Teacher surprised to find out she is pregnant with quintuplets: ‘How is this possible?’

A Mississippi teacher and her husband say they are welcoming quintuplets to their family. (Source: WDAM)
Published: Dec. 24, 2022 at 4:13 PM EST
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POPLARVILLE, Miss. (WDAM/Gray News) - Shawn and Haylee Ladner say they have always wanted to start a family but adding a party of five has surprised even them.

The couple got married in 2019 and decided to start trying for a family. However, things didn’t go as planned at first.

The Ladners said they went through two miscarriages before deciding to use intrauterine insemination to have a child.

Haylee Ladner, an Oak Grove Middle School teacher, said the treatment certainly worked as she is currently 20 weeks pregnant with quintuplets.

“We were thinking twins but then we were told there were five,” Haylee Ladner said. “I immediately was like, ‘How is this possible?’”

The couple said they are excited about the quintuplet announcement, expecting to welcome four girls and one boy.

“It is the biggest blessing of my life because I did not think that it would be me,” Haylee Ladner said. “I felt that I would not even be able to have one or I would be lucky to even have one.”

The Ladners said they already have names for the babies of Adalyn Elizabeth, Magnolia Mae, Malley Kate, Everleigh Rose and Jake Easton.

Haylee Ladner encourages anyone who is dealing with fertility challenges to stay hopeful.

“I know how hard it is,” Haylee Ladner said. “Don’t give up because your miracle is still out there.”

When asked if they would try to have more children, Shawn Ladner said they think five is enough.

The Ladners said they are also sharing their experience on YouTube.