Neighborhood HOA asks man to take down Pride flag in Union County

The rule says only American flags are allowed in the neighborhood, but some neighbors say that’s not the case.
A man living in an Indian Trail neighborhood received a notice asking him to take his Pride flag down.
Published: Sep. 27, 2023 at 6:31 AM EDT

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. (WBTV) - A homeowners association is asking a man to take down his Pride flag in Union County.

Nick Crowley has lived along Council Fire Circle in the Holly Park neighborhood in Indian Trail, flying his Pride flag outside for nearly 20 years. He was surprised to receive a violation from the HOA on Monday stating that he cannot have the flag on his property.

“Your home can have a small flag in the front bushes but not one on the house itself,” read the violation.

The fine print goes on to say that “no...erection of or changes or additions in flags, other than the United States official flag...shall be commenced, erected or maintained on any portion of the Property.”

“If you walk around the neighborhood there’s other flags with different countries, different sports teams or whatever it is,” Geral Sangandi, Crowley’s neighbor, said. “Why is that an issue?”

WBTV spoke with nearby homeowners with flags other than American flags. They said they hadn’t received a violation.

“I was hurt. I was very hurt,” Crowley said.

While Crowley said he received a similar notice about a Pride flag with a former HOA 10 years ago, he had consulted an attorney then, and believed the issue to be resolved.

“I completely respect HOAs and I understand that they are to preserve the value and the beauty of a community,” Crowley said while adding he simply wants to show who he is in the place he calls home.

The letter from the homeowners association states Crowley could be fined if not the matter is not addressed.

WBTV got in touch with the company that acts as the liaison for the homeowners association to ask for a response. We have yet to hear back from the HOA.

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