Watch out for heat related illness this week with high temperatures forecasted

Dozens of people were treated by MEDIC on Sunday at the HBCU Battle of the Bands at Memorial Stadium.
With the high temperatures – people risk heat exhaustion and heat stroke which could lead to unconsciousness.
Published: Sep. 4, 2023 at 9:27 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - People should be aware of heat related illnesses this week as temperatures will reach mid-90s.

Dozens of people were treated by MEDIC on Sunday at the HBCU Battle of the Bands at Memorial Stadium.

MEDIC tells WBTV it evaluated 21 people and took seven people to the hospital with non-life-threatening issues due to the heat.

Outside of the Battle of the Bands event, MEDIC responded to five heat related calls for the entire weekend.

“I started seeing right then at 4 o’clock, they were going in and getting people out. The line was moving slowly because the EMT had to go in and come out,” said Takhia Shankle, who attended the Battle of the Bands event.

MEDIC shared some of the signs related to heat illness.

“The signs they will start seeing, they may feel lightheaded, they’ll start having excessive sweating is the first stage, but then they’ll progress into having no sweating. If they get to that point they’re having no sweating, they’re getting headaches or dizziness or lightheadedness or event loss of consciousness. That’s when they’re getting into the upper level of having a heat related issue,” said Don Shue, the Operations Supervisor for MEDIC. “A lot of times people don’t realize how hot it is and they’re out watching whatever the event is. That sort of takes their mind off of what’s going on and then they’re not taking in the fluids they should be taking in.”

When there are prolonged days with high temperatures, MEDIC said it responds to about five calls a day.

Shue said, “If you start drinking sugary drinks, especially alcohol or energy drinks, those can actually dehydrate you faster, so we just recommend that people try to stay hydrated with good ole water.”

Shankle added, “I have my water here and make sure everyone around me has water, so we’ll be fine. Yes, and stay in the shade if you can find some,” as she watched a parade on Labor Day.

MEDIC said people should be making sure pets, children and elderly are not left in cars during the heat.

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