‘It was beautiful’: Photo of flight attendant comforting nervous woman on Charlotte flight goes viral

A Delta flight attendant was seen sitting in the middle of a plane aisle holding the hand of a woman to comfort her.
A heartwarming moment captured on a Delta airlines flight from Charlotte to New York has gone viral on social media.
Published: Jan. 23, 2023 at 6:12 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A heartwarming moment captured on a Delta airlines flight from Charlotte to New York has gone viral on social media.

In a Facebook post by Molly Simonson Lee, Delta flight attendant Floyd Dean-Shannon can be seen sitting in the middle of the plane aisle holding the hand of a woman passenger who was nervous about flying.

According to Lee, he explained every sound and bump to the woman throughout the flight.

“As soon as I boarded, it was clear that this guy (Dean-Shannon) was exceptional,” Lee told WBTV. “He was even on the intercom singing happy birthday to a woman.”

Lee says shortly after she sat down on the flight with her daughter, the woman being comforted in the photo made it clear that she was very nervous and anxious about the flight since she hadn’t flown in a long time.

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The alarm for a jet bridge rang and Dean-Shannon immediately talked her through it and wasn’t condescending at all with her.

“He was sort of explaining everything and about mid-flight, she had tears and obviously having a real tough time,” Lee said. “He saw that and quickly and calmly went over and sat next to her and had such warmth and calmness.”

Lee said Dean-Shannon sat with the woman for about 5-10 minutes until she was okay and she was a lot better throughout the rest of the flight.

“I was just so struck by his generosity,” Lee added. “Flight attendants are so busy and he doesn’t have an extra second so he probably had to work extra hard to put aside for that moment but he wasn’t worried about that. He was worried about making sure she was okay. It was beautiful to me. I had tears in my eyes watching. It was so kind.”

Lee showed Dean-Shannon the now-viral photo after the flight and she sent it to him. She didn’t expect the post to blow up and said she hopes this kindness will help him get a raise or promotion.

“Floyd-Dean Shannon deserves a raise!” Lee wrote in the post.

With all the frustration from the holidays toward airlines and flight crews, Lee says Dean-Shannon is a remarkable person for acting the way he did.

“An individual like that deserves praise and everything good that comes towards him,” Lee said. “I hope that people will see the humanity in that position and think twice before they yell at a flight attendant in the future.”