Carly Berkeland

News Photographer
Charlotte, NC
Carly Berkeland

Carly Berkeland is an overnight photographer for WBTV News.

Since her first high school journalism class, Carly's loved visual storytelling. She's looking forward to the adrenaline rush of chasing spot news, but also opportunities to tell impactful stories that affect the viewers we serve. The overnight/morning crew is a great fit for her - there's no shortage of excitement, and that tightknit team is going to have her back as she hones her journalist chops. Down the road, she tells me she could be interested in various newsroom careers, including producing.

Outside of work, Carly does social media and sound engineering for a band, volunteers with video production at her church, and spends time outdoors - everything from rock climbing to just chilling in a hammock with a good book. She's also a diehard NY Rangers fan!