Abandoned homes in Clover causing problems in neighborhood, residents want landowner to address it

Neighbors say they have been for two years now but that is causing trouble for the people living in the area.
WBTV's South Carolina reporter Morgan Newell talked to the neighbors and reached out to the homeowners to get some answers.
Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 6:05 PM EST
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CLOVER, S.C. (WBTV) - Rats, snakes and roaches. That is what one neighborhood in the Town of Clover has been dealing with for the last two years.

They say these pests are coming from two abandoned houses in their neighborhood, but they cannot seem to get the homeowner to do anything about it.

A house on Stanton and a house on Park in Clover are both abandoned. Neighbors say they have been for two years now but that is causing trouble for the people living in the area.

”It’s just not what we want for our neighborhood,” says Williams Jefferis, whose house is between the two abandoned homes.

Neighbors say these two houses in Clover have sat empty for two years now and it is the exact reason why the houses are causing headaches for the neighborhood.

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”We’re at wit’s end. We’re trying to make out neighborhood better,” says Jefferis.

Jefferis’ next-door neighbor Jeff Mansir also lives close to both abandoned houses and has been having the same problems.

They have been dealing with strangers entering the unlocked homes and are nervous that squatters will start to use the homes as a place to live. The latest problem is roaches in their homes. They both say it started when the nearby houses were abandoned. The two are having to use their own money to get exterminators to help get rid of the problem. However, they say it comes back quickly after.

”It’s been a struggle. We can’t afford an exterminator. I have two kids. One of them, he doesn’t want to have friends over because we have the bugs,” says Mansir.

”I can deal with the rats and the snake on occasion we see but the roaches we’re having a hard time with,” says Jefferis.

WBTV checked in with the Town of Clover to find out what is done to help the situation. The building inspector says the town has fined the landowners and is already in the process of finding them again a second time under its nuisance ordinance. Jefferis and Mansir agree and tell Newell the town of Clover has exhausted all efforts to rectify the situation, but it is really on the landowners to make it right.

”I realize the town is doing everything they can but we just want some accountability from the landowner,” says Mansir.

York County records show Charles and Shawn Carr own the properties. Newell reached out to their lawyer who told me there was no comment at this time. So the waiting game continues to see if something, at this point anything, could be done to help this situation.

“She doesn’t have to live here. Both Jeff and I work pretty hard for a living and I think it’s wrong that we have to put up with it,” says Jefferis. “To get rid of these two houses would be a blessing for all of us here.”

The Town of Clover says it has a court date scheduled in a few weeks. That is part of the fining process.