Charlotte enters $46,500 contract to help build teamwork among council

A contract, obtained through a public record request, reveals the city entered into an agreement with a consulting company to provide advice on how councilmembers could operate more efficiently together.

  Families left in limbo by court’s backlog of child support cases

  Outside ethics review clears Charlotte council members, recommends improvements

  Lake Wylie man gets replacement refrigerator after WBTV’s calls

  Charlotte residents wait decades for sidewalk only for city rankings to be incorrect

  Commissioners praise Tent City response while also pointing out it wasn’t perfect

  Man shocked to get a bill 19 months after daughter’s treatment

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  Miscommunication and lack of plan marred Tent City abatement order

  Tenant fights for more heat, relies on one permanent heating unit & space heaters for warmth

  City of Charlotte takes steps to fix flooded neighborhood after WBTV Investigation

  Local man gets stung by bee, says insurance won’t cover medical bill

  CMPD units stop, search & arrest disproportionate number of Black people, data shows

  Disability appeals take months, sometimes years, just for a hearing

  Some line skipping, little oversight for COVID-19 vaccine administration

There have been dozens of cases across the state of people skipping the line and getting the COVID-19 vaccine earlier than they were supposed to. The line skipping comes as many North Carolinians 65 and older still wait to be inoculated.

  N.C. man gets big bill after going to the doctor for a dog bite

“I don’t like to feel like I’m being taken advantage of. I don’t like to think that other people are being taken advantage of.”

  More than $100 million sitting unspent in program meant to help pay rent, utility bills

The N.C. HOPE Grant program has only spent $42 million of $160 million set aside to help people pay their rent and utility bills. State officials have approved a total of $120 million in grant awards but cannot explain why it's taking so long to get checks cut.

  Got a medical billing issue? Contact WBTV Investigates

WBTV Investigates has been able to help our viewers save more than $177,000 in less than a year. Out of that, almost half was related to surprise medical bills.

  Crime ridden properties targeted for seizure in Charlotte; history teaches lesson in what doesn’t work

  Mecklenburg County passes new non-discrimination resolution, future ordinances in Charlotte and other towns less certain

  Local couple fights $6,000 bill, thought medical procedure was covered by insurance

  Another driver was detoured on I-77, took the express lanes, and was billed

  Counties, hospitals, point to state software as vaccine choke point

  Woman went to in-network hospital, says she was billed $15,000 for out-of-network treatment

  Dozens claim delayed propane deliveries from AmeriGas threaten warmth during winter

More than a dozen people have filed complaints about slow propane deliveries from the company AmeriGas in January alone.

  Mooresville woman paid company nearly $1,000 for swim spa repair - months later, no fix

A Mooresville woman is speaking out, after she says she was duped by a hot tub repair man.

  U.S. Attorney’s Office: No charges for Lincoln Co. deputy who punched handcuffed teen outside hospital

This stems from an incident on Dec. 19 2019 when Atrium security guards tackled 16-year-old Hayden Long to the ground, tazed him and sat on him.

  N.C. State Highway Patrol commander tells ‘lazy’ troopers to write more tickets

A commander with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol wants his troopers to write more speeding tickets.

  Woman followed directions on Atrium Health’s website, says she ended up at wrong facility and was billed

A Charlotte area woman is trying to figure out how she ended up with a huge bill for a minor medical issue - all because she went to the wrong office and nobody told her until she got a huge bill!

  Charlotte woman fights for benefits after NCDES asks for money back

A local woman is fighting through the appeal process after NCDES said she owed them back the benefits she was paid.

  Statesville man says his home insurance company won’t cover the cost of a roof repair

A local man is calling WBTV for help after being stuck with a damaged roof that his insurance company won’t pay to fix!

  Certified Pre-Owned nightmare: Dealer refuses to fix woman’s used car

A local woman bought a certified pre-owned car from Keffer Mazda only to find out a few months later the car had been in a previous crash.

  Host of problems slows the rollout of COVID-19 vaccine in NC

The N.C. Watchdog Reporting Network surveyed local health departments across the state to find out why North Carolina has ranked near the bottom of states in administering the COVID-19 vaccine. We found a lack of manpower, technical problems and logistical hurdles.

  Local man pays his portion of the bill for medical procedure; months later, receives yet another bill

A surprise bill in the mail for one local man who thought he’d already paid thousands to clear out his medical debt!

  Passengers concerned about cleanup at Charlotte-Douglas airport during pandemic

Medic has responded to 32 suspected Covid-19 cases at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport since the pandemic began.

  Matthews man arrested storming US Capitol. ‘I’m sure he would do it all again’ associate says.

A Matthews man was arrested in Washington, D.C. Wednesday as part of the violent group of pro-Trump supporters that stormed the United States Capitol, causing chaos and bloodshed. He's one of seven arrested on Wednesday with North Carolina ties.

  Local man goes to the ER for what he thought was a bad bug bite, gets $1,300 bill

One man was shocked to get a $1,300 bill after going to the ER for what he thought was just a bad bug bite.

  New rules in 2021 require hospitals to make prices more transparent

Starting January 1, 2021, all hospitals will be required to be more transparent with you about pricing.

  New Year Resolutions: Top priorities for Charlotte City Council in 2021

Charlotte City Council is pursuing a couple of initiatives that could end up on the ballot for voters to decide in a referendum.

  Woman says moving company wouldn’t unload her belongings without extra payment

A woman and her belongings were stranded after a moving company quoted her one price but charged her nearly double!

  Violent crime up, property crime down for CMPD as department battles COVID-19 challenges

As police officers deal with the impacts of Covid-19 some crime statistics have seen a dramatic decline while violent crime has continued to rise.

  Millions set to lose unemployment benefits Dec 26th

Without a new coronavirus relief bill people on federal unemployment programs will lose those benefits before the end of the year

  Atrium Health administering COVID-19 vaccine to non-critical staff, despite state regulations

Atrium Health is scheduling non-critical employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, despite state regulations aimed at ensuring those who interact with COVID-19 patients and the elderly are inoculated first.

  Troutman man says collection agencies are hounding him to pay off his dead wife’s credit card debt

Not only is he grieving the loss, he’s dealing with another problem - constant harassment from collection agencies, hounding him to pay off his dead wife’s credit card debt.

  Gastonia woman claims she’s being ejected by her wheelchair

According to the woman, without notice, she has been ejected from her wheelchair, landing on the ground.

  School districts hired company for financial advice and auditing. CPA board says that’s a conflict.

A North Carolina accounting firm has come under fire from the state board that licenses certified public accountants for its practice of providing financial consulting and auditing services to the same clients.

  Uptick in unemployment claims as Christmas draws near

As jobless North Carolinians start running out of their state unemployment benefits, more of them are starting to apply for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Some of those people tell WBTV they’ve been waiting on a determination for their claims for months.

  Ronnie Long, four others granted pardons of innocence by N.C. Governor

Governor Roy Cooper issued a pardon of innocence to five men on Thursday, each of whom had been convicted of crimes they did not commit.

Charlotte council considers more economic disclosure requirements

The proposal comes after more than a year of reporting by WBTV that highlighted the shortcomings of the current ethics disclosure forms and the lack of enforcement for violating the guidelines.

  Mobility sales tax proposal “offensive” to people in North Mecklenburg County

Finding elected officials in North Mecklenburg County who are supportive of the proposed one-cent sales tax increase is like trying to find a surviving member of the Stark family.

  Charlotte woman calls WBTV for help after she says she was misquoted for procedure

She was quoted a price for a surgical procedure but got a bill for thousands of dollars more months later! A Charlotte woman has spent the past six months trying to get her bill straightened out but is getting nowhere.

Who’s getting stuck first? Vaccine details still unclear as NC hospitals receive first shipments

As the first doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine arrives in North Carolina, the hospitals charged with administering the vaccine have provided few specific details about how the first doses will be distributed.

  Charlotte targets crime hotspots with nuisance abatement cases

The city is considering brining nuisance abatement cases against some property owners, what City Attorney Patrick Baker called a tool of “last resort.”

N.C. prisons pushing to process influx of new inmates, transport others as judge orders outside monitor

The North Carolina prison system is pushing process an influx of new inmates into state prisons from county jails by year end, according to documents obtained by WBTV.

  Charlotte tenant says management won’t fix several maintenance issues in his apartment

A man moved his family into a luxury apartment complex, hoping for a luxury experience. But he’s had nothing but issues and no follow ups to get the issues resolved.

  Without CARES Act, COVID-19 tests for uninsured is threatened

he North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services tells WBTV 176,574 people have had some or all of the cost of testing covered because of coronavirus relief funds.

  Video shows deputies restrain, handcuff teen during medical emergency

New video obtained by WBTV shows deputies working at the Lincoln County courthouse restraining and trying to handcuff a 19-year-old who was having an apparent seizure. The teen suffered a broken wrist, in addition to being treated for altered mental state and a seizure.

  Woman says she was not informed of cost before Charlotte-area hospital treatment

A visit to the Charlotte area, a trip to the emergency room, and a surprise bill for thousands of dollars have all added up to a big headache for one woman.

  One-on-one with former Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt on the proposed sales tax for mobility

Gantt has been leading the Charlotte Moves Task Force since May and sat down with WBTV for a one-on-one interview after the committee concluded its final meeting.

  Woman calls WBTV Investigates for help with sewage running through front yard

A WBTV investigation is getting much needed help tonight for one local woman who had sewage running through her yard!

  Judge orders outside expert to monitor N.C. prison system’s COVID-19 actions

A judge ordered an outside expert, known as a special master, to oversee the North Carolina prison system’s response to COVID-19. He also ordered regular, ongoing testing for prison staff.

  Trials in gyms, cases delayed: With NC pandemic logjam, justice ‘slow as molasses’

Court cases across North Carolina are in flux, after more than eight months with limited function. As a result, district attorneys are having to make tough decisions on how to handle criminal cases.

  Thousands of companies denied CLT business grants but records showing which ones not released

While thousands of businesses received awards of $10,000 and even $25,000 from the city, nearly 2,000 applications were also turned down.

  Duke Energy warns of scams hitting customers

If you’re a utility customer at Duke Energy, it could be a pricey holiday season if you’re not careful.The company is reporting more than 25,000 customer scam attempts this year – the highest year on record.

N.C. closes prisons, moves inmates as COVID cases spike

Three state prisons have been closed, with hundreds of inmates being transferred to other facilities across the state, as COVID-19 continues to spike within the prison system.

  Man thought surgery would be covered by insurance, gets $23,000 bill

Imagine going in for a surgical procedure thinking your insurance will cover the bill and then being hit with a $23,000 bill.

  Emails raise questions about DHHS oversight of Cardinal Innovations

Emails obtained by WBTV show top regulators at N.C. Department of Health and Human Services helped Cardinal Innovations respond to concerns from Mecklenburg County and sent Cardinal an advanced copy of a response letter to the county, to which Cardinal suggested edits.

  Frustration with NCDES call center persists

While the North Carolina Division of Employment Security says it’s taken steps to improve the quality, customers still call WBTV to complain consistently.

  NC Attorney General warns of holiday season scams

With the holiday season here, watchdogs want you to be on the lookout for scammers trying to take advantage of your generosity!

  Charlotte-Douglas can’t force Covid-19 positive passengers to leave airport

One text message obtained by WBTV says “I just spoke with Jack – we legally can’t prohibit them from entering the terminal” although the person was required to follow North Carolina’s mask mandate.

  Major companies approved for N.C. job grants despite federal aid, multiple applications

North Carolina handed out millions of dollars in job retention grants to country clubs, special interest groups and one airline that also received $171 million in federal funding.

  Surgeons brace for cutbacks that could impact access to care

Surgeons in our area are bracing for cutbacks in payment from the federal government, they say, could impact the care you receive. This comes as the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid prepare to implement a massive cut in reimbursement rates nationwide.

  Even with protections, thousands face eviction in N.C.

Thousands of North Carolinians have been forced from their homes this year, despite a pair of orders from the Governor banning evictions Leegraciea Lewis, who was forced from her apartment and is now living in an extended stay hotel, is one of them.

  Local woman left a care facility and died. Health officials still say they aren’t responsible.

An ongoing lawsuit stemming from the disappearance and death of a Cleveland County woman in 2008 is highlighting the regulatory failures of N.C. DHHS to keep seniors and those with cognitive disabilities safe.

  North Carolina Attorney General fights robocalls in the state

We’ve all gotten those non-stop robocalls. You might ignore them sometimes, but that’s hard when your phone just keeps ringing.

  N.C. elections board reviewing video showing election irregularities after WBTV investigation

The North Carolina State Board of Elections said Friday it was reviewing video taken inside the Anson County Board of Elections building showing people voting.The video, which was first published by WBTV on Thursday.

  Man waits six months for unemployment determination

Some North Carolinians have been waiting months to receive a determination on their unemployment claims.

  New video shows candidate’s husband escorting voters into early voting in Anson Co.

Video obtained by WBTV shows the husband of a candidate for local office in Anson County repeatedly escorting voters into cast their ballot. The video surfaced after county elections officials denied any existed for more than two weeks and after some video was deleted.

  Charlotte sees dramatic jump in power outages in 2020

On the back of a dramatic year of weather, the Charlotte area has seen a 50 percent jump in weather related power outages events in 2020, according to Duke Energy.

  Local woman got $600 bill for lab work she thought insurance would cover

A local woman has called WBTV for help after getting hit with a $600 bill for lab work she thought was covered by insurance.

  CMPD spent $17 million for RNC. On what remains a mystery

A memo from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Johnny Jennings says the City of Charlotte spent approximately $17 million on the Republican National Convention. The memo does not provide any details on how the money was spent but does include a timeline for releasing more information.

  Board won’t investigate grieving brother’s complaint about doctor’s prescription practices

The N.C. Medical Board refused to review the file of a man whose brother says was hooked on opioids after years of being prescribed them without the proper supervision from his doctor.