Facebook group helps eligible, high-risk people search for leftover COVID-19 vaccine

Getting a vaccine appointment can be difficult. There’s a lot of information out there about who’s eligible for what and when they can get a shot. One group is working to help people navigate different methods of getting a vaccine in the Carolinas.The main mission of the NC/SC Vaccine Hunters Faceb

  VACCINE TEAM: When will those with high-risk medical conditions be eligible?

  VACCINE TEAM: Rare facial swelling in patients with cosmetic fillers is preventable, Charlotte doctor says after discovery

  S.C. teachers ready to get vaccine in Phase 1B but want to hold off on reopening

  Have a question about the COVID-19 vaccine? Ask the WBTV Vaccine Team

VACCINE TEAM: When will Postal Carriers be eligible for the vaccine?

  VACCINE TEAM: Where to find what group you’re in to get your COVID-19 vaccine in North Carolina

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  VACCINE TEAM: How many initial doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be sent to Carolinas?

  VACCINE TEAM: When will clergy be eligible for the vaccine?

  VACCINE TEAM: Do truck drivers now qualify for the vaccine?

  Local health leaders prepare to add Johnson & Johnson vaccine to distribution plan

Tips to navigate online registrations for COVID-19 vaccines

  VACCINE TEAM: My husband works in critical manufacturing in Charlotte but we live in South Carolina. Does he have to wait until it’s his turn in South Carolina?

  VACCINE TEAM: During the shutdown places like Home Depot and Lowes were considered essential and open. Are their employees now eligible for the vaccine?

“During the shutdown, places like Home Depot and Lowers were considered essential and open. Are their employees now eligible for the vaccine?”

  ‘I do think the most at-risk people should be moved up’: Conover man with underlying condition voices concern about NC vaccine rollout

Conover resident Dave Cunningham said he is disappointed that people with pre-existing conditions are not being prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccination process.

  Novant Health brings the COVID-19 vaccine to patients who can’t leave home

Yvonne Briscoe, 66, is the third patient within the Novant Health system to receive the COVID-19 vaccine from the comfort of her home.

  VACCINE TEAM: How soon will the Johnson & Johnson vaccine be rolled out?

The FDA has ruled it is safe and effective.

  VACCINE TEAM: Are N.C. homeschool teachers eligible for COVID-19 vaccine?

  CaroMont Health launches three-day mass vaccine event for educators, childcare workers

  VACCINE TEAM: If I am on antibiotics, can I get the vaccine?

  VACCINE TEAM: How do I know I am registering for a legitimate vaccine clinic?

  VACCINE TEAM: Can S.C. residents get second vaccine shot with N.C.’s new out-of-state policy?

  VACCINE TEAM: Will second shot patients get priority after cancellations?

  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools bus drivers have few changes to otherwise ‘strong’ COVID-19 plan

WBTV talked to two drivers who says the CMS’s plan works. It is a good plan, but it leaves some room for improvement.

  VACCINE TEAM: Can I get vaccinated if I am pregnant?

Teachers and daycare staff are next in line to get vaccinated.

  VACCINE TEAM: Can I get vaccinated if I currently have COVID-19?

Teachers, staff and childcare workers can get vaccinated starting this week.

  VACCINE TEAM: Should you get the COVID-19 vaccine if you have an active case of shingles?

We posed that question to Dr. Jerome Williams with Novant Health.

  VACCINE TEAM: Will the current vaccines protect against the new variants of COVID-19?

Several viewers reached out to the Vaccine Team with the same question; Will the current Moderna and Pfizer vaccines protect against the new variants of the coronavirus?

  VACCINE TEAM: Will giving blood reduce antibodies to COVID-19?

The Vaccine Team reached out to One Blood, it is the organization responsible for distributing blood products across the Carolinas.

VACCINE TEAM: If canceled, when will my rescheduled vaccine appointment be?

Thursday’s winter storm has forced COVID-19 vaccinations to be delayed across the area and across the state,

  VACCINE TEAM: Should you cancel second vaccine appointment if you contract COVID-19 after first dose?

Teachers, staff and daycare workers can get vaccinated as early as Feb. 24.

  VACCINE TEAM: Is it safe to take allergy meds after your 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine?

Nearly 30,000 people have gotten their second dose in North Carolina.

  VACCINE TEAM: Does the Moderna shot contain the same amount of vaccine in each dose?

Right now, North Carolina has administered over 1.4 million doses of the first shot.

  VACCINE TEAM: How do I keep track of when I got my first dose and which vaccine I got?

It’s a good idea to hold on to the card or printout.

  VACCINE TEAM: What if I don’t get my second shot on the right day?

As of Feb. 9, North Carolina has given the first dose shots to just over one million people.

VACCINE TEAM: Once family member gets both vaccine shots, is it safe to be around them?

WBTV’s Vaccine Team is answering your questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.

  VACCINE TEAM: What happens if I don’t get the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on time?

The vaccine takes two shots – spaced apart.