Charlotte City Council makes changes to 2040 plan, new single-family policy moves forward

Last week, council looked poised to vote the policy allowing multi-family units in all placetypes down, but Councilman Greg Phipps changed his vote, giving the majority to councilmembers who wanted to keep the proposed policy.

  Mom questions police response after 15-year-old son shot in own neighborhood

  COVID-19 vaccine scams popping up across social media

  30,000+ applied for rental relief in Charlotte with eviction moratorium ending soon

  Charlotte council struggles for consensus during 2040 comprehensive plan meeting

  Overnight summer camp safety: What to know

  Report: Credit report inaccuracies have increased dramatically

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City manager releases timeline to pass Charlotte’s 2040 comprehensive plan delays leave Carolinians without unemployment money for weeks

  Legislative leaders ‘talking about’ police video law in wake of Elizabeth City shooting

  Charlotte’s mobility plan goes missing as city manager misses deadlines for providing cost estimates

  West Blvd property investigated by WBTV now targeted by feds for seizure

  Hot housing market in Charlotte, low inventory

  Red tape delays death benefits for family of trooper killed in line of duty

It took nearly a year for the State of North Carolina to pay Alex Sanders death benefits after her husband was killed in the line of duty.

Feds, state double down on secrecy of data on in-custody deaths

As communities across the nation continue to grapple with high-profile police killings, North Carolina officials have again refused to release information on the deaths of people who died in custody, citing guidance from the U.S. Department of Justice.

  Can your employer force you to get a vaccine?

The COVID-19 vaccine is now available to all adults and many companies are planning how they’ll get employees back to the office. So can your employee require you to get vaccinated?

  Lawmakers push for PPP change that would give them tax break

Lawmakers, including House Speaker Tim Moore, pushed legislation to change the tax rules related to PPP loans without disclosing that their businesses accepted PPP loans.

  Scammers targeting those who haven’t received newest stimulus check

  Motorcyclist fights toll lane bill, shouldn’t be billed at all

  Charlotte defies public records law as emails remain hidden for years

NEW: Charlotte moves away from ASC, embraces new arts funding strategy

  How hard is it to reach N.C. unemployment office? Even a top lawmaker can’t get through.

  Man gets sofa replaced after WBTV’s calls

  Vaccine hesitancy among health care workers raises concerns

Thousands of health care workers across North Carolina, charged with the care of patients, have declined to get COVID-19 vaccinations, even as eligibility has opened to the entire state.

  Charlotte homeowners say construction crews left mess on property

An eyesore in one neighborhood has a homeowner squaring off against a local builder.

  Contractor removed from HomeAdvisor site after WBTV investigation

A Charlotte homeowner hired a contractor after he was referred by HomeAdvisor but WBTV found a history of complaints against the contractor, raising questions about why he’s being recommended at all.

  New documents raise questions about ‘unprecedented’ contract funded by CARES Act

Public records obtained by WBTV are raising questions about how a small nonprofit spent $3.5 million in federal CARES Act money. An expert calls it 'highly unusual'.

  Filing new unemployment claim after one year causes confusion

The process of filing a new claim is process is causing confusion for some people as state and federal programs make the determination process more complicated than ever before.

Putting rivalry aside, NC newsrooms teamed up to keep the powerful accountable

A coalition of seven newsrooms from across North Carolina has worked together over the past year to investigate some of the biggest stories facing the state.

  Charlotte pastor and wife surprised with bill for COVID-19 vaccine

Multiple people contacted the WBTV Vaccine Team after getting a bill from Novant for administering their vaccine shot.

  Rat poison used at Tent City worries experts at Carolina Raptor Center

Researchers and leaders at the Carolina Raptor Center are concerned that poison used to kill rats at Tent City could end up hurting birds in the Charlotte area.

  Solar customer promised federal tax credit finds out after the fact she doesn’t qualify

After WBTV’s intervention, the company responsible is working to fix the price of her expensive solar system.

Millions in N.C. housing assistance still unspent as state makes changes to speed help

The North Carolina office in charge of administering a program designed to help people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic catch up on rent and utility bills is changing how it handles cases, as more than $60 million meant to help people sits unspent.

  Charlotte Mayor pushes back 2040 plan timeline as residents weigh-in

During a city council meeting Monday evening, more than 100 people signed up to voice their take on the plan. Originally, city staff would have incorporated the feedback into the plan for council approval in April. Now, Mayor Lyles has pushed back the date to June 30th.

  Charlotte City Council to listen to public concerns, opinions on 2040 plan

The 2040 plan started hitting some speed bumps two weeks ago when councilmembers were concerned that feedback from residents, developers and neighborhood associations wasn’t being reflected in the plan. In response the city set up listening sessions to hear what people had to say about the plan.

  CLT residents weigh in on 2040 plan as Monday hearing looms

The 2040 plan started hitting some speed bumps two weeks ago when councilmembers were concerned that feedback from residents, developers and neighborhood associations wasn’t being reflected in the plan. In response the city set up listening sessions to hear what people had to say about the plan.

The US finally has data on how many people die in police custody. NC won’t release it.

A law passed by Congress in 2014 requires law enforcement agencies to report any time someone dies in their custody. The State of North Carolina is refusing to release that information even though the law's author says the data should be public.

  WBTV gets couple refund from cemetery illegally selling cremations

Crown Memorial Park in Pineville has been investigated by the North Carolina Board of Funeral Service on numerous occasions and records obtained by WBTV show the company continued selling funeral services without a license over a decade.

  AmeriGas drops ‘expedited delivery fee’ after WBTV investigation, questions from AGs

The new concessions follow hundreds of complaints to state watchdogs and an investigation by WBTV in January that found AmeriGas had charged a customer $300 to expedite her already delayed delivery.

  Parents question daycare after son’s assault, employee arrested

An employee at Kids R Kids of Huntersville was arrested last June after video showed a three-year-old being assaulted. The boy's parents say the incident should be a warning to other parents that abuse can happen no matter how highly-rated the facility is.

  Charlotte enters $46,500 contract to help build teamwork among council

A contract, obtained through a public record request, reveals the city entered into an agreement with a consulting company to provide advice on how councilmembers could operate more efficiently together.

  Bad science sent innocent men to prison. N.C. DOJ wouldn’t review other cases where it was used.

The N.C. Department of Justice has stonewalled efforts to review decades of files where the state crime lab used bad science to send innocent men to prison. That changed after questions from WBTV.

  Woman fights local hospital over a $1,000 charge for urinalysis testing

A local woman is trying to figure out how a urinalysis test ended up costing her over a thousand dollars. After fighting the bill with her insurance company and hospital for 2 years, she reached out to WBTV for help.

  Families left in limbo by court’s backlog of child support cases

A backlog of child support cases at the Mecklenburg County courthouse has left hundreds of families in limbo. The courthouse claims it has nothing to do with the backlog, but the child support enforcement office says it can only schedule appointments allowed by the courts.

  Outside ethics review clears Charlotte council members, recommends improvements

Although the findings clear any councilmember of direct violations of the city’s ethics guidelines, the review made several recommendations, many of which have been the center of a years-long WBTV investigation into city council ethics.

  Lake Wylie man gets replacement refrigerator after WBTV’s calls

A Lake Wylie man called the WBTV tip line for help after paying thousands of dollars for a new refrigerator that doesn’t work!

  Charlotte residents wait decades for sidewalk only for city rankings to be incorrect

A WBTV Investigation finds that proposed sidewalks stay on the waiting list for decades and that the rankings for those projects are updated so infrequently they often don’t reflect the changing landscape of communities.

  Commissioners praise Tent City response while also pointing out it wasn’t perfect

In just over 24 hours Mecklenburg County reports helping move 214 people from the Tent City encampment to hotels late last week.

  Man shocked to get a bill 19 months after daughter’s treatment

Most of us go to the doctor or a hospital for treatment and pay the bill and figure it’s all taken care of. However, a Charlotte man tonight wants to know why over a year and a half after he paid his bill, a second bill arrived.

  Miscommunication and lack of plan marred Tent City abatement order

Officials said they were “disgusted” about the absence of communication from Mecklenburg County Manager Dena Diorio leading up to the order and said how it continued to unfold was “terrible.”

  Tenant fights for more heat, relies on one permanent heating unit & space heaters for warmth

Imagine having one heater to keep your entire house warm - that’s what one woman is dealing with in the home she rents.

  City of Charlotte takes steps to fix flooded neighborhood after WBTV Investigation

A WBTV Investigation reveals there's growing concern about drainage in new communities with Charlotte's rapidly changing landscape.

  Local man gets stung by bee, says insurance won’t cover medical bill

A bee sting sent a man to the doctor and ended up costing him hundreds of dollars his insurance wouldn’t pay!

  CMPD units stop, search & arrest disproportionate number of Black people, data shows

Two crime reduction units within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department are stopping, searching and arresting Black people at a disproportionate rate. Data shows 92% of people arrested by the two units in a 12-month period were Black.

  Disability appeals take months, sometimes years, just for a hearing

Disability claimants who have their cases denied and have to go through the appeals process often have no idea when their case will finally be heard.

  Some line skipping, little oversight for COVID-19 vaccine administration

There have been dozens of cases across the state of people skipping the line and getting the COVID-19 vaccine earlier than they were supposed to. The line skipping comes as many North Carolinians 65 and older still wait to be inoculated.

  N.C. man gets big bill after going to the doctor for a dog bite

“I don’t like to feel like I’m being taken advantage of. I don’t like to think that other people are being taken advantage of.”

  More than $100 million sitting unspent in program meant to help pay rent, utility bills

The N.C. HOPE Grant program has only spent $42 million of $160 million set aside to help people pay their rent and utility bills. State officials have approved a total of $120 million in grant awards but cannot explain why it's taking so long to get checks cut.

  Got a medical billing issue? Contact WBTV Investigates

WBTV Investigates has been able to help our viewers save more than $177,000 in less than a year. Out of that, almost half was related to surprise medical bills.

  Crime ridden properties targeted for seizure in Charlotte; history teaches lesson in what doesn’t work

It’s been years since the City of Charlotte actively pursued a nuisance abatement strategy on troubled properties, but the lessons of the past will be pertinent to finding success today.

  Mecklenburg County passes new non-discrimination resolution, future ordinances in Charlotte and other towns less certain

Commissioner Susan Rodriguez-McDowell says Charlotte and local towns will have to pass their own non-discrimination legislation to make a bigger impact that’s actually enforceable.

  Local couple fights $6,000 bill, thought medical procedure was covered by insurance

Fighting cancer and hit with a big bill for treatment - that’s what one family has been fighting for two years.

  Another driver was detoured on I-77, took the express lanes, and was billed

Another driver is outraged after he was detoured on I-77 and billed for it!

  Counties, hospitals, point to state software as vaccine choke point

A computer program built by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services is being blamed by hospitals and health departments across the state as a reason why COVID-19 vaccine distribution is moving slowly. The state has spent $7 million on the system, when the government version was free.

  Woman went to in-network hospital, says she was billed $15,000 for out-of-network treatment

When you require surgery or hospitalization, most of us look for an in network hospital covered by our insurance. An Indian Trail woman says she followed all the rules and went to an in network hospital - only to be hit with a huge bill.

  Dozens claim delayed propane deliveries from AmeriGas threaten warmth during winter

More than a dozen people have filed complaints about slow propane deliveries from the company AmeriGas in January alone.

  Mooresville woman paid company nearly $1,000 for swim spa repair - months later, no fix

A Mooresville woman is speaking out, after she says she was duped by a hot tub repair man.

  U.S. Attorney’s Office: No charges for Lincoln Co. deputy who punched handcuffed teen outside hospital

This stems from an incident on Dec. 19 2019 when Atrium security guards tackled 16-year-old Hayden Long to the ground, tazed him and sat on him.

  N.C. State Highway Patrol commander tells ‘lazy’ troopers to write more tickets

A commander with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol wants his troopers to write more speeding tickets.

  Woman followed directions on Atrium Health’s website, says she ended up at wrong facility and was billed

A Charlotte area woman is trying to figure out how she ended up with a huge bill for a minor medical issue - all because she went to the wrong office and nobody told her until she got a huge bill!

  Charlotte woman fights for benefits after NCDES asks for money back

A local woman is fighting through the appeal process after NCDES said she owed them back the benefits she was paid.

  Statesville man says his home insurance company won’t cover the cost of a roof repair

A local man is calling WBTV for help after being stuck with a damaged roof that his insurance company won’t pay to fix!

  Certified Pre-Owned nightmare: Dealer refuses to fix woman’s used car

A local woman bought a certified pre-owned car from Keffer Mazda only to find out a few months later the car had been in a previous crash.

  Host of problems slows the rollout of COVID-19 vaccine in NC

The N.C. Watchdog Reporting Network surveyed local health departments across the state to find out why North Carolina has ranked near the bottom of states in administering the COVID-19 vaccine. We found a lack of manpower, technical problems and logistical hurdles.

  Local man pays his portion of the bill for medical procedure; months later, receives yet another bill

A surprise bill in the mail for one local man who thought he’d already paid thousands to clear out his medical debt!

  Passengers concerned about cleanup at Charlotte-Douglas airport during pandemic

Medic has responded to 32 suspected Covid-19 cases at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport since the pandemic began.

  Matthews man arrested storming US Capitol. ‘I’m sure he would do it all again’ associate says.

A Matthews man was arrested in Washington, D.C. Wednesday as part of the violent group of pro-Trump supporters that stormed the United States Capitol, causing chaos and bloodshed. He's one of seven arrested on Wednesday with North Carolina ties.

  Local man goes to the ER for what he thought was a bad bug bite, gets $1,300 bill

One man was shocked to get a $1,300 bill after going to the ER for what he thought was just a bad bug bite.

  New rules in 2021 require hospitals to make prices more transparent

Starting January 1, 2021, all hospitals will be required to be more transparent with you about pricing.

  New Year Resolutions: Top priorities for Charlotte City Council in 2021

Charlotte City Council is pursuing a couple of initiatives that could end up on the ballot for voters to decide in a referendum.

  Woman says moving company wouldn’t unload her belongings without extra payment

A woman and her belongings were stranded after a moving company quoted her one price but charged her nearly double!