Charlotte Strong: One Year Later

  Strengths, areas of growth identified in external review of 2019 UNC Charlotte shooting response

An external review of the response to the 2019 tragic deadly shooting at UNC Charlotte identifies strengths and areas of needed growth at the university.

  Riley Howell’s family finds peace living the life Riley would have

’United: A Remembrance Program’ pays tribute to UNC Charlotte shooting victims

  Dealing with trauma, one year after tragedy at UNC Charlotte

  ‘We are Niner Nation’ Strength among UNC Charlotte family one year after tragic shooting

  UNC Charlotte: Campus Safety, one year later

  United: UNC Charlotte - One Year Later

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Here’s how UNC Charlotte will forever remember those killed, wounded in campus shooting

United: UNC Charlotte to host April 30 remembrance concert

  UNC Charlotte heroes granted honorary award

  UNC Charlotte chancellor gives update on April 30 remembrance plans

  New safety measures taking shape in aftermath of UNC Charlotte mass shooting

UNCC recognizes first responders after April school shooting

  EXCLUSIVE: Riley Howell’s family reflects on his final split-second decision that saved classmates

Riley Howell’s parents invited us to their family farm outside Asheville. They agreed to talk exclusively with us to show you the real suffering families face in the aftermath of gun violence.

N.C. corn maze honors UNC Charlotte hero Riley Howell

A corn maze just miles from the hometown of Riley Howell is honoring the UNC Charlotte shooting victim for the heroic actions he took during the tragic event.

  UNC Charlotte shooter pleads guilty to murder, gets two consecutive life sentences

Trystan Terrell pleaded guilty Thursday to murdering two people and injuring four others in a shooting at UNC Charlotte in April.

  Group meets to discuss how to honor UNC Charlotte students killed in tragic shooting

This group is charged with coming up with the best way to remember Reed Parlier and Riley Howell, two students who were killed in an on-campus shooting at the school’s Kennedy building in April. The commission will also decide what to do with the classroom where this happened.

  UNCC police explore innovative ways to make classrooms on campus safer

  School shooting victim pleads for gun control: ‘Was the shooting at Charlotte not inspiring enough?’

  UNC Charlotte student injured in mass shooting continues to plea for change after California tragedy

  UNCC alum performs song written in honor of Riley Howell

  UNCC survivor throws out first pitch at Charlotte Knights game

Autopsy report released for UNC Charlotte shooting victim Riley Howell

  UNC Charlotte Police recognized for campus shooting crisis intervention

It’s the first time since the active shooting on campus that UNC Charlotte Police have been publicly recognized off campus.

  UNC Charlotte shooting victim Drew Pescaro shares his story after returning home

Pescaro is grateful for all the support he's received. From his parents and longtime girlfriend who was always at his bedside. To his fellow students, teachers and coaches past and present to the total strangers who reached out.

Classroom where deadly UNC Charlotte shooting happened will not be used, chancellor says

The UNC Charlotte classroom where two students were killed and four others were injured in April will not be used during the upcoming school year, university chancellor Philip Dubois announced Thursday.

Hospitalized UNCC shooting victim tweets his thanks, reports greatly improved health

UNC Charlotte shooting victim Drew Pescaro, who was rehospitalized to treat infection from his injuries, declared in a tweet Friday that he was “in my best condition yet” after four days at Duke University Hospital in Durham.

  Vietnam veteran awards Purple Heart to family of ‘true hero’ Riley Howell

The family of UNC Charlotte shooting victim Riley Howell was presented a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star in Howell’s honor, thanks to a Vietnam veteran.

UNC Charlotte shooting victim wants to thank woman who helped stop the bleeding after shooting

In a tweet, UNC Charlotte says on April 30, DeHart fled into Prospector, where a young woman, he believes a student, placed a tourniquet on him to help stop the bleeding.

UNC Charlotte shooting victim ‘healing and doing great,’ university officials say

“Rami Alramadhan asked us to let you know he recently had surgery, and is healing and doing great,” UNC Charlotte posted on Twitter Monday. “Please continue to keep him, Drew, Sean and Emily in your thoughts.”

  Charlotte racecar driver Ryan Repko’s car honors victims of UNC Charlotte shooting

Charlotte racecar driver and UNCC student Ryan Repko’s car has a special paint scheme, honoring the victims of the deadly shooting at UNC Charlotte.

  UNCC Police recognize untold story of student’s heroics during campus shooting

After the campus shooting at UNC Charlotte that killed two students and injured four others, there were stories of heroics and images that will forever be linked to the active shooting.

First ‘real’ meal in 15 days for UNC Charlotte shooting victim

Pescaro chowed down on a grilled cheese sandwich, fries drizzled with ketchup, pineapples, ice cream, a cookie and sweet tea- a meal suited for a survivor.

  Civilian Medal of Valor award presented to family of UNCC campus shooting hero Riley Howell

“What Riley did in that class was extraordinary,” said CMPD Lt. Brad Koch. “As a police department, as a community, as a city and as a nation we wanted to recognize this act.”

UNC Charlotte shooting victim tweets video of his first steps after 13 days in hospital

The 21-second video, which has been viewed 17,000 times and gotten 1,500 reactions, shows Pescaro in a hospital gown, rolling an IV stand as he walks with an unsteady gait down the hospital’s hallway.

  UNC Charlotte commencement ceremonies honor students killed in campus shooting

UNC Charlotte’s first commencement ceremony of the weekend took place Friday evening as students and faculty continue working through the traumatic aftermath from last week’s deadly campus shooting.

Parents of UNCC victim seek privacy, but want son remembered: ‘Reed is the silent hero.’

It’s been more than a week now since 19-year-old Reed Parlier was killed by a gunman on the campus at UNC Charlotte, and his family is still trying to feel their way through the thick fog of grief.

  Area campus police talk about what UNC Charlotte shooting prompted

JCSU campus police say after the UNC Charlotte shooting, they sent out a reminder of online training about active shooting.

  Reviewing UNC Charlotte’s campus shooting

University officials at UNC Charlotte say they intend to do a top-to-bottom review of everything before, during and after the campus shooting on April 30.

  What the UNCC shooting is teaching area colleges and universities

For universities and colleges in the Carolinas, the campus shooting - that claimed two lives and injured four others – is especially haunting.

UNC Charlotte shooting suspect indicted on 12 charges

Officials say 22-year-old Trystan Terrell opened fire in a university building 5:40 May 30, killing 21-year-old Riley Howell and 19-year-old Ellis Reed Parlier, and injuring 20-year-old Rami Alramadhan, 20-year-old Sean Dehart, 23-year-old Emily Houpt, and 19-year-old Drew Pescaro.

  Street artist creates mural tribute to UNC Charlotte shooting victims

It is his second mural of this kind in less than a year, for the Charlotte area.

  Commission formed, website established to honor victims of shooting at UNC Charlotte

According to a statement from UNC Charlotte Chancellor Philip L. Dubois, a Niner Nation Remembrance Commission has been formed to provide guidance and insight on next steps.

  Panthers wide receiver DJ Moore visits UNC Charlotte shooting victim at hospital

Carolina Panthers wide receiver DJ Moore made a surprise hospital visit Sunday to 19-year-old Drew Pescaro, a student who was shot during the on-campus shooting at UNC Charlotte on Tuesday, April 30.

  UNC Charlotte hero Riley Howell remembered with full military honors

Riley Howell died a hero one day before the petition was filed when he tackled a gunman who had opened fire in a classroom on the UNCC campus, delaying the shooter and saving lives.

  Charlotte 49ers baseball team reserves front row seats for students killed in shooting

Signs bearing the names of Riley Howell and Reed Parlier were placed on two front row seats at the game. Howell and Parlier were killed in a shooting on UNC Charlotte’s campus Tuesday evening.

  UNC Charlotte students, community leaders rally for change days after tragic shooting

Friday night, three days after the UNC Charlotte shooting, students and NAACP leaders traveled together from campus to uptown to call for action.

  ‘March for Our Lives’ rally held on Campus of UNCC

Friday afternoon, dozens of students and faculty on the campus of UNC Charlotte held a ‘March for Our Lives’ rally three days after a deadly campus shooting that killed 2 and injured 4 others.

  ‘Stay strong, Charlotte.’ UNCC shooting survivor posts video thanking community for support

Rami Alramadhan was one of six students shot when a gunman opened fire in their UNCC classroom on May 30. Alramadhan and three other students survived, but two students were killed in the shooting.

'Thank you Riley’: Pender County Fire & EMS honors fallen UNCC student

Riley’s last name was added to all the Pender County Fire & EMS helmets at the station and a black and white picture of the 21-year-old was taped on the dashboard of their fire engine.

  UNC Charlotte sports clubs organize 2-mile run to raise money

The UNCC Rugby Club organized the event to bring students together and channel their grief into something positive.

  Students petition to rename building in honor of UNC Charlotte shooting victims

The petition requests UNC Charlotte administrators rename the new recreation center that is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2019.

  ‘Never in a million years.’ Granddad of UNCC shooting suspect grapples with aftermath

Trystan Andrew Terrell’s stunned grandfather says he would never have imagined the quiet young man could be capable of firing a handgun in a UNC Charlotte classroom. Terrell is charged with killing two former classmates and wounding four more this week.

  ‘He was still shooting when we were leaving’: 911 calls released from deadly UNCC campus shooting

“It was a lot of shots,” said a person who ran out of the classroom when the shooting started. “He was still shooting when we were leaving.”

  ’We have to stay together as a community’, Butler High School students, staff wear green to support UNC Charlotte

Few know the meaning of community during tragedy, like the students and staff of Butler High School.

  March for Our Lives Rally planned in wake of deadly UNC Charlotte shooting

With less than 48 hours to plan, some students on the campus of UNC Charlotte are organizing a March for Our Lives rally to take place Friday.

  UNCC students experience survivor’s guilt ahead of graduation

Through all of the chaos and tragedy, UNC Charlotte officials say graduation will still go on as planned.

  Quail Hollow Club, Wells Fargo Championship participants honor UNC Charlotte victims

Quail Hollow Club and the Wells Fargo Championship continued to show support to UNC Charlotte and the community in the wake of the tragic shootings that took place on campus Tuesday during Round 1 of the tournament.

  UNCC former staff brings support, therapy dog services on campus for students, faculty

A former UNC Charlotte staff member is bringing her services on campus as a support system to let students and faculty know they have somewhere to go to de-stress, after the recent tragic events that killed two students.

  ‘He died a hero.’ Student killed trying to stop UNCC gunman escorted home

21-year-old Riley Howell was shot and killed, but his actions delayed the shooter, giving police more time to respond and fellow students a chance to escape.

  UNCC shooting suspect waives rights, chooses not to appear in court

Two people were killed and four others injured in a shooting on the University of North Carolina-Charlotte (UNCC) campus Tuesday evening.

  Rami Alramadhan, UNC Charlotte shooting survivor, released from hospital

A member of the UNCC Saudi Student Organization tells WBTV shooting survivor Rami Alramadhan was released from the hospital Thursday.

‘Miracle’ - Victim hit in back during UNCC shooting expected to recover, family friend says

“You talk about a miracle. He was shot in the back -- the bullet went through the stomach and even the doctors were amazed and I honestly believe that so much of this has to do with prayer,” said Sandra Hawkins, adding that people all over the country prayed for Drew Pescaro.

  UNCC professor gives in-classroom account of school shooting: ‘Terror set in’

Two days after a gunman entered his classroom and opened fire, killing two students and injuring four more, Anthropology professor Adam Johnson has released an essay with his account of the shooting, as well as his reflections on the incident as a result.

  With exams canceled, UNC Charlotte graduation will go on as scheduled after deadly campus shooting

The UNC Charlotte community is working to find its new normal as the city mourns the loss of two lives taken in an on-campus shooting Tuesday evening.

‘Tomorrow is never promised’: UNCC alum, NFL player Larry Ogunjobi honors fallen student

Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi may be a hero to thousands of fans who watch him chase down quarterbacks and break through blockers every Sunday in the NFL, but to Ogunjobi, a person like Riley Howell is the real ‘hero’.

  How families can cope with trauma after deadly UNC Charlotte shooting

WBTV spoke with Dr. Dawn O’Malley, a licensed psychologist with Cardinal Innovations, about how families can cope with trauma after the tragic event.

  ‘The journey is long’: Columbine survivor’s message for UNC Charlotte community

Unfortunately, there are many who do understand what the students and families at UNC Charlotte are feeling after a deadly shooting on campus.

#CharlotteStrong: City skyline lights up green to honor victims of deadly UNC Charlotte shooting

“The sky will be lit in support of the Niner Nation tonight, wrapping the city and the UNC Charlotte family in the glow of #CharlotteStrong and NinerNation.”

  UNC Charlotte student says Tuesday shooting was second one to hit close to home

Tuesday afternoon wasn’t the first time UNC Charlotte student Emma D’Avola has experienced the hysteria that comes with an active shooter situation.

  UNC Charlotte Niner Alerts keeping students updated during crisis

Niner Alerts are notices sent via text message to warn students of anything that may be an imminent threat to campus safety and operations.

  UNCC shooting victim Reed Parlier remembered as ‘a beautiful soul’

19-year-old Ellis Reed Parlier was fondly for his love of video games, his selfless attitude, and a quiet nature that led one friend to remark “when he did talk, it was always something so funny and random and that’s what everyone is really remembering him by.”

  UNC Charlotte professor’s quick actions saved lives during shooting

A UNC Charlotte professor is being called a hero. Professor Adam Johnson, who was teaching an Anthropology class when the shooter entered the room, did not hesitate to react.

  Thousands unite to support UNC Charlotte at vigil on campus

Thousands gathered as a student-organized vigil to unite and support the UNC Charlotte community was held Wednesday on the university’s campus.

  Emphasis on training, preparation keys to swift University Police response

The UNC-Charlotte Police Department is responsible for the safety of over 30,000 people coming and going from the school’s campus on a daily basis.

  ‘We are resilient’, Mayor speaks on city’s response to deadly shooting at UNC Charlotte

Charlotte’s mayor says everyone in the community stands in shock and grief.

  UNCC students describe chaotic moments in wake of campus shooting

Students turned out the lights and stacked desks and tables in front of the classroom door, waiting for hours before police evacuated her building and led the students out, single file with hands over their heads.

  Charlotte Knights show support for UNCC shooting victims

The Charlotte Knights showed their support for those impacted by the shootings at UNC Charlotte.

  Sources: UNCC shooting suspect referenced past school shooting in confession to police

Sources say the shooting victims were chosen at random by the suspect with no intended target. Police sources say the gunman was armed with more ammunition to shoot more victims.

  Victims identified in deadly UNC Charlotte shooting 

The shooting happened around 5:40 p.m. Tuesday. Police say the suspect, 22-year-old Trystan Terrell, went into the Kennedy building on UNC Charlotte’s main campus, armed with a pistol.

  Sources: Suspect charged with killing two, injuring four at UNC Charlotte made full confession

Two people were killed and four others injured in a shooting on the University of North Carolina-Charlotte (UNCC) campus Tuesday evening.