North Carolina certifies November general election results

President Donald Trump defeated Democratic nominee Joe Biden by 1.3 percentage points.

  Major companies approved for N.C. job grants despite federal aid, multiple applications

  Josh Stein wins re-election as attorney general of North Carolina

  Even with protections, thousands face eviction in N.C.

Recount for N.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice to start this week, just over 400 votes between candidates

Officials: Hand tally of presidential race finds new ballots in one county

  N.C. elections board reviewing video showing election irregularities after WBTV investigation

Continued Coverage

  CBS News projects President Donald Trump as winner of North Carolina’s electoral votes

  New video shows candidate’s husband escorting voters into early voting in Anson Co.

US voters have spoken: What’s next to make it official?

  Thom Tillis wins reelection to U.S. Senate in North Carolina, Cunningham concedes

  EXPLAINER: Why do the media call races in US elections?

  Money to support Trump court fight could flow to president

Your Election Day vote may not be showing up yet online. That’s normal in NC.

Election administrators across North Carolina continue to update the information of people who voted on election day, even as calls increase for that information to be made public much sooner. But the process is working on schedule, just as it always has.

  Protesters block Tryon Street, where Black Lives Matter mural is painted, after it reopened for traffic

The street closure was never intended to be permanent and was part of a pilot project moved forward by city staff to find more pedestrian friendly options for residents and Uptown and to protect the BLM mural from vandalism.

  Tryon Street, where Black Lives Matter mural is painted, reopens to traffic

The street closure was never intended to be permanent and was part of a pilot project moved forward by city staff to find more pedestrian friendly options for residents and Uptown and to protect the BLM mural from vandalism.

  CMPD spent $17 million for RNC. On what remains a mystery

A memo from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Johnny Jennings says the City of Charlotte spent approximately $17 million on the Republican National Convention. The memo does not provide any details on how the money was spent but does include a timeline for releasing more information.

POLITICO: NCDHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen being considered for Biden cabinet

Trump supporters stand by the president’s legal strategy

Money raised for Trump’s election fights would help cover campaign debt

‘Trump should concede’: SC lawmakers disagree on next steps after election projection

Kamala Harris books surge in popularity after election

SCGOP: ‘The election is not over’

Former Pres. Jimmy Carter responds to President-elect Joe Biden’s victory

In a statement on Twitter from The Carter Center, the former president said he “looks forward to seeing the positive change they bring to our nation.”

Sen. Graham vows to follow-up on affidavit from Penn. postal worker alleging election fraud

Graham says he will look into the allegations in the affidavit, but they have not been substantiated at this time.

  ‘This isn’t over!’: Trump supporters refuse to accept defeat

There have been no reports of anyone getting shot, and the laws in Arizona, Nevada and Michigan allow people to openly carry firearms in public.

  2020 Election Live Updates: Biden declared President-elect of the United States

People across the Carolinas and the country took advantage of early voting this year like never before.

  Presidential race in North Carolina still up for grabs, and may not be officially decided for a week

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are locked in a tight race with several states too close to call including North Carolina.

  Mecklenburg County processes thousands of absentee ballots, one of nine N.C. counties to count Friday

Roughly 99,000 outstanding absentee ballots yet to be counted

CBS News: Biden preparing for primetime speech if race called by Friday evening

Joe Biden holds narrow leads over President Trump in Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania, according to the Associated Press and CBS News.

North Carolina first lady apologizes for comment on Trump supporters

Kristin Cooper apologized Thursday through an emailed statement from her spokesperson to The News & Observer.

Graham donates $500K to Trump legal defense over voting counts

Sen. Lindsey Graham, who just won reelection in Tuesday’s election, said he is donating a half-million dollars to President Donald Trump’s legal defense fund.

  48 hours after polls close, North Carolinians wait for results in race for president

More than 48 hours after the polls closed on Election Day, a winner in the race for the presidency has yet to be named.

  Trying to figure out if your vote was counted in North Carolina? Here’s where to look

Several people are asking questions as they look to find out if their vote has been counted in North Carolina.

  What happened on election night in Union County and what happens next

20,368 ballots were cast on election day in Union County, but there are still votes to be counted.

  Trump campaign holds press conference in Mecklenburg County, voicing frustration with status of election

The Trump campaign held a press conference in Mecklenburg County Thursday afternoon.

  Police seek man who returned to Charlotte polling site after being arrested, released from jail

Police say the 36-year-old “continued to loiter in the PVA of the voting site” after casting his vote and was possibly intimidating other voters.

  Many stressed as the nation waits on election results, we check in with how voters are feeling

It’s a simple question: How do you feel? Some are saying the question as new meaning tonight as the country still waits on election results that determine who the president will be.

North Carolina begins post-election processes, final counting, auditing

According to N.C. Board of Elections, the 100 bipartisan county boards will hold meetings to count the remaining provisional and absentee ballots and add them to unofficial election results on the Election Night Reporting website.

  North Carolina Superintendent Elect breaks down priorities, responds to parents primary concerns

It’s a topic that continuously gets brought up each year when Charlotte-Mecklenburg School’s Board of Education discusses its fiscal budgets on making schools a better place for children.

  The election is not over; What comes next in Mecklenburg County

Absentee ballots are still in the mail, meaning the work is far from done.

  Lancaster County ‘mislabeled’ thumb drive causes 20,000 ballot recount

Every single absentee in-person vote got counted because this was human error rather than a computer’s mistake.

  Did Governor Cooper’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic help or hurt his campaign?

The COVID-19 pandemic and the response by officials may have been the defining issue of the 2020 election, both nationally and in North Carolina.

N.C.'s Madison Cawthorn becomes first person born in the 1990s to be elected to Congress

The 25-year-old newcomer claimed victory late Tuesday, and CBS News projects him to win with 99% of votes already counted.

  Tillis claims victory, Cunningham waits for vote count as U.S. Senate race in N.C. remains too close to call

An important and closely-watched race for United States Senate in North Carolina pits incumbent Republican Senator Thom Tillis against Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham.

South Carolina county-by-county results for presidential, U.S. Senate race

While it could be days before the winner of the presidential election is officially declared, other key state races were called late Tuesday night.

Nancy Mace wins U.S. House race beating Joe Cunningham

Republican Nancy Mace has won the U.S. House 1st Congressional District race beating incumbent Rep. Joe Cunningham.

Police: 6 arrested in Election Day protest in North Carolina

Police say six people were arrested in North Carolina’s capital city when a crowd of protesters marching on Election Day began throwing rocks and other items.

Dorchester County to resume count after mail-in ballot printing error

Dorchester County election officials say they have discovered a printing error on mail-in ballots that will delay the counts.

  Roy Cooper wins re-election as North Carolina governor

The race between Cooper and Forest has attracted attention from outside groups, which have spent millions to shape voter attitudes.

  Lindsey Graham wins re-election to U.S. Senate in South Carolina, AP reports

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has won re-election to the United States Senate in South Carolina, according to the Associated Press.

Mark Robinson wins race for lieutenant governor of North Carolina, AP reports

Political newcomer Republican Mark Robinson won the race for lieutenant governor of North Carolina, according to the Associated Press. He will be the state’s first ever African-American lieutenant governor.

  Union County man votes twice after early vote isn’t recorded in system

WBTV has not received an official explanation of how Becht was able to vote twice and has not been given any information about whether this issue has happened with other voters.

‘Is this a great win or what?’ Norman triumphs over Brown in SC’s 5th District race

e had just won reelection in South Carolina’s 5th District against Democratic challenger Moe Brown, according to the Associated Press.

  $197.2 million bond package passes in Mecklenburg Co., Charlotte Regional Business Alliance says

The $197.2 million bond referenda package has passed in Mecklenburg County in the Nov. 3 election, according to the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance.

25-year-old Republican Cawthorn wins U.S. House in N.C.'s 11th Congressional District

Madison Cawthorn defeated Democrat Moe Davis, the Associated Press reported on Tuesday.

  Jobs, healthcare among key issues driving voters’ decisions across Mecklenburg County

Many were hoping a lot of people making their voice heard on Election Day by casting their ballot.

  Lawyers and Collars team up on Election Day in Charlotte

On Election Day 2020 a group called Lawyers and Collars sent ministers to polls in Mecklenburg County and around the country to keep an eye on things. They were called Poll Chaplains. The assignment was to team lawyers and preachers up to report possible issues and keep the peace.

  West Charlotte polling site welcomes voters with music, free food

A party-like atmosphere welcomed voters at a precinct in west Charlotte.

  Few lines at voting precincts in N.C. Foothills and Mountains

It turns out that almost half of Avery County registered voters had already voted.

  Practically no lines at Union County polling sites after record breaking turnout for early voting

Union County poll workers said Election Day started off slow and for the most part stayed that way. The county saw a huge turnout for early voting, which may have contributed to the smaller number of voters at the polls on November 3.For abentee and early voting, more than 109,000 voters cast their

‘Hopefully it will count’: Cabarrus County voters have little issues at the polls on Election Day

Election officials told WBTV there were lines early once the polls opened, but during the afternoon, voters were in and out within minutes.

'A real inspiration’: Oldest living Marine casts ballot in Kannapolis, shares voting memories at 107 years old

Sgt. Dot Cole was 7 years old when women were legally permitted to cast their ballots, exactly 100 years ago, in 1920.

  Presidential candidates make several stops in North Carolina ahead of election day

There are 15 electoral votes up for grabs in the Tar Heel State and the candidates vying for the presidency have been working hard to win them.

Justice Department to monitor Mecklenburg County polling sites on Election Day

The United States Department of Justice will be monitoring Mecklenburg County polling sites on Election Day 2020.

Town hall precinct may close over Black Lives Matter flags

State election officials say voters in a North Carolina town may lose their town hall as a future site to cast ballots unless leaders take down Black Lives Matter flags hanging above the building’s entrance.

  Voters 65 and up share their concerns for Election 2020

Senior voters 65 and up are heading to the polls this election.

  Poll worker opens up about extra safety COVID-19 training ahead of Election Day

With long wait times and thousands of people expected for Election Day, poll workers are taking safety seriously. They are taking extra steps to keep you safe.

NC Democrats hope to flip these 4 seats blue, and they’re spending big to do it

Control of the North Carolina General Assembly, and thus a hand in the once-a-decade redraw of congressional and state legislative maps, may come down to a handful of state Senate races. And the money aimed at those races shows it.

  More than half of N.C. voters have already cast their ballots: What it means for election day

In North Carolina, more than 4.5 million voters have already cast ballots.

Dr. Jill Biden campaigning for Joe Biden in North Carolina on Election Day

Dr. Jill Biden will once again be in North Carolina campaigning for her husband on Election Day.

  Election 2020: Voting in North Carolina

As North Carolina residents vote in an election season unlike any other, some are still trying to grip the changes in place this year.

  Long lines? When will results be in? Here’s what to expect on Election Day

With just two days until Election Day, preparations are continuing across the Carolinas.

N. Carolina elections office previews Election Day count

In North Carolina, mail-in ballots are not due until Nov. 12 if postmarked by Election Day.

Early voting ends in N.C., 16,000+ vote in Mecklenburg Co. on final day

One-stop early voting has ended in North Carolina on Saturday.

  N.C. Senator Thom Tillis campaigns to Charlotte supporters on final day of N.C. early voting

The Republican senator is running for re-election against Democratic candidate Cal Cunningham.

  N.C. elections board investigating after flurry of complaints in Anson County

The North Carolina State Board of Elections is investigating more than a dozen complaints filed in Anson County, challenging practices by supporters of one campaign to offer voters assistance as they walk into the early voting poll.

VIDEO: Graham, Harrison face off in final Senate debate just days before election

This story will include a live stream of the debate once it begins.

  WBTV sits down with South Carolina U.S. Senate seat candidates Jaime Harrison, Lindsey Graham

The two candidates are equal in the polls, but different on the issues.

  WBTV sits down with S.C. fifth congressional district candidates Ralph Norman, Moe Brown

South Carolina’s fifth congressional district candidates Representative Ralph Norman and Moe Brown sat down with WBTV to talk to voters about some big issues - COVID-19, the economy and healthcare.

  A look at how President Trump and nominee Joe Biden’s job plans could impact North Carolina

With the election right around the corner, many people are wondering how the next president will tackle the unemployment crisis.