Stallings homeowner fears for her safety after finding sinkholes around her home

Parts of the Stone Creek Townhomes neighborhood have been blocked off because of cracks in the sidewalks.
Multiple sinkholes have opened up around a woman's home at the Stone Creek Townhomes in Union County.
Published: Nov. 15, 2023 at 9:28 AM EST
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STALLINGS, N.C. (WBTV) - Anna Gaddy contacted WBTV after she fell in a sinkhole over the summer in the front yard of her townhome in the Stone Creek Townhomes community.

Since then, Gaddy has shared that she and her neighbors have discovered several other sinkholes around the neighborhood.

“It’s very scary to think that sinkholes are happening in my landscaping and in my front yard. Like what could be happening underneath my home?” Gaddy questioned.

Gaddy shared she no longer feels safe in her home not knowing how the holes will impact her home’s foundation.

Parts of the Stone Creek Townhomes neighborhood have been blocked off because of cracks in the sidewalks, labeled with wooden posts warning of danger beneath the surface.

“I’ve contacted the builder. I also contacted the developer and the engineer. They all kind of say the same thing that this is Mother Nature happening, that something shifted under the ground or the soil is not being compacted. I’m just trying to reach out to everyone and anyone to get eyes of this and help investigate what’s really going on here,” Gaddy said.

On Monday night, Gaddy and some of her neighbors shared their concerns at the Stallings Town Council Meeting.

Gaddy and her neighbors are hoping a permanent solution can be made to make the area safer to live in and protect the future of their homes.

“Home is where you should have comfort and have peace and right now I do not have that with the sinkholes,” Gaddy said.

WBTV first reached out to Ryan Homes, the builders of the townhomes, on Monday. There has not yet been a response about Gaddy’s concerns.