Takata airbag victim’s family gets answers after four months; airbag to blame for death

When a person is sitting in the car and get into a crash - your airbag is supposed to protect you, but the attorney for Rekeyon Barnette’s family say instead, his killed him.

  Union County man sues car maker claiming defect caused him to lose control of his car

  Kia of Gastonia sold after mounting legal, financial issues

  NCDMV waited 21 months to audit truck driving school that was changing answers on tests

  Charlotte tow truck driver arrested for assaulting, pepper spraying trucker

  Owner of Charlotte Body and Paint in court after WBTV Investigation

“” moving office to Charlotte in low-risk, high-reward deal for city

Continued Coverage

  Local body shop owner faces criminal charge after WBTV investigation

  Lawsuit filed against Kia of Gastonia after WBTV Investigation

  Truck drivers lose licenses after driving school ‘lost’ their records

  Recent heat wave causes AC trouble for drivers

  Auto repair shop faces allegations of damaging cars to drive up costs

  Americans becoming numb to higher gas prices, according to new AAA survey

  Lawsuit filed against Kia of Gastonia claims employees ‘condoned customers inflation of their income’

For months WBTV has uncovered allegations from Kia of Gastonia customers that their income was inflated on their credit applications without their knowledge.

  NC vehicle safety inspections don’t cover rust and a local grandmother paid the price for it.

She filed a complaint with the North Carolina Department of Justice claiming the car was falling apart after only her second time driving it.

  More Kia of Gastonia customers say their loan applications were falsified

In May WBTV exposed allegations of irregular loan applications in which customers' incomes, jobs and in some cases even the cars they bought were falsified.

  Gaston County dealership faces allegations of falsifying consumers’ income and information to sell cars

Customers claim they were given loans that were exorbitant an impossible to afford while the dealership gave them cash to offset payments in the short-term.

  Gas prices stable, but up for the Easter weekend

  Charlotte tow truck driver facing assault charges for two pepper spraying incidents

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5 road trip tips for traveling with pets this holiday season

Caring for your windshield wipers

Toyota of N Charlotte’s six tips for fall car care

What to do to Get Cheaper Gas

Rising gas prices has some drivers ditching their SUVs. Last week Ford announced it will cut production of large trucks and SUVs because consumers no longer want the gas guzzlers.This comes as other automakers use the pain at the pump as a marketing tool.

Boaters Pay the Price

Boaters have to deal with the high price of gas too. The pain at the pump is so much some are steering their fun in a more economical way.