Unlicensed pool contractor promises to finish outstanding jobs after WBTV investigation

Several lawsuits have been filed against the owner of Sun Fun Pools.
The owner of Sun Fun Pools told WBTV he will finish all outstanding customers’ pools by the end of July.
Published: Jul. 17, 2023 at 11:00 AM EDT
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IREDELL COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - An unlicensed pool contractor in Statesville told WBTV he will finish all his outstanding customer’s pools by the end of July after a WBTV investigation.

“The contract for this pool was signed November of 2021,” said Christin Hardy.

She hired Sun Fun Pools, also known as Year Round Pools, for two pools at her old homes. When they moved to their new house, they decided to hire the pool company again in 2021.

“He finally started digging, I think in July, and did not–and promised us that it would be done by the end of July, we’d be swimming in this by the end of July of 2022,” recalled Hardy.

Hardy said she cannot count the number of text messages and other attempts she made to reach out to the owner, Tim Reid.

A year later, Hardy still has no pool–one she said she was already ‘out’ at least $15,000 for.

Client Christin Hardy stands in her unfinished pool.
Client Christin Hardy stands in her unfinished pool.(WBTV)

Hardy explained, “I’m constantly asked him about where’s our liner, where’s our equipment? And there you see there’s absolutely no response.”

WBTV learned Hardy’s pool is not the only one unfinished.

WBTV received dozens of complaints from the pool company’s customers telling similar stories.

There are at least five lawsuits against Reid. Four of them were from customers who wanted their money back with one of them for $12,000. There was also one from a pool supply company seeking more than a hundred thousand dollars back for pool parts he never paid for.

“He has no shame, no shame at all. And no remorse,” said Hardy, “We had some birthdays and you know, special occasions that we had planned for. And every time we would ask him are you going to be done by this date, so we can have these? It’ll be done. It’ll be done.”

WBTV reached out to the owner Tim Reid. He said he would finish the Hardy’s pool by July 21.

" I’ll have the Hardy’s pool done next week for sure and then everything else I have outstanding–I got dug in the ground I’ll have it done,” he said. “I should have everything I’ve got done by the end of the month.”

Christin was happy to hear his new promise but was weary if he will follow through.

She said, “He’s done so many people wrong. And it’s not just a pool like these are these are memories that we were had, you know, we’re trying to make with our family and promises we’ve made our kids and our grandkids. And it’s just never we don’t feel like it’s ever gonna happen. But to endless promises.”

In North Carolina, when a pool construction project is more than $30,000, builders need a general contractor’s license. Records show Reid does not have a license.

Court records show the state licensing board has already taken him to court in 2017 for taking on jobs that big without a license.

Reid told WBTV he stopped taking on large pool clients but could not explain why he was still building Hardy’s pool.

He also told WBTV he is going to be done building pools at the end of 2023.

If you have had an issue with Sun Fun Pools or Year Round Pools fill out this form to share your story.

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