Molly’s Kids: Amelia Culp Christmas Miracle

Amelia Culp family
Amelia Culp family(Family Photo)
Published: Dec. 26, 2022 at 3:53 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Still no hot water (Day Three), but heat is working and we’re feeling like campers on in our own home on this break. It’s kinda fun. Enjoying this time and logging on now specifically to relay one story that needs sharing.

It stems from Megan Culp, who sent an email about her daughter Amelia, one of our #MollysKids, and what Megan calls, “A Christmas Miracle.”The “miracle” starts with the man you see on the right, Chuck. He emailed me weeks ago to ask if there any #MollysKids needed extra help this season.

He’s part of a men’s group at his church and said he knew #MollysKids didn’t accept money, but could I connect him with a family willing to receive some extra love and assistance? After mom Megan said that would be okay, I connected Chuck with her over email, told them to take it from there, and let me know if anything worked out.

Well, it seems to have worked out exceptionally well.

”I am so grateful to Chuck and for being connected with him,” Megan wrote. “He is simply amazing and has a heart of gold. He visited my family and was so gentle, and generous. His men’s group made our Christmas magical. They donated $100 to Duke Children’s Hospital and $100 to Ronald McDonald House of Durham & Wake in honor of Amelia.”

Both of those places have special meaning to Amelia’s family, and Megan said she was thankful Chuck chose those organizations, who will help other families who go through dark times, like they have.

“They also gave us gift cards, candy, an outfit for Amelia and her older brother, Alonzo, and a handmade cross made from horse shoes,” she said. “They ALSO gave us a pass to see the lights at Charlotte Motor Speedway. We took the kids and they LOVED IT. Amelia’s eyes lit up and getting out of the house was a gift in itself. My heart is so full! My family was blessed by these men and their giving hearts.”

Reading this, while knowing the backdrop of what Amelia and her family have gone through this year, only makes it more special. Amelia lives with SMA Type 1 (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) and it was the hardest year, ever, Megan says for them.

They were deeply grateful to spend Christmas at home and have Amelia with them.Couple more pictures below.

Thanks Megan for the update, and thank you, Chuck, for reaching out and reminding us about the good in people.


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