Forever Family

  Forever Family: Meet Glenn

During his interview when asked what he wanted in a Forever Family, Glenn stated he wanted a family because he wanted to be “somewhere safe.”

  Forever Family: Meet Glenn

  Forever Family: Foster Parents Recruitment

This week the story explains the “why” that drives our weekly segments. We invest the time, energy and resources because we believe that there are more capable families who should consider stepping up to the calling of foster care.

  Forever Family: Meet Dakota

Dakota is an adorable little girl who is looking for a Forever Family with her brother Hunter.

  Forever Family: Meet Dakota

  Forever Family: The joy of helping children find forever homes

This week's segment is one that is very humbling to put on display for viewers to watch.

  Joy of helping children find forever homes

  Forever Family: Meet Miracle

Our 11-year-old at first appears very quiet and soft spoken, but one on one when asked questions she reveals a more spunky, and outspoken side.

  Forever Family: Meet Miracle

  Forever Family: Meet Anthony

  Forever Family: Meet Jonathon

Since we first met him, Jonathon is still looking for an adoptive home and that is why we wanted to bring back his story.

  Forever Family: Meet Michael

  The stories of children finding their Forever Family

For thousands of foster children nationwide the ability for their stories to be told, the chance for their voice to be heard, and the opportunity for redemption in their story is frequently drowned out by the other noises of this world that we miss their song.

  Forever Family: Meet Conner

Conner is a 7-year-old boy with bright red hair, an adorable smile and an amazing big sister who loves him more than anything in the world.

  Forever Family: Meet Conner

  Forever Family: Meet Makayla

Not only does she have various passions and varied interests, but the thing about Makayla is she will tell you enthusiastically about each and everything she enjoys and will also share with you why each of these passions are important to her.

  Forever Family: Meet Robbie

There are so many memorable things about our featured twelve year old that it was difficult to focus on one specific thing as I sat down to write this week’s story.

  Forever Family: Meet Amber and Connor

In the classic Anne of Green Gables this fictional character is known for her eagerness to please. Anne is a character who adapts to a new family and a new way of life while remaining hopeful and not afraid to dream.

  Forever Family: Meet Jonathan

The willingness to take the time to find one missing puzzle piece that can help a child feel more understood, more at ease. It is also that same puzzle piece that makes us feel a little more connected to them as an individual.

  Forever Family: Meet Tashyra

Seven-year-old Tashyra did not want to get in front of the camera when we met her recently, but we still managed to get her to open up about herself and the things she loves!

  Forever Family- Meet Harold

When I hear the name Harold I think of a gray haired 80 year old man sitting in a rocking chair on the porch, drinking lemonade while he smiles and talks about the “good ol’ years.”

  Forever Family- Harold

  Forever Family: Bringing family and love to our ‘waiting children’

Seven Homes and Forever Family believe there is a family out there for every child waiting to be adopted. We along Eric Thomas and WBTV believe that permanency is something that EVERY single child deserves.

  Forever Family: Meet Marc

I loved hearing our camera man’s thick accent “if I can get the right angle on this shot and capture this boy’s green eyes with the right light then I know that a family out there will see it and bring him home”

  Forever Family: Marc

  Forever Family: Meet four teenagers impacted by foster parents

The act of fostering requires a step of courage that is necessary to love and embrace these children despite the many logical reasons that we may have not to.

  Forever Family: Meet four teenagers impacted by foster parents

  Forever Family: Meet Shariesa

In this week’s Forever Family feature, you will meet Shariesa. Like her younger brother and sister, she is a calm, reserved child who strikes me as someone who is more interested in listening to others rather than calling attention to herself.

  Forever Family: Meet Shariesa

  Forever Family: Meet Jayden