Certified Pre-Owned nightmare: Dealer refuses to fix woman’s used car

A local woman bought a certified pre-owned car from Keffer Mazda only to find out a few months later the car had been in a previous crash.

Toyota of N Charlotte talks classic car restoration: Is it worth it?

Can you spot different types of car tire wear?

Safe driving in construction zones: Toyota of N Charlotte tips

Don’t make these common DIY car care mistakes

Don’t schedule car maintenance without knowing these essential terms

5 bad car care habits you should avoid at all costs

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Toyota of N Charlotte explains engine placement

Easy car care tips to keep your interior cool

Spotting accident damage on a used car: Toyota of N Charlotte tips

Stain removal: Toyota of N Charlotte’s car detailing guide

Toyota of N Charlotte’s tips for using cruise control safely

Kick distracted driving to the curb this month with our N Charlotte Toyota tips

Toyota of N Charlotte wants to help you buy a car online!

Did you know you can buy a car online with the help of Toyota of N Charlotte? Check out our digital retailing tools!

A quick N Charlotte Toyota guide to restoring a classic Toyota car

Check out our N Charlotte Toyota guide to classic Toyota car restoration.

5 common mistakes you might be making at the gas pump

Are you making these mistakes at the gas pump? Toyota of N Charlotte explains.

Toyota of N Charlotte’s guide to fuel efficiency

Maximize your car's fuel efficiency with these quick and easy tips from Toyota of N Charlotte.

Tire balancing vs Wheel alignments: Basics of car care

Sneak a peek at the redesigned 2020 Toyota Highlander at Toyota of N Charlotte

Trim your car ownership costs in the new year with N Charlotte Toyota tips

  CARFAX customers say company’s incomplete vehicle reports cost them thousands of dollars

  WBTV, Hendrick Automotive partner to get veteran a new vehicle

The dangers of driving in the snow and how to tackle them

Toyota drivetrains: Your quick guide

Explore the four main types of Toyota drivetrains with Toyota of N Charlotte.

  Charlotte Jiffy Lube customers claim company won’t pay for damage done to their cars

WBTV spoke with several customers who say they were forced to sue the local Jiffy Lube franchise owner, Cisa Lubes, in order to try and get them to pay for damage they did to their vehicles.

  Union County man sues car maker claiming defect caused him to lose control of his car

According to complaints filed on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website dozens of other drivers experienced something similar.

Toyota of N Charlotte tips: Winter car prep

Winter is harsh on your car - use these Charlotte car care tips to prepare it for drops in temperature and bad weather.

  Kia of Gastonia sold after mounting legal, financial issues

Kia of Gastonia was facing accusations that employees and contractors for the dealership falsified customers’ income without their knowledge to get vehicle loans approved by lenders.

More than 50K school buses recalled by NHTSA

The NHTSA said the seat backs in the buses could be lacking in sufficient impact absorption.

  NCDMV waited 21 months to audit truck driving school that was changing answers on tests

The NCDMV found so many problems in its audit with Carolina Truck Driving School that it revoked its agreement for third party CDL testing for truck drivers.

  Charlotte tow truck driver arrested for assaulting, pepper spraying trucker

This is not the first time David Satterfield has been accused of pepper spraying someone during a towing incident.

Classic Toyota car care tips from Toyota of N Charlotte

Toyota of N Charlotte has tips from the pros on how to care for your classic Toyota car.

  Owner of Charlotte Body and Paint in court after WBTV Investigation

A North Carolina Department of Insurance investigation found Doan improperly billed an insurance company more than $800 for services he never performed.

  Driver of ATV involved in train crash faces charges

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police say a driver of an ATV has pending charges against him after they say he sped past a car and ignored warning signals about a light rail train that hit him on Monday night.

“” moving office to Charlotte in low-risk, high-reward deal for city

Better has just 20 employees at its office in The Railyard SouthEnd building on S. Tryon but the plan is to hire 100 by the end of the year and 1,000 in the years to come.

  Local body shop owner faces criminal charge after WBTV investigation

A NCDOI investigation found Son Doan billed an insurance company $828 for repair services that weren’t completed. Doan is facing one charge of attempting to obtain property under false pretenses.

  Investigation: CMS bus drivers still on roster after multiple accidents

While the school district says it has policies in place to discipline drivers, the WBTV investigation found drivers on the roster with multiple crashes.

4 things to understand about vehicle depreciation

Keep your car's value as high as possible - fight vehicle depreciation with Toyota of N Charlotte.

  Lawsuit filed against Kia of Gastonia after WBTV Investigation

The investigation found dozens of Kia of Gastonia customers who had their credit applications for car loans falsified without their knowledge.

  Truck drivers lose licenses after driving school ‘lost’ their records

The road portion of the test records were supposed to be kept by Carolina Truck Driving School but employees there couldn’t produce them during a NCDMV audit.

Charlotte car maintenance tips: How to wax your car like a pro

Toyota of N Charlotte has 6 easy tips to help you wax your car like a pro and protect your paint for years to come!

  Recent heat wave causes AC trouble for drivers

Heat troubles for residents from higher temperatures.

  Auto repair shop faces allegations of damaging cars to drive up costs

The North Carolina Department of Insurance confirms it is also investigating a similar complaint filed by an insurance company against Charlotte Body & Paint.

  Americans becoming numb to higher gas prices, according to new AAA survey

How high do gas prices have to be for you to call them expensive? According to a new survey from AAA, more Americans are becoming numb to the so-called pain at the pump.

  Lawsuit filed against Kia of Gastonia claims employees ‘condoned customers inflation of their income’

For months WBTV has uncovered allegations from Kia of Gastonia customers that their income was inflated on their credit applications without their knowledge.

  NC vehicle safety inspections don’t cover rust and a local grandmother paid the price for it.

She filed a complaint with the North Carolina Department of Justice claiming the car was falling apart after only her second time driving it.

  More Kia of Gastonia customers say their loan applications were falsified

In May WBTV exposed allegations of irregular loan applications in which customers' incomes, jobs and in some cases even the cars they bought were falsified.

N Charlotte Toyota tips: The 4 things to do after a car accident

Toyota of N Charlotte has tips to help you survive the aftermath of a car accident - check out these 4 steps to take.

Three car radiator issues to look out for

Toyota of N Charlotte is here to explain your car radiator and how to troubleshoot it.

  Gaston County dealership faces allegations of falsifying consumers’ income and information to sell cars

Customers claim they were given loans that were exorbitant an impossible to afford while the dealership gave them cash to offset payments in the short-term.

Three auto body repairs you can easily do at home

Toyota of N Charlotte talks 3 auto body repairs you can do at home.

  Gas prices stable, but up for the Easter weekend

Experts say the rising gas prices now are due to refinery issues, sanctions on oil from Iran and Venezuela, and cutbacks from OPEC that are affecting the global price.

The pros and cons of owning a pickup truck

Know the pros and cons of owning a pickup truck before you sign the dotted line.

  Charlotte tow truck driver facing assault charges for two pepper spraying incidents

Court records show David Satterfield has 13 felony convictions as of 2017. Sixteen times he's been convicted of driving offenses including DWI and driving while his license is revoked.

N Charlotte Toyota tips to make you a better safe-driver on the highway

Toyota of N Charlotte has 7 tips to make you a better safe driver on the highway.

Toyota of N Charlotte shares more safe driver tips

Toyota of N Charlotte has 7 tips to make you a better safe driver today.

  All-Star Weekend Towing Tips

Parking will be at a premium near the Spectrum Center for All-Star Weekend. For some drivers it might be tempting to roll the dice and park where you’re not supposed to.

Toyota of N Charlotte explains how to deal with a cracked windshield

Do you know how to fix a cracked windshield? Toyota of N Charlotte is here with tips.

5 road trip tips for traveling with pets this holiday season

Travel safely with your pets this holiday season - check out our 5 road trip tips!

Toyota of N Charlotte shares tips on what to do after buying a used car

Toyota of N Charlotte shares advice on what you should do AFTER you buy a used car.

Toyota of N Charlotte introduces the new Nightshade Special Edition

Toyota of N Charlotte has all the info you need on the new Nightshade Special Edition Toyota Camry and Highlander.

  Goodyear Tire testing at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Nascar tire testing at CMS

Caring for your windshield wipers

Toyota of N Charlotte has 5 simple tips to keep your windshield wipers in great shape and save money.

Toyota of N Charlotte’s six tips for fall car care

Toyota of N Charlotte has 6 car care tips to get your car ready for cooler weather this fall.

Lime green ’Cuda takes top honors at Pennzoil AutoFair

The Pennzoil AutoFair was held on Sunday, Aug 9, and John Gray's lime green 1970 Plymouth Barracuda won gold.

Toyota of N Charlotte explains four drive types

Trying to choose your next ride? If performance is important to you, then you're going to want to check out vehicles that have features to suit those specific needs. One of the big ones you'll want to consider is drive type!

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IREDELL COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Sheriff's officers have arrested two men in Iredell County connection with break-in and assault. The Iredell County Sheriff's Office recieved a call on Monday, Dec. 20, at

Out-of-Gas Emergency Calls Jump 43 Percent in Tar Heel State

The number of North Carolinians running out of gas on the highway went up 43 percent in the first five months of 2008 compared to the same time last year - according to the Allstate Motor Club. From January