Mecklenburg County ‘meets people where they are’ to administer vaccine

Mecklenburg County says supply of the vaccine is higher than ever, but demand is lagging.More than 50% of North Carolinians have at least one dose of the vaccine. But in Mecklenburg’s only 30% according to state data.Now the county is ramping up on a new approach. They’re brining the

  VACCINE TEAM: Can I laminate my vaccination card to keep it safe?

  VACCINE TEAM: If a person I live with is fully vaccinated, can they give me COVID-19?

  StarMed teaming up with Town Brewing Company for vaccination event Sunday

  VACCINE TEAM: If a fully vaccinated person is exposed to someone with COVID-19, what are the chances of getting sick?

  VACCINE TEAM: How do I report severe side effects I had after my vaccine?

  VACCINE TEAM: If I am fully vaccinated why do I still need to wear a mask?

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  Supply of COVID-19 vaccine outweighing demand

  Have a question about the COVID-19 vaccine? Ask the WBTV Vaccine Team

  VACCINE TEAM: Do I need to take the vaccine in the same state or county?

  VACCINE TEAM: Can I take pain relievers or allergy medicine after my COVID-19 vaccine?

  VACCINE TEAM: Will my upcoming appointment to get the J&J vaccine be canceled?

  Woman gets J&J shot minutes before ‘pause’ was announced, CDC says side effects are extremely rare

  Local vaccine providers worry about hesitancy after Johnson & Johnson vaccine put on ‘pause’

The owner of Oakhurst Pharmacy told WBTV News he just received his first doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on Friday. He’s already administered dozens of the doses. But on Tuesday, Greg Deese says he’s been answering phone calls all day from customers asking him about the vaccine being paused.

  What to do if you’ve already received the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine

Many people have questions as the U.S. is recommending a “pause” in using the single-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to investigate reports of potentially dangerous blood clots.

COVID-19 vaccines offered at Rowan Diagnostic Clinic and Livingstone College on Saturday

Rowan Diagnostic and Livingstone College are both offering the COVID-19 vaccination in separate clinics this week.

  VACCINE TEAM: How effective are the vaccines against variants?

Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked about a small Israeli study that found some patients fully vaccinated with Pfizer mRNA vaccines were later infected by the South African variant of the coronavirus.

  Vaccine hesitancy among health care workers raises concerns

  VACCINE TEAM: Can I get second vaccine if I tested positive after first?

  VACCINE TEAM: Will the federal government mandate vaccine passports?

VACCINE TEAM: How 16 and 17-year-olds can schedule their Pfizer vaccine appointment.

  VACCINE TEAM: I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in March - should I be worried I’m not fully vaccinated?

Wasted 15 million Johnson & Johnson doses affecting local South Carolina pharmacies

Many rural counties outpacing NC cities in vaccinations

Many rural counties in WBTV’s viewing area are outpacing more populated counties in vaccination rates, according to NCDHHS data.

  VACCINE TEAM: How can I find the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine before travelling?

Because the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a single shot, many people would prefer it. However, supplies are limited.

  Teen vaccine data showing effectiveness for 12-to-15-year-olds is encouraging for schools, experts say

Pfizer says the data shows 100 percent on the teens in the vaccine group did not catch COVID-19. Sinai calls these numbers preliminary. She says 2,200 participants is not enough to get an exact number. She says the real-world numbers will be close to 100 percent effective but not quite.

  ‘Our road to recovery’: N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper visits two vaccination sites in Gaston County

North Carolina’s Governor and state health leaders made a stop in our area to see how vaccinations are going. Governor Roy Cooper visited two vaccination clinics in Gastonia this morning.

Under SAVE LIVES ACT Salisbury VA to Offer COVID-19 vaccine to all veterans, spouses, and caregivers

The Salisbury VA Health Care System will implement the SAVE LIVES Act on April 1. This will allow the medical center to vaccinate veterans regardless of enrollment status so long as they have an other than dishonorable military discharge, their spouses, and caregivers.

  VACCINE TEAM: What are COVID-19 vaccine risks for people with cardiac conditions?

The CDC says the vaccines are not a risk for cardiac patients

  VACCINE TEAM: Should you take Benadryl before your second shot?

Viewers are asking WBTV’s Vaccine Team if you can take something beforehand to ease those side effects.

  All South Carolinians will be eligible for vaccine Wednesday. Here’s what to know.

As more people become eligible for the vaccine, many will be going through the appointment process for the first time.

  Teens 16 and up ready to roll up sleeves in Carolinas, soon to become eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

It’s a big decision for many teenagers. By next Wednesday, 16 and 17 year olds will be able to get vaccinated in the Carolinas.It opens up to everyone aged 16 and up in South Carolina this Wednesday. Shots open up to everyone 16 and up in North Carolina next Wednesday on April 7.But getting an app

  VACCINE TEAM: My brother had a bad reaction to his first shot of the vaccine. Should he get the second?

A viewer reached out to us wondering if her brother should get the second dose of an mRNA vaccine after having a reaction from his first shot.

  VACCINE TEAM: Why does a QR code show up when WBTV talks about the COVID-19 vaccine on-air?

Explanation of the QR code people see on WBTV's Vaccine Team on-air coverage. What is it? Why is it there? And how will it help viewers?

  VACCINE TEAM: Can I get second vaccine shot somewhere else?

Does it matter where you get a COVID-19 vaccine?

  VACCINE TEAM: Will vaccine affect result of COVID-19 test?

The percent positive of coronavirus cases are stabilizing in North Carolina.

  VACCINE TEAM: What do we know about other vaccines? And when might they be available?

Monday, there was a new promise on the vaccine front as AstraZeneca released information on Phase 3 of its COVID-19 vaccine in clinical trials.

  VACCINE TEAM: Do fully vaccinated people need to quarantine after traveling by plane?

Viewers are asking WBTV’s Vaccine Team about protocols in relation to traveling and the vaccine.

  VACCINE TEAM: If you’ve completed the vaccines, do you know if we’re protected against the variants of COVID-19?

This is the question scientists around the world are working on around the clock.

  VACCINE TEAM: How many days after the first vaccine shot will I start getting protected from COVID 19?

The second shot is vitally important according to health leaders.

  VACCINE TEAM: Can a fully vaccinated person still transmit COVID-19 to an unvaccinated person?

As more people across the Carolinas complete the vaccination process, the Vaccine Team is getting questions from viewers who want to see family members.

  VACCINE TEAM: How do I make a homebound COVID-19 vaccination appointment?

As more people become eligible, including on Wednesday when a part of Group 4 gets its chance, questions are sent to our Vaccine Team.

  VACCINE TEAM: Can I get my 2nd Pfizer vaccine shot less than 21 days after the first?

Starting on Wednesday, the vaccine eligibility in North Carolina is expanding to part of Group 4.

  VACCINE TEAM: Should you avoid specific foods directly before first vaccine dose?

A viewer asked: My first shot is in the morning. Are there any foods I should avoid? Or do I just eat breakfast as I normally do?

  VACCINE TEAM: Is four weeks too long to get second Pfizer shot?

Just this week, President Biden said he plans to have all adults eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine by May 1.

  VACCINE TEAM: What should we do if we got two different vaccines on our first and second doses?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention makes it clear, the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are not interchangeable. But mix-ups happen.

  VACCINE TEAM: Will I have to show proof of my underlying medical condition to get my shot in Group 4?

The WBTV Vaccine Team has received great questions from those of you who are in Group Four under North Carolina’s vaccination rollout plan.

  VACCINE TEAM: Will we need to get vaccinated every year like we do with the flu shot?

According to an article published by Johns Hopkins Medicine, all the current COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers continue to develop “booster” shots.

  VACCINE TEAM: If I had COVID-19 do I still need to be vaccinated?

A year into the pandemic, and more and more people are now able to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

  VACCINE TEAM: Can I take allergy medication before getting COVID-19 vaccination?

Spring is approaching, which for many, means the return of seasonal allergies.

  VACCINE TEAM: I’m 58 with no health issues. Can I get vaccinated?

North Carolina is in Group 3 of the vaccination rollout, while South Carolina is in Group 1B

  VACCINE TEAM: Can I get COVID-19 vaccination after receiving flu, shingles shot?

Atrium Health announced Monday it has received 6,000 doses of the newly-authorized Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

  VACCINE TEAM: How long is too long between vaccine doses?

Is 23 days too long in between vaccine shots?

  VACCINE TEAM: Is the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine a live vaccine?

As clinics start with the one-shot vaccine against the coronavirus, the Vaccine Team is answering your questions.

  VACCINE TEAM: Will the COVID-19 vaccine change my DNA?

In explaining the mRNA vaccines, like the Moderna and Pfizer shots, the CDC has a more lengthy explanation.

  VACCINE TEAM: When will those with high-risk medical conditions be eligible?

North Carolina is expanding its vaccine eligibility to Group 3 starting Wednesday and Group 4 on March 24.

  VACCINE TEAM: Rare facial swelling in patients with cosmetic fillers is preventable, Charlotte doctor says after discovery

Concern has circulated online about the rare, but disturbing reactions in patients who get the Moderna COVID vaccine.

  S.C. teachers ready to get vaccine in Phase 1B but want to hold off on reopening

Teachers can now get vaccine appointments starting Monday. It comes with the expectation school districts will go back to five days in-person learning.

VACCINE TEAM: When will Postal Carriers be eligible for the vaccine?

Currently, we are at Group 3 of the vaccine distribution, meaning teachers, school staff and daycare workers can get the vaccine.

  VACCINE TEAM: Where to find what group you’re in to get your COVID-19 vaccine in North Carolina

It’s easy to understand why there is confusion. We’ve gotten the question from a lot of you.

  VACCINE TEAM: How many initial doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be sent to Carolinas?

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine only requires one dose.

  VACCINE TEAM: When will clergy be eligible for the vaccine?

When will clergy be eligible for the vaccine?

  VACCINE TEAM: Do truck drivers now qualify for the vaccine?

Truck drivers are normally considered as ‘transportation’ industry. But the criteria doesn’t seem to include truck drivers. Do we qualify now?

  Local health leaders prepare to add Johnson & Johnson vaccine to distribution plan

The FDA is expected grant emergency use authorization of the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. That means a third vaccine could enter the U.S. market as early as next week.

Tips to navigate online registrations for COVID-19 vaccines

Getting an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine has proven to be difficult for many people in North Carolina. Especially because every provider and county has a different system to book an appointment.

  VACCINE TEAM: My husband works in critical manufacturing in Charlotte but we live in South Carolina. Does he have to wait until it’s his turn in South Carolina?

My husband works in critical manufacturing in Charlotte but we live in South Carolina. Does he have to wait until it’s his turn in South Carolina?

  VACCINE TEAM: During the shutdown places like Home Depot and Lowes were considered essential and open. Are their employees now eligible for the vaccine?

“During the shutdown, places like Home Depot and Lowers were considered essential and open. Are their employees now eligible for the vaccine?”

  ‘I do think the most at-risk people should be moved up’: Conover man with underlying condition voices concern about NC vaccine rollout

Conover resident Dave Cunningham said he is disappointed that people with pre-existing conditions are not being prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccination process.

  Novant Health brings the COVID-19 vaccine to patients who can’t leave home

Yvonne Briscoe, 66, is the third patient within the Novant Health system to receive the COVID-19 vaccine from the comfort of her home.

  VACCINE TEAM: How soon will the Johnson & Johnson vaccine be rolled out?

The FDA has ruled it is safe and effective.

  VACCINE TEAM: Are N.C. homeschool teachers eligible for COVID-19 vaccine?

More than 90,000 homeschools are registered to teach kids this school year.

  CaroMont Health launches three-day mass vaccine event for educators, childcare workers

CaroMont Health along with the Gaston County Department of Health and Human Services kicked off its three-day mass vaccine event for teachers, childcare workers, and other school staff on Wednesday.

  VACCINE TEAM: If I am on antibiotics, can I get the vaccine?

A viewer asked about COVID-19 vaccine while taking antibiotics

  VACCINE TEAM: How do I know I am registering for a legitimate vaccine clinic?

Late Tuesday afternoon, North Carolina Attorney General, Josh Stein sent out a warning about scammers targeting people who want the vaccine.

  VACCINE TEAM: Can S.C. residents get second vaccine shot with N.C.’s new out-of-state policy?

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services issued a new policy in place that prevents out-of-state residents from coming into the state for the sole purpose of getting the vaccine.

  VACCINE TEAM: Will second shot patients get priority after cancellations?

With winter storms last week crippling many parts of the country supplies never arrived and clinics were canceled.

  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools bus drivers have few changes to otherwise ‘strong’ COVID-19 plan

WBTV talked to two drivers who says the CMS’s plan works. It is a good plan, but it leaves some room for improvement.

  VACCINE TEAM: Can I get vaccinated if I am pregnant?

Teachers and daycare staff are next in line to get vaccinated.

  VACCINE TEAM: Can I get vaccinated if I currently have COVID-19?

Teachers, staff and childcare workers can get vaccinated starting this week.

  VACCINE TEAM: Should you get the COVID-19 vaccine if you have an active case of shingles?

We posed that question to Dr. Jerome Williams with Novant Health.

  VACCINE TEAM: Will the current vaccines protect against the new variants of COVID-19?

Several viewers reached out to the Vaccine Team with the same question; Will the current Moderna and Pfizer vaccines protect against the new variants of the coronavirus?