let them go vote,” said President Trump.

  State won’t pay woman’s claim after car damaged on highway

The N.C. Department of Justice has refused to pay for damage to a couple's car after they hit an open manhole on HWY 321 in Lenoir.

Payments to parents in NC Republicans’ virus relief package

The package would include sending $325 payments to households with children to help parents with child care and education.

NC Republicans proposing $50 weekly jobless benefit increase

North Carolina Republicans at the General Assembly say they’re committed to raising state unemployment benefits for all beneficiaries by $50 a week when they soon reconvene.

  NC legislators likely to expand unemployment benefits but only in short term

The additional state benefits would only last until the end of the year.

Republicans target North Carolina with visits by Trump, Pence, Eric Trump this week

North Carolina, befitting its status as one of the key states in this year’s presidential election, will get another visit from President Donald Trump this week, the White House announced Sunday.