Wife of WBTV Meteorologist Jason Myers says Dream Home completion is ‘full circle moment’

The Newtons wanted to make sure his family could be the first to see this year’s home when it was finished.
Published: Oct. 19, 2023 at 7:17 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - One of the things that has made this year’s Dream Home campaign even more special is that Dream Home Builder Jeff Newton and his daughter Haley dedicated the home to WBTV’s own Jason Myers.

Jason and pilot Chip Tayag died almost a year ago when the helicopter used by WBTV went down.

That loss continues to be felt in so many ways, including in this campaign.

Jason reported live from the home on WBTV’s St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway Show for several years, sharing his excitement and his love for St. Jude.

That’s why the Newtons wanted to make sure his family could be the first to see this year’s home when it was finished.

Jason’s wife Jillian said the home’s dedication goes deeper than many realize.

“Jason and I had roots here in Union County,” said Jillian. “We grew up together, our whole lives, and it was a dream of ours to get back to Charlotte, where all of our family is.”That dream became a reality in 2019 so Jillian Myers says she and Jason started dreaming again about building their dream home.

“Unfortunately, it was a pandemic,” said Jillian. “And for every moment we spent dreaming, we spent even more moments living fully in the right now, and I’m so thankful that we did.”

Many of those moments were spent outside with their family of six, which made stepping inside this year’s dream home even more special.

“Wow, my goodness,” said Jillian. “This is amazing. “It’s so natural. It’s gorgeous. I feel right at home.”

“That’s exactly the feeling I wanted you specifically to have,” responded Haley Newton, the dream home designer.

Haley worked hard to bring the outside in.

“Everything is Jason height, everything,” said Haley. “Everything is nature. I stalked your Instagram to see what he liked and what you all liked to do together.”

Haley did that through high windows and natural paint colors to countertops that feel like rock and look like mountains.

”All of our best memories with Jason, were definitely made outdoors for sure. So I feel that,” said Jillian.

Feelings Haley hoped would help the Myers know they are seen and loved.

”I am familiar with grief, and specifically losing someone very close to me, my partner. He died very suddenly,” said Haley. “So, I intimately knew exactly how they were feeling.”

Which is why Haley says designing this year’s home was an extension of her heart.

”As you walk through the trees…” said Haley pointing to the high windows as we walked through the owner’s suite. “I have heard that Jason and you really love waterfalls.”

Haley led the group in the elaborate owner’s bathroom and showed the Myers family the primary shower with three different shower heads.

“This is creating that waterfall moment,” said Haley.

”The last date that we had was to go hike a waterfall,” said Jillian, who acknowledged how much that feature meant to her.

The waterfall-esque primary shower was also meaningful for the Myers’ son Luke.

”It reminded me of the time me and my dad went to DuPont State Forest and we saw the waterfall,” said Luke. “I think it’s just beautiful.”

For daughter Lydia, it’s when we stepped outside and saw the home’s beautiful firepit that she thought of her dad most.

”For my 13th birthday, my dad made a bonfire for all my girlfriends, and we got to sit around the fire and talk,” said Lydia. “That was a special memory for my birthday.”

They are memories the Myers hold tight as Jillian reflects on their dream.

”This is a full circle moment,” said Jillian. “It’s like I’m realizing that dream that wasn’t realized in his lifetime, but this home today represents hope. It’s giving hope and life to others and to be part of that is beautiful.”

That’s a realization Jillian says she didn’t come to in her own strength.

“What I want people to know is, first of all, the source of our strength right now is coming from a peace of knowing, gosh, Jason is realizing his dream home right now and it needs nothing. It’s perfect,” said Jillian. “He’s with his heavenly father and he believed that in this lifetime, and he firmly planted his home and his family on that secure foundation in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. That’s the strength that we’re drawing from because, truly, it’s been an incredible loss for each and every one of us, but we’re clinging to that Hope, and we are thrilled to be part of hope giving causes like St. Jude.”