Twin who lost sister in car crash raises thousands to combat drunk driving, keep her memory alive

Mallory Stokes created the Mia Stokes Foundation in 2021 and raised nearly 10,000 over the New Year’s holiday to make sure people get home safe.
In 2021, Mallory Stokes started the Mia Stokes Foundation after her twin sister, Mia was killed in a car crash.
Published: Jan. 3, 2023 at 11:00 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - In 2021, Mallory Stokes started the Mia Stokes Foundation after her twin sister, Mia, was killed in a car crash.

It was almost three years ago, on February 7th, that Mallory lost her twin sister in a car accident in Spartanburg County. An accused drunk driver crashed into the car with four friends inside.

Mallory and her softball teammate Devyn Royce survived, while her twin Mia, and another teammate, Grace Revels, didn’t make it.

“I mean it’s tough, I mean survivor’s guilt is still huge. Like why her, not me?” said Mallory.

One year later, Mallory was making sweatshirts, hats and other gear marked with Mia’s own handwriting to keep Mia’s ‘God goal’ of spreading the word of Jesus alive and to give back to the community,

She’s raised $94,000 so far, with every penny going towards an organization Mia cared about, or a cause, like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, that works to avoid a similar situation.

Most recently, Mallory raised nearly $10,000 over New Year’s to give out Uber and Lyft gift cards to encourage a safe ride home.

“It would be real easy for her to just give up and stay at the house and not really do anything,” said Mia’s brother Matt Stokes.

“But she’s kind of taken this dark time and make this a really bright spot for everybody in the house.”

“It means so much to us that people love her enough or care enough to help us make an impact in some way,” added Mallory.

Th family said the trial has been pushed back five times and still doesn’t have a set date.

While they wait, Mallory plans to release more shirts.

If you are interested, you can find her merchandise and more of Mia’s story here.

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