Molly’s Kids: Sunnie Williams gets to be on Panthers field with Junior Topcats

Sunnie Williams
Sunnie Williams(Family Photo)
Published: Nov. 29, 2022 at 10:36 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Update on this vibrant 10-year-old in Monroe—she might be battling a nasty brain tumor, but this past weekend, appeared on the Carolina Panthers field at halftime as a part of the Junior TopCats.

She also went back to school yesterday. Sunnie Grace Williams was diagnosed with DIPG at the end of October. When we first introduced her as one of our amazing #MollysKids, her mom said they were hopeful to find a clinical trial. (Read original post, here >>

Jade Williams wrote over this past Thanksgiving weekend. They found a clinical trial, she said, and Sunnie has already started. The trial is based in Augusta, Georgia.

”It involves an immunotherapy drug, radiation, and an oral chemo medication,” Jade said. “Radiation began first, and that will finish after the new year. The majority of the treatment can be completed in Charlotte with us only traveling to Georgia once a month. That helps her continue to live her life as best she can. Joining the TopCats clinic and cheering against Denver, was awesome. She’s also happy to be back in school part-time.”

Maybe Sunnie was the sunshine magic the Panthers needed to #KeepPounding the Broncos?

Either way, it’s great news. Jade says Sunnie is also feeling pretty good, so far.

”We’ll get an MRI after the radiation is finished to see how much progress we’ve made,” Jade said. “Then chemo will begin.”If you missed the first post on Sunnie, her mom and dad say her name is fitting. (I loved this part of their first note.)”She is the light that enters the room,” Jade said. “I promise after one meeting with her you will feel like you’ve have been friends forever. She is smart, charismatic, sassy, a DIVA with a huge, big heart, and she loves to give. She loves all animals, especially dogs, and has a passion for dance, music, singing, art, and swimming. She’s already said she wants to be a Disney Channel star, wants to travel everywhere, and her favorite place is the beach.”

Thanks for the update, Jade. Please keep them coming.#SunnieStrong #MollysKids