More than $83,000 raised at 9th Annual Stiletto Sprint

Dozens of people gathered outside of Southpark Mall Saturday morning for the Atrium Health Foundation 9th Annual Stiletto Sprint event.

11th rabies case confirmed in Mecklenburg County

  West Nile case confirmed in York County

  Mothers weigh in, give advice on avoiding hot car deaths of children

Bakkavor Foods USA Inc. recalls nearly 2,000 lbs of ready-to-eat chicken

Visitors warned after toxic blue-green algae found in pond at Davidson park

  ‘We don’t have many safe spaces.’ Local group supports Breastfeeding Moms of Color

Continued Coverage

  New program at Johnson C Smith to help more mothers of color breastfeed is first in the country

  Doctors: How much you weigh can change effectiveness of ‘Plan B’ pill

  Cutting edge technology being used by orthopedic surgeons at Charlotte hospital

  Secondhand vaping dangers for children: Are you putting them at risk?

N.C. health officials investigate possible link between vaping and lung disease

  Toxic algae found in popular Charlotte park pond

  Charlotte woman prepares to donate liver to older sister

The two have been side-by-side through life, especially the last 20 years, during the older sister’s battle with a progressive auto-immune deficiency.

  What is the Pegan diet – and is it for you?

Have you heard of the Pegan diet?

  Reports of blue-green algae in Charlotte area ponds

According to the North Carolina Department of Environment Quality, one neighborhood pond in Mooresville tested positive for the algae. Officials with the Mecklenburg-County environmental department also said a pond in Mecklenburg county was positive for the algae.

NC revises new health care plan for state workers after pressure from hospitals

Two big providers for the Charlotte area, Atrium Health and Novant Health, said the new deal means they will remain in-network for state employees next year.

  Important conversation you should have with your kids about mass shootings

  UNC Board of Governors chairman issues statement defending interim president following WBTV story, dodges request for interview

Leeds family warns other parents of deadly tick infection

Fight over health care plan may mean bigger bills for NC teachers, other state workers

  UNC System head, former UNC Health Care CEO didn’t disclose corporate board seats that paid millions on ethics forms

Carolinas near bottom of the list when it comes to healthcare in the U.S., study says

  Charlotte woman warns of potential withdrawal symptoms after removing motion sickness patches

They are small, and go behind your ear - scopolamine patches, meant to prevent motion sickness.

  Blue Cross NC is seeking approval to lower Obamacare rates for its customers again

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, the only insurance company to provide Affordable Care Act coverage in all 100 N.C. counties, has requested an average ACA rate decrease of 5.2% for individuals.

  Top VA doctor still on the job despite recommendation, pledge for removal after sexual harassment scandal

The top doctor at the Salisbury VA Medical Center is still in his supervisory role, months after a WBTV investigation exposed a recommendation that he be removed from any supervisory position of his mishandling of a sexual assault claim.

  ‘It’s actually kind of scary how much you can change.’ App causing disturbing plastic surgery trend

While the filters can be fun they can also border on creating a fantasy version of your face - especially with an app called Facetune.

Man develops fatal brain infection after swimming in Cumberland Co. lake

A man is dead after an amoeba went up his nose and caused a fatal brain infection after he swam at a Cumberland County lake, health officials said.

  24 Hours of Booty to benefit cancer programs coming to Myers Park

The area of Myers Park known as the Booty Loop will become a cycling, walking, fundraising party for 24 hours starting at 7 p.m. on Friday, July 26.

  Cornelius mom part of rare eye cancer concentration now fighting stage four liver cancer

Her story’s been woven into a broader one – the concentration of eye cancer cases in Northern Mecklenburg County.

Tainted alcohol kills 20, sickens 21 others in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Health on Friday, July 19, confirmed it was investigating 19 deaths linked to methanol poisoning from tainted alcohol.

Mother warns about dangers of heat after son dies from heat stroke

On a hot August day in 2008, when the heat index was 94 degrees, 15-year-old Max Gilpin, was at football practice.

  ‘You’re not alone’; A message of inclusion and awareness for Minority Mental Health month

Only about one-quarter of African Americans and Latinos seek mental health care - compared to 40 percent of whites. Statistics are even worse for Native Americans and Alaska Natives - who are 70 percent more likely to experience psychological distress.

  Questions about edible CBD products remain months after new regulations

An official says these products are still out there in part, because no one has been charged to enforce the new rules.

Charlotte pair earn National Man & Woman of the Year award for raising cancer research money

A national award given to the man and woman who raise the most money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has been granted to two Charlotteans following their fundraising efforts over the past year.

  Levine Children’s Hospital introduces virtual reality tech to ease children during medical procedures

Atrium’s Levine Children’s Hospital is working to make medical procedures less stressful for kids by distracting them with engaging virtual reality. Children pop on goggles and are suddenly in another head space.

DHEC reminds parents of 2019 SC school immunization requirements

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control is reminding parents about school immunization requirements headed into the 2019-2020 school year for kids in grades K-12.

  Atrium Health, Novant Health team up to fight HIV in Mecklenburg County

The Charlotte Metropolitan area, including seven counties in North Carolina, has one of the highest rates in the nation for new HIV infections according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Killer virus that can drive bats to madness spreads through NC’s abandoned gold mines

A virus that can lead to a form of madness in bats has spread across four additional counties in North Carolina, thanks in part to countless abandoned gold mines from the 1800s, according to the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.

  UNC Hospitals’ dark money contribution approved by CFO, record shows

A WBTV investigation has identified the senior UNC Hospitals administrator who approved using state money to contribute to a dark money advocacy organization earlier this year. Previously, the hospital said the payment was made in error.

  UNC Hospitals makes contribution to dark money group, asks for refund after WBTV investigation

The UNC Hospitals system wrote a check from a state account in January of this year that, in part, was intended to fund a dark money political organization, records obtained by WBTV show.

Would you know if your pet was having a heatstroke?

Pets cannot tell you when they are experiencing signs of heat exposure, so it’s important for you to know the symptoms.

  Atrium CFO says comments to LGC ‘Could have been more thoughtful’ & ‘Initially misinterpreted’ following WBTV story

A top executive with Atrium Health has issued a statement in response to a WBTV story that found he made comments implying the hospital system would look to do business elsewhere if state regulators did not approve a request from the hospital to issue hundreds of millions of dollars in new bonds to

Charlotte’s Levine Children’s makes national list of best children’s hospitals

Atrium Health’s Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte was named a best children’s hospital by U.S. News & World Report.

  Atrium CFO threatens to move operations as request to refinance Georgia hospital’s debt is rejected by NC regulators

A top executive with Atrium Health said the hospital could look to move its business operations elsewhere as state financial regulators express skepticism at the hospital’s request to re-finance hundreds-of-millions of dollars of debt from a hospital it bought in Georgia last year.

  ‘If it helps one person then I’m satisfied.’ Brigida Mack’s father on cancer diagnosis and men’s health

If you've ever had to encourage the men in your life - fathers, brothers, uncles, husbands - to go to the doctor, then you know struggle.

  ‘That has to give you pause.’ Charlotte cardiologist on Harvard study linking sugary drinks to an early death.

A new study from Harvard University has found drinking at least two sugar drinks a day increases your risk of early death by more than 20 percent. It’s an eye-opening study because for the first time - researchers have been able to make a direct correlation between sugar drinks to mortality.

  Second Harvest kicks off this year’s Summer Feeding Program for kids

The end of the school year bring big smiles to most kids as summer break begins. But for kids at risk of hunger, the end of school, means the end of healthy meals they get every day.

  Treating a jellyfish sting: Does urine really work?

Jellyfish blooms happen throughout the summer along the east coast. The jelly’s tentacles can reach more than 49 feet, health officials say, so getting stung is possible even if you don’t spot a jellyfish.

CMS programs offering meals to local young people throughout the summer

While schools may be starting to let out for the summer months, CMS plans to continue providing breakfast and lunch to hungry students at locations around the county.

Johnsonville recalls over 95,000 pounds of ready to eat smoked sausage

Johnsonville intends to pull approximately 95,393 pounds of ready-to-eat jalapeño cheddar smoked sausage products from shelves.

  Piedmont Medical Center collects cereal for hungry children

The drive ensures children don’t go hungry during the summer months when schools are not providing breakfast or lunch options.

Town of Huntersville receives funding to study causes of Ocular Melanoma

The Town of Huntersville will receive $100,000 in funding to be used for research.

Nine children die of vehicular heatstroke in 2019

Paramedics with Piedmont Medical Center EMS are sending a reminder to not forget children who are in the car. With temperatures well into the 90s, the heat inside cars can become deadly.

  ‘It was just amazing to see the response.’ Charlotte doula sees spike in business after WBTV series airs

Charlotte Doula Kira Kimble has had a lot of inquiries over the past month. She reached out to WBTV's Brigida Mack to say her special series on Black Maternal Health last month caused a spike in interest in her business, TJACK Doula.

  Do mosquitoes bite certain people more than others? One Charlotte expert says yes.

The female mosquito is the one that bites - and she's looking to get some of your blood so she can digest it and convert it into the energy she needs to make her eggs.

  Doctors encourage heart-testing for student athletes to stay safe in hot summer workouts

Doctors say EKG screenings help athletes stay safe in the heat while exercising outside.

  The power of Palliative Care: ‘Anytime we’ve got our feet knocked off beneath us, it was brought back to us in such great blessings’

Palliative care is the medical specialty focused on improving quality of life for people facing serious illnesses - from cancer to heart failure to dementia.

  Mecklenburg County splash pads inspected, deemed safe to open

Mecklenburg County has 7 splash grounds in all, five will open this weekend. Ahead of that, testing is required and we uncovered records showing nearly all of those opening this weekend had violations.

  Couple stuck with medical bills after Laser Spine Institute closes

The Towell's filed a complaint with the Florida Attorney General's office detailing the all of the problem's they had trying to get authorization and answers from the Laser Spine Institute.

Customers at an SC restaurant may have been exposed to hepatitis A, state health officials say

DHEC was notified on May 17, 2019, that an employee of the restaurant tested positive for hepatitis A.

  1 in 10 children and young people have mental health problem

Those numbers are the reason why Monarch opened a Youth Crisis Center in Charlotte back in December 2017. It was the first one of its kind in North Carolina.

  ‘What life is like after a stroke, I’ve lived it.’ Charlotte doctor on her work to save people from strokes is personal

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a big problem in the U.S. among men. It’s also the single most important risk factor of stroke. And, for men - the risk of stroke is higher and more dangerous.

  Should you consider a measles vaccination booster?

Those born between 1958 and 1989 are urged to consider getting the MMR vaccine, Novant Health says, amid the recent measles outbreak.

  Local experts address factors impacting CBD dosage, efficacy

New CBD shops opening throughout our area mean more people deciding to take CBD, and if they do, how much to take, and how frequently.

  ‘We don’t ever want to be looked at as ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ or ‘defective’: Charlotte therapist on removing stigma around Mental Health

May has been designated as Mental Health Awareness Month since 1949 in an effort to remove the stigma associated with mental health. But doing that is no easy task.

  Red Cross appeals to donors as blood shortage grows

Unfortunately, the summer season is generally when donations drop and need rises. It’s why the Red Cross is trying to organize blood drives every day in the Charlotte area.

  Trauma survivors overcome hurdles with help from new network at Charlotte hospital

Trauma patients have incredible hurdles to overcome, but a hospital in our area started a trauma survivors network to help patients get through it together.

  American Heart Association to install new blood pressure kiosks in Charlotte

When left untreated, the damage that high blood pressure does to your circulatory system is a significant contributing factor to heart attack, stroke and other health threats.

  Churches being used to help tackle mental illness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and some local churches are answering the call.

  Allergies running rampant In North Carolina

Pollens are at all time highs this season and allergy sufferers are feeling the full effects. John Carter talks to a local allergist to find out what's happening and the best way to deal with allergies.

  Greg Olsen gifts $2.5 million to establish ‘next generation’ pediatric cardiac center in Charlotte

The Greg Olsen Foundation gifted a $2.5 million donation to help build “The HEARTest Yard Pediatric Center,” a pediatric cardiovascular and congenital heart outpatient clinic at Levine Children’s Hospital, according to Atrium Health.

  CMS runs social media campaign during Children’s Mental Health Week

Each mental health problem looks different, so they’re using the hashtag #CMSigns to teach students how to self-diagnose.

  Lifeguard battling testicular cancer has warning for other men: Don’t ignore the signs

"In my gut I knew something was wrong but I didn't listen to it."

  ‘Just knowing I wasn’t the only one, knowing I wasn’t alone.’ Examining the myths of infertility

Infertility affects one in eight couples. You probably know someone who struggles with it. But, it’s often misunderstood.

  ‘We never gave up hope and tried to stay faithful’, Charlotte woman on her six-year infertility journey

Six years. Five miscarriages. Multiple rounds of IVF and IUI cycles. Charlottean Nichelle Sublett and her husband, Harold’s journey to parenthood hasn’t been easy. But she continues to share her story in hopes that it will help others.

  SC physician urges against ‘measles parties’

There have been reports of parents across the country taking their children to “measles parties” as U.S. measles cases continue to grow.

  ‘You have to be a little bit of a detective.’ Charlotte pediatrician on how to get kids to open up to their parents

The American Academy of Pediatrics says not only are family dinners crucial to having that open communication, they’ve also been shown to increase a child’s social skills and improve their eating habits.

  Are your smart devices becoming a pain in the neck? (literally)

Your smart devices may be bad for your health! If you spend hours looking down at your smart devices and are experiencing neck pain and upper body pain, you could be suffering from what's called 'tech neck'. WBTV's Christine Sperow explains.

Family swaps flu shots for essential oils. Is it safe?

When it comes to essential oils, there is certainly no shortage of opinions.