Teen accused of killing 20-year-old Clover resident in court, more details shared

For the first time ever, TJ Hubert’s mother Quadrena Adams sits in the same room as her son’s alleged killer.
The teenager accused of shooting and killing 20-year-old TJ Hubert in Lake Wylie was in court today for the second time.
Published: Nov. 16, 2022 at 5:50 PM EST
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LAKE WYLIE, S.C. (WBTV) - A teenager accused of shooting and killing 20-year-old TJ Hubert in Lake Wylie was in court Wednesday for the second time.

WBTV has been following this story from the very beginning and bringing you all the details and talking with the family as they asked for answers. Hubert’s body was found back in June at a Lake Wylie fishing dock in a neighborhood he did not live in.

Two months after a mysterious murder shook the Clover area, a teenager was arrested for the murder. 17-year-old Zi’Quavious Jkwon La’Travis Caldwell is accused of killing and robbing Hubert.

A judge ruled there was enough evidence for all three charges against Zi’Quavious Calwell. A victory for TJ Hubert’s family who came down with smiles on their faces despite there still being sorrow in their hearts.

For the first time ever, TJ Hubert’s mother Quadrena Adams sits in the same room as her son’s alleged killer.

”It’s hard to even put into words seeing him come through that door,” says Adams.

The details of the case were laid out in court to see if this case had enough evidence to continue. Adams said she was waiting for the details to get some of her questions about that night answered.

”I wanted to know what happened. My child isn’t here he can’t speak. We have him. I wanted to know,” she says.

The detective on the case laid it out from start to finish. He said Hubert was found near a fishing pier the next morning after the shooting. He was found with multiple gunshot wounds to the torso and upper legs. He says there were about four or five gunshot wounds. The number, according to the detective, was disputed because the person who did the autopsy could not figure out if one wound was an exit hole or its own wound.

After searching for suspects, the detective says they came across Avaya Montaya after a while. Montoya initially told police that she didn’t know TJ and was in the parking lot of the neighborhood he was found in when she heard a loud bang. However, she came back and told detectives a different story after they found TJ’s number and phone calls between the two on her phone.

The detective testified she told them she was previously in a relationship with TJ and had stopped seeing each other. Her statement says TJ texted her asking to meet up so he could apologize.

A detective working the case says Hubert was with Montoya that night when Caldwell found them together. He apparently had her location on his phone. Caldwell was apparently at Montoya’s apartment sleeping when she left to meet TJ, according to the detective’s testimony. The detective says Montaya was Caldwell’s girlfriend and when Caldwell saw them together, he wasn’t happy.

”Aveya advised that Zi said bro what the eff are you doing with my girl. She then said Zi said ‘nah eff all that’,” says Detective Askew.

Despite Montaya telling Caldwell the two were just talking, the detective says she told them he got upset. The detective continued by saying she told Hubert to run before taking off running herself. She started to run toward her apartment when she heard gunshots.

Caldwell is telling a different story. At first, he denied being there at all and told the same story Montaya initially told--he was in the parking lot and heard the gunshots. However, he changed that story.

He told detectives he went down there and saw Montaya and Hubert there talking to each other. Caldwell told detectives “sexual acts” were going on between the two. The detective testified that Caldwell told them he went down there because his girlfriend asked him to because of the age difference and Montaya was actually scared.

The detective says he says nothing was said but then Hubert punched Caldwell in the face. The detective continued by saying Caldwell claimed he was protect his girlfriend but Hubert punched him in the face. The detective says Caldwell then “blacked out” and shot Hubert three of four times.

Police say they did not find any other weapon on the scene or in the river. They also have not recovered Hubert’s car keys. wallet or phone.

”There are three sides to every story—yours, theirs and the truth. So I just hope that as we continue to move through this the truth comes out” says Adams.

Adams hopes to get to that truth after the judge’s ruling fell in their favor while still mourning this loss and honoring her son’s name.

”Just continue to love like TJ. That’s the biggest thing I have to keep replaying in my mind. Love like TJ,” she says.

Adams is trying to put together a scholarship at Clover High School in honor of Hubert, As far as the next steps in court are concerned – no dates for future hearings have been set.