Residents concerned about tractor-trailers parking on Charlotte neighborhood road

Homeowners on Old Little Rock Road claim the trucks are damaging the road.
Homeowners on Old Little Rock Road claim the trucks are damaging the road and causing safety issues.
Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 5:47 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Homeowners say tractor-trailers are lining the street of one west Charlotte neighborhood.

People living in the Little Rock Crossing community claim that anywhere from 5-12 big rigs are parked along Old Little Rock Road on any given day.

They tell WBTV the trucks are causing safety hazards and damaging the roads.

“There’s a big pothole up at the corner,” homeowner Ashley Tate said. “If you don’t know it’s there, you don’t know it’s there. I’ve seen cars literally flop down and that can be damaging.”

Tate is referring to a pothole at the intersection of Old Little Rock Road and Moores Chapel Road.

About a week after this story aired, a neighbor sent WBTV video showing the city sent crews out to this intersection to repair the pothole.

Neighbors say tractor trailers are also blocking the views of drivers.

“Last week I was coming out of the gas station and there was a truck parked at the edge of the sidewalk over here and as I was pulling out a car almost hit me,” Jackson, another homeowner, told WBTV.

Tate said she is also concerned about her security and called 311 to make a report.

“For over 12 hours the door of a semi-truck was sitting wide open and the lights were on so I made a wellness check and someone came out and found somebody was passed out in the truck,” she said.

She said after the police arrived, the driver left, but another truck replaced it within hours.

According to the City of Charlotte, Old Little Rock Road is maintained by the city. Per city code, large commercial vehicles are prohibited from parking in areas zoned residential. An offense carries a fine of $25.

WBTV also reached out to NCDOT and a spokesperson confirmed that such parking is also prohibited on state roads and highways, including on-ramps to highways.

Residents are concerned that the City code is not stopping the drivers from parking on their street, and they want more to be done.

“If the problem is they don’t have enough parking, make that happen so this can be cleared out for us and we can feel more safe and comfortable in our community,” Tate said.

In the meantime, homeowners said they will keep reporting the truckers, and hope for a more permanent solution.

According to a spokesperson, City staff will visit a site to determine what (if any) remedies are available to respond to any safety issues motorists report. Any public concerns can be reported by the following methods:

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