Ella McKee in need of positive thoughts while facing potentially long hospital stay

Ella could be at Levine Children’s Hospital for many more days as she fights a sickness.
Ella McKee
Ella McKee(Family photo)
Published: May. 6, 2023 at 11:19 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Ella McKee, one of our longtime #MollysKids, is in need of good thoughts. She has had a long week.

This Huntersville girl got moved out of PICU yesterday, but her mom, Heather McKee, thinks they’ll be in Levine Children’s Hospital many more days.

Ella lives with White Vanishing Matter. The main contributors to her recent huge setbacks have been strep and the adenovirus.

She was admitted last Sunday in a coma-like state. Vitals were good, and no seizures, but clearly concerning. Heather said doctors weren’t sure if the adenovirus and strep -- something other kids could handle without having to be hospitalized -- are responsible for her unresponsive nature.

Sickness hits kids with Vanishing White Matter super hard and way different than the rest of us.

Or, Heather wonders, is the seriousness this week from something totally unrelated? A panel of tests are being run. Either way, Heather asks for thoughts her daughter will snap out of this and come back to her “sassy, forever-smiling self.”

A friend of Heather’s from college took over posting on their FB page, and there’s also this website >> http://www.amiracleforellarose.com/ >> if you’d like to keep up to date.

This is the same girl who was the feature of a fashion show fundraiser in Lake Norman last year, where the woman offering to help ended up being a scam artist, authorities say, who raised money in Ella’s name, then fled North Carolina.

You can find more about Ella and that story, reported last November by former WBTV News reporter Lileana Pearson, here >> https://bit.ly/3hqCv4C. Pretty sickening to take advantage of a beautiful girl and a loving family only trying to make their daughter better.

Also, here are her past #MollysKids stories on Ella Rose McKee >>June 9, 2022 >> https://tinyurl.com/yckvy77v. >> Nov., 2022 >> https://tinyurl.com/EllaRose2MKs.

Thinking of you Ella and Heather, and hopefully answers come soon.

- Molly