Molly's Kids

September 14th: Hometown Heroes. Big Kids Helping Little Kids.

Ka’lon White is 8-years old and battles acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). He has a lot of up-and-down days; his mom says yesterday was one of his best ever.

September 10th: Pixie Dust for Carter Bucciero

September 8th: Jack Santos -- his sister was his “perfect match”

“Please read.” A father’s lesson. #MollysKids

September 6th: TJ’s Team Tournament #MollysKids

September 5th: Brayson Melton. Graduated Clemson; beat childhood cancer.

September 4th: Cashlin Izzard has quite a story: At 10 years old, he has beat cancer and heart disease.

Continued Coverage

September 3rd: Brinn Andrew. Diagnosed at 20-months-old. Not old enough to say she felt badly.

September 2nd. Lincoln County is on board.

September 1st: Elizabeth Brooks. The cycle continues. Welcome to Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.

#TeamMollyTuesday: Meet Survivor Angel McCaskill

Molly’s Kids: Allie McDaniels has another csf leak (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome)

Molly’s Kids: Emily Cook finds her people at a new KIF1A conference

Molly’s Kids: Connecting family of a rare disease together

Eldon Self's mom desperately wondered if there was any one else out there dealing with the same thing. Turns out, there is.

NC teen only one of 50 people in world to live with condition

Meet Eldon Self. He lives in Leland in Brunswick County, but travels to Charlotte often for tests and treatments.

Molly’s Kids: Gaston County 8-year-old dies from brain tumor DIPG

We met him as one of our September #MollysKids. This calm, kind Gaston County boy smiled throughout our entire Christmas party here at WBTV.

Molly’s Kids: Did you know today is Koolen-de Vries Awareness Day? (We didn’t either.)

Koolen-de Vries Syndrome is something you’re born with. There are a huge spectrum of characteristics presented with those who live with the disorder.

Cassidy Hooper gets new nose, again

#MollysKids: Vance High School student has bone marrow transplant TODAY

Molly’s Kids: Preston Cope is the only child in the world with these two conditions

Molly’s Kids: A miracle in Kings Mountain named Corben Elmore

Molly’s Kids: New diagnosis for Zander Brafford; also still some mysteries.

Molly’s Kids: Welcome to the House of Hearts and Hope!

Molly’s Kids: Enzo Price has a bone marrow transplant

2-year-old Enzo Price and his chemo duck, Ducky are going through a bone marrow transplant Thursday.

Julia Teamer is 102, and a breast cancer survivor still going strong

We featured this incredible Charlotte woman a couple years ago on her 100th birthday. Julia Teamer is now 102-and-a-half and still going strong. Her friends emailed asking if we knew she was also a breast cancer survivor.

Molly’s Kids: Memorial fundraiser for Connor

We want to tell you about Connor Francisco.

#MollysKids William Beazley with an unnamed genetic syndrome

Meet William Beazley, 22-months old and trying to play the ukulele. William is originally from Spartanburg, South Carolina, but his mom is from Shelby, and heard about #MollysKids through several friends still living in our area.

Molly’s Kids: Lukas Brown with pediatric kidney disease

Lukas Brown and his momma.

#MollysKids: Chloe Morris with tuberous sclerosis

Beginning of Chloe Morris’s College Essay: “Most people do not know this, but I have a secret identity. I do not talk about it much because I do not want to make people jealous. My secret identity helps me miss school to attend meetings on how to change the world.”

#MollysKids: Abigale Reilley Smuda with HAE

Happy birthday to this longtime one of our amazing #MollysKids. She doesn’t know this post is coming today so hopefully it’s a great surprise.

Welcome Chapin Donaldson. One of our newest #MollysKids living with leukemia

Two-year-old Chapin was diagnosed in July of 2017 with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) - a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow.

Molly’s Kids: Addison Martinez with rare genetic mutations

Imagine living with the flu, everyday, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Those are the kind of symptoms Addison Martinez lives with. This 6-year-old from Harmony, is the newest one of our #MollysKids.

#MollysKids: Gavin Bryson from Gaston County has a big summer ahead

Look at Gavin Bryson. Last time we had an update on him, he was getting Carolina Panthers tickets on Christmas Eve from one of you guys who had kindly donated them to #MollysKids. Now he’s 11 years old and has been off his chemo for a month without any tumor regrowth.

  Molly’s Kids: Christopher Teems goes to the beach because of you guys

After lots of quiet behind-the-scene coordination – much of it on the shoulders of the generous donor who wanted to keep herself anonymous – it all worked out.

#MollysKids: Eva Bailey from Rock Hill - seeing the ‘light at the end of the Leukemia tunnel’

We first met Eva back in September 2017, when she was unexpectedly diagnosed with leukemia at 10 years old.

Molly’s Kids: Lincoln County Deputies help Landen Johnson in a surprise day

Update on longtime one of our #MollysKids, Landen Johnson. Landen is now 9-years old.

Molly’s Kids: Adam Kincaid fighting cancer that has fewer than 100 cases, worldwide

The guy in the forefront of this very cool picture is 14-year-old Adam Kincaid from Belmont, the newest one of our amazing #MollysKids.

  Molly’s Kids: A free beach week condo for Christopher Teems!

An incredibly great post about a horribly awful situation.

Molly’s Kids: Enzo Price, his rare cancer and a family looking for some love

At 22-months-old, Enzo Price started having daily fevers. His parents Zackery and Dominique couldn’t understand why.

  Molly’s Kids: Today Ally Davis gets her transplant

Her transplant was complete at 1:57 p.m. Dad Preston says the first two things she asked for when she woke up were watermelon and peanut butter.

Molly’s Kids: Now determined - Remington Simmons has two genetic mutations

Now confirmed: sweet 8-month-old Remington Simmons in Gastonia has two genetic mutations. Her older sister Jaclyn was also tested, and has one.

Molly’s Kids: Christopher Teems brain tumor takes turn for the worse

This week they got word his nasty DIPG brain tumor – diagnosed last year – has grown. Doctors took him off his chemo pills. It was also decided if he did more radiation, it’d do more harm than good.

Meet the newest one of our Molly’s Kids: A 13-month old in Gaston County

“I’d love to tell you the story of our little girl,” Brooke Spence said from her home in Mount Holly.

Molly’s Kids: Meet Fletcher. Six years old. Lincoln County.

Fletcher is a sweet, spunky 6-year-old who lives in Denver, in Lincoln County.

Molly’s Kids: Jasmine Love has new college plans... and thank you to everyone who has tried to help

A Gaston County pediatric cancer survivor looking for scholarships wasn’t looking for outright money. She’d been accepted and was instead wanting links for scholarships aimed at aiding cancer-surviving kids who have overcome obstacles.

Molly’s Kids: Ally’s stem cell transplant update

Ally is waiting for a scan of everything, from her head to sinuses, heart, lungs, all the way down to her kidneys. Later this month she’ll be back at Levine Children’s for 8 straight days of high-dose chemotherapy. She has also been getting her stem cells harvested, for a stem cell transplant that w

Family of one #MollysKids helps another

Two Saturdays ago I wrote about a little girl just two days old. Livi Sigmon. Her older brother, Luke, had been one of our #MollysKids. Way down in the post I mentioned that Luke/Livi's mom had started a Foundation in Luke's memory.

Molly’s Kids: New surgery for cerebral palsy helps Lincoln County 3-year-old

Gage Boyles was premature in part because he lacked oxygen, which ultimately ended up causing a mild form of cerebral palsy. He recently received what his mom calls a "life-changing" surgery.

Molly’s Kids: Colin’s last day of treatment!

You guys know what ringing the bell means… Colin Case is done!

Molly’s Kids: Luke Hamilton in Lancaster County, has lupus

“Good morning Molly,I have been following your fabulous kids for several years and am in awe of each of their stories."

Molly’s Kids: Aurora Jayne has a syndrome you probably can’t pronounce

This 6-year-old is a “daddy’s girl” who lives in Lincolnton and has a great name – Aurora Jayne.

Molly’s Kids: Leland Christman - great news!

Last week this Clover, SC boy was declared five years cancer-free. As any family who has ever dealt with cancer knows, the five-year mark is HUGE."We cried happy tears as we heard, 'This is your last appointment with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Team,'" said mom Leanne.

Molly’s Kids: Shhhhh!! No one has seen this picture of Ally Davis yet in her gown

Shhhhhhh!! No one has seen Ally Davis’s gown yet. This is what she'll wear Friday IF she can go to the gala for her “Student of the Year Charlotte” campaign.

Molly’s Kids: #TakesMyBreathAway 2019

This precious little girl would be 22 years old today.

Molly’s Kids: World Rare Disease Day is February 28th

"Rare Disease Awareness. It starts with a wish... It can end with a cure."

Molly’s Kids: Ally Davis relapses with her cancer battle

Since the day Ally was first diagnosed with cancer in 2016, she has been rallying every other child she ever came across to make sure they knew they weren’t alone.

Molly’s Kids: Yet another case of the rare Ehlers Danlos in our area...

12-year-old Serenidy Bush is the 6th child in our area that we know of who was diagnosed with the supposedly “rare” Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

Molly’s Kids: New local charity to help kids born with terminal illnesses in spirit of sweet girl

This might be a tough picture to see, but this precious baby girl is from Concord, in Cabarrus County. She had an inoperable brain tumor so big that this is how her sweet skull looked four days before she passed.

Molly’s Kids: Hickory’s Miracle Child, Gabriel Revis, is 4 years old!

Happy 4th Birthday to this little miracle, Gabriel Revis.

Molly’s Kids: Granite Falls teen Allison Hodge dies of Leukemia.

Allison became one of our #MollysKids in 2015. We first featured her when there was controversy about whether she was allowed to be a cheerleader for her Granite Falls middle school.

Molly’s Kids: Allie sees JT

Allie McDaniels had a blast Sunday night in Raleigh with JT.

Molly’s Kids: Elizabeth Brooks, still in treatment but no longer needs to travel to St. Jude

Interesting update from 16-year-old Elizabeth Brooks.

  The best Christmas party in Charlotte Friday happened right in our WBTV News building!

As a special gift for these families, Chanda Pope of Photography By Chanda based out of Huntersville, comes and takes hundreds of photos, then donates all the pictures to the families.

Molly’s Kids: Ethan Parlier loses his battle with Ewing’s sarcoma

You know we tell the good, the bad and the always real. This one is tough. Email from Ethan Parlier’s mom, one of our September #MollysKids this year.

Molly’s Kids: Jayden Burris lives with Albinism. Never heard of it? Read on

He lives with Albanism, which means he lacks pigmentation in his skin, hair and eyes. It has also left him legally blind with 20/200 vision in both of his eyes.

Molly Kids: 1-year-old Patience Bradley lives with a rare birth defect; her mom is looking to connect with others

Patience Bradley’s mom wrote an email from the hospital.

Molly’s Kids: Meet Jase. A 3-month-old fighter in Clover, SC.

Jase McCarter is one tough 3-month-old.

Molly’s Kids: Concord 5-year-old doing great after brain surgery

Colin's last round of chemo is the week before Christmas. He has a month off before starting 30 rounds of radiation next year. Mom Stacy says he's doing really well -- a recent MRI showed NO tumor.

Molly’s Kids: Born at 1lb, Jorien Howell is now 13-years-old and beating odds

Jorien Howell has been fighting for his life since the day he entered this world at 1lb, 8oz. He was born at 24-and-a-half weeks. His mom, Jory Fox, is as proud as proud could be.

12-year-old Seattle Seahawks fan has a blast at Panthers game; tickets donated to #MollysKids

You might not recognize 12-year-old Dakota Roseborough. Since first featuring him as one of our #MollysKids two years ago, he looks wildly more mature. See for yourself. Compare then »» to now.

Molly’s Kids: See Gracy Nelson in the Thanksgiving Day Parade later today

It was a year ago this week when this spunky wheelchair-bound basketball player who lives in Lenoir first became part of #MollysKids.

Molly’s Kids: An unlikely friendship in Concord

This video shows an unlikely friendship, that's a great story.

Molly’s Kids: Christopher Teems doing well; waits of MRI

Christopher is 7-years old. He lives in Stanley with his 70-year-old grandmother and has DIPG, the nastiest of nasty incurable brain tumors.

10-year-old girl teaches neighborly love, while having secret of her own

In what goes above and beyond being just a good neighbor, Kennedy has taken it upon herself to research what Abigail lives with and goes through on a daily basis.

Molly’s Kids: Meet 8-year-old Andrew Higgins

Andrew Higgins, 8, who enjoys video games, writing stories, and comics was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Molly’s Kids: Baby Khailini... Learning to live with Down Syndrome

Molly's Kids: Baby Khailini... Learning to live with Down Syndrome

Molly’s Kids: Thanks to Charlotte firefighter, #MollysKids at Panthers game today

Mia -- a student in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools -- organized a presentation for her elementary school about Hunters Syndrome.

Molly’s Kids: Emmalee Speigle, a ‘social butterfly’ overcoming obstacles

Here's 10-year-old Emmalee Speigle. She's showing the world that an "illness" doesn't define you.

Molly’s Kids: Meet Kalel DaMan Joseph

But here’s the good news: The families who have little boys living with this rare disease are a ferocious bunch. They’re mobilized and are on a mission to raise $2.5-million.

  Molly’s Kids: The Rock Is Invited to this NC Wedding...

The Rock is invited to this NC wedding

Molly’s Kids: October is Dwarfism Awareness Month. Meet Mason Coffey.

"He has the heart of a servant and is story is worth sharing," Neal said.