Upstate man on work trip saves stranger’s life

A Clemson man on a work trip across the country found himself in a scary situation. How he and his colleagues banded together to save a stranger's life.
Published: Apr. 27, 2023 at 8:44 AM EDT
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CLEMSON, S.C. (FOX Carolina) - A man from Clemson was on a work trip when he and his colleagues found themselves in a life or death situation.

Tanner Stuettgen and four of his colleagues were in Chicago driving to meet another colleague for dinner Monday night when they took a wrong turn and ended up on a highway.

That wrong turn put them face-to-face with a fiery crash on Route 53.

As the group of men drove toward the crash, they came to the decision to jump into action.

“Without hesitation, like I couldn’t believe it just took off and we went for it,” said Stuettgen.

The five men split up to tend to the drivers in both cars as one was engulfed in flames.

Stuettgen said they couldn’t see through the shattered windshield because of the flames but when they opened the front door they realized someone was still in the car.

Jarrett Powers tried to get the driver out of the car as the flames grew.

“He didn’t want to move because it’s like hurt so bad and we tried to kind of move and he started to yell, he was in pain,” said Powers.

By that time, the fire had reached every part of the car except for the driver’s side.

The group was able to pull the man out just minutes before first responders arrived and before the flames took over the who car.

“I would just hope that if you know, if it was ever one of my friends or family that was in a crash like this, that there would be people who would stop and help,” said Stuettgen.

The men said they were all happy they were there to help.

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