Cabarrus County celebrates employee longevity

148 employees recognized for 1,605 collective years of service
A crowd of colleagues and family members gathered Monday for Cabarrus County’s 2022 Employee...
A crowd of colleagues and family members gathered Monday for Cabarrus County’s 2022 Employee Recognition Ceremony(Cabarrus County)
Published: Nov. 22, 2022 at 5:10 PM EST

CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Cabarrus County leaders honored the work of employees who reached service milestones in a ceremony before family and colleagues at the Cabarrus County Government Center on November 21.

The group of 148 employees totaled 1,605 years of service to Cabarrus County residents.

During the ceremony, Cabarrus County Board of Commissioner’s Chair Steve Morris praised the group for their talent and commitment.

“You constantly find ways to strengthen our community and answer its greatest needs,” he said. “You navigate challenging situations with skill and represent our organization with heart.”

“The Board sincerely thanks you for the work you do—dedicated employees like you are the foundation to any successful organization,” he added. “May you each continue to shine bright at Cabarrus County for many years to come.”

Cabarrus County has more than 1,400 employees across a multitude of professions. If you’d like to learn more about joining the Cabarrus County Government team, visit

Service Award Honorees

35 years of service

Beverly Bollenbecker, Cooperative Extension

Angela Love, Library

30 years of service

Becky Crabtree, Finance

Bill Kouri, Tax Administration

Jay Lowe, Planning & Development

25 years of service

Eric Brown, Sheriff’s Office

Marie Brown, Library

Robbie Foxx, Planning & Development

Ted Lister, Sheriff’s Office

Amy Nance, DHS

Melissa Phillips, EMS

Chad Sloop, Sheriff’s Office

Scott St. John, DHS

20 years of service

Sherry Allman, Sheriff’s Office

Ann Coffey, EMS

Lisa Divincenzo, Library

Darlene Elder, IAM

Jenni Foxx, Finance

Marcos Hale, Sheriff’s Office

Brian Heintz, Sheriff’s Office

Kelly Hinebaugh, DHS

Travis Mcghee, Sheriff’s Office

Deshana Mcmillan, DHS

Susan Neff, DHS

James Torelli, Sheriff’s Office

Alesha Troutman, Sheriff’s Office

Wesley Wallace, Sheriff’s Office

15 years of service

Zeb Alexander, IAM

Sean Austin, Sheriff’s Office

Jason Burnett, Emergency Management

Brian Eggers, Sheriff’s Office

Crystal Faggart, DHS

Beverly Gray, ALP

Anthony Haynie, Sheriff’s Office

Lori Hinson, Veterans Services

Lisa Honeycutt, DHS

Melissa King, EMS

Justin Lewis, Sheriff’s Office

Diana Martin, DHS

Robert Mcnealey, DHS

Maureen Ritter, DHS

Teresa Rogers, DHS

Andrew Thousand, Sheriff’s Office

David Thrift, Tax Administration

Ellen Vanderburg, Register of Deeds

Ryan Ward, ITS

Rebecca Wright, DHS

10 years of service

Richard Anthony, Sheriff’s Office

Jason Auten, Sheriff’s Office

Alymdia Burch, DHS

Leslie Carver, DHS

Roy Clark, Sheriff’s Office

Kara Clarke, EMS

Richard Cooke, Library

Jane Dano, Tax Administration

Adam Ellington, Sheriff’s Office

Laura Endicott, DHS

Shea Fentress Aquilino, Sheriff’s Office

Kevin Gates, Tax Administration

Brandi Geoghegan, EMS

Nekesha Hammett, Sheriff’s Office

Joanne Levy, County Fair

Jennifer Loflin, DHS

Melinda Metz, Library

Melissa Mullis, Tax Administration

Tom Nunn, County Mgr.’s Office

Charles Ratliff, DHS

Sean Rickard, Sheriff’s Office

Jack Rule, ALP

Maureen Ryan, DHS

Brandy Shaver, Library

Kasia Thompson, County Mgr.’s Office

Carly Varnadore, Library

Stacie Watts, DHS

Annette Williams, DHS

Suzanne Williams, Sheriff’s Office

Matthew Wilson, Sheriff’s Office

Mee Xiong, DHS

Natalia Young, DHS

5 years of service

Bradley Austin, Planning & Development

Spencer Basinger, Fire Department

Richard Bennett, Facility Services

Summer Boysworth, EMS

Stephanie Buchanan, DHS

Karen Calhoun, DHS

Janell Cameron, Tax Administration

Tyler Canaday, Sheriff’s Office

Bertha Cardenas, DHS

Tyler Carpenter, EMS

Michelle Cortellessa, Sheriff’s Office

Allison Creswell, ALP

Neeky Daniels Garvin, DHS

Shaqula Davis, Sheriff’s Office

Amanda Decker , Library

Jonathan Drye, IAM

Connor Dunlap, Library

Roscoe Dunn, Planning & Development

Josh England, EMS

Erin Everett, DHS

Robin Fleming, DHS

Micah Freeman, EMS

Summer Gee, DHS

Clayton Graham, Planning & Development

Dawn Gustafson, Emergency Management

Karen Heidt, ALP

Susan Helms, Tax Administration

Martha Hernandez, Planning & Development

Joshua Hoke, DHS

James Hoover, EMS

Kayla Hudson, EMS

Gary Igo, DHS

Justin Linney, EMS

Angelique Maniriho, DHS

Viviana Martinez Hernandez, DHS

Richard Maxwell, IAM

Jerry Mcclanahan, Tax Administration

Jennifer Mclean, DHS

Paula Mcnair, Human Resources

Sandra Mcneill, DHS

Hilda Melgar De Deras, IAM

Yazmin Millan, DHS

Kathryn Morris, Library

Justin Oberg, Sheriff’s Office

Aryn O’Connor, Library

Arin Price, Sheriff’s Office

Jahmel Ramcharitar, Sheriff’s Office

Janey Randolph, Library

John Ray, Sheriff’s Office

Janeen Reid, DHS

Tammi-Sue Remsburg, Soil and Water

Sharon Schueneman, DHS

Adam Sellers, Sheriff’s Office

Janet Sprayberry, EMS

Joshua Story, Library

Dylan Stubbs, Sheriff’s Office

Carly Suggs, Sheriff’s Office

Heather Thompson, DHS

Steven Tran, EMS

Sheila Tyler, DHS

Shannon Unger, ALP

Julianne Vetere, Sheriff’s Office

Candice Walker, Sheriff’s Office

Katlyn Wallace, Library

Jonathan Weaver, Comm. & Outreach

Brandy Webster, Planning & Development

Snow Wildsmith, Library

Jeremy Yoder, Sheriff’s Office

Carter Znaniecki, Sheriff’s Office

2022 retirees

Robert Agee, Sheriff’s Office

Sherry Allman, Sheriff’s Office

Franklin Brown, IAM

Linda Davis, DHS

Marie Davis, DHS

Jeffrey Freeze, DHS

Perry Gabriel, ALP

Walter Gatlin, Sheriff’s Office

Jeffrey Hatley, IAM

Laura Hatley, ITS

Angela Haynes, DHS

Christopher Love, EMS

Jonathan Marshall, County Mgr.’s Office

Rebecca Overcash, Tax Administration

Brenda Pickett, Sheriff’s Office

Lynn Roberts, Planning & Development

Carlos Villanueva, EMS

Shakiri Weathers, DHS

Constance White, IAM