Caught on camera, passenger catches video of emergency Delta landing

“The last three or four seconds, we smelled smoke and saw smoke in the cabin.”
“The last three or four seconds, we smelled smoke and saw smoke in the cabin.”
Published: Jun. 28, 2023 at 11:24 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - This was the scene Wednesday morning, as a Delta flight from Atlanta heading to Charlotte, had to land on its nose due to a landing gear malfunction.

Edward Cates was flying from Atlanta for business. He tells us that roughly 20 minutes before landing, the pilots told the passengers there was an issue.

“It was an announcement that we were having problems with the front landing gear, and we would have to do an emergency landing,” said Edward Cates.

You see in this video here the plane comes close to landing, then pulls up and flies away, Cates tells us that was a tower fly-by so that ground control could visually confirm the lack of landing gear.

After circling for a few minutes up in the air, the time came for the hard nose landing. Cates says he heard screeching and then a smell came shortly after.

“The last three or four seconds, we smelled smoke and saw smoke in the cabin.”

A moment that could have been chaotic, he says was surprisingly calm in the cabin.

“This was my 40th flight this year, I put my life in Delta’s hands a lot. Maybe I should have been a little more nervous but I felt very secure that I was in good hands.”

96 passengers on board, none reported any injuries. Cates gives all the credit to this minor miracle, to the crew on board.

“I can’t say enough amazing things about the skilled crew on that flight. From the pilot to the flight crew, they were amazing.”

He also says the first responders on-site immediately made him feel safe as he got off the plane.

“It was just good to land and feel reinforced by the support of the first responders that were on the ground.”

Though his business trip turned into more than he was expecting, Cates says he’s thankful he’s back home Wednesday night in Atlanta, able to see his wife.

“I get to fly home safe and sound and alive, and the rest will figure itself out.”

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