The latest in food news with Unpretentious Palate

What you need to know in the food world.
What you need to know in the food world.
Published: Nov. 9, 2022 at 12:00 PM EST
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QC Life) - The holiday season is here and there’s always so much going on in the food world this time of year. Kristen Wile with Unpretentious Palate is here this morning, bringing us the latest in food news and trends by way of “courses.”

Course 1 (News): During the pandemic, restaurants started meal subscriptions -- monthly memberships where you got a special coursed meal. What’s the future like for them now that in-restaurant dining is back?

Course 2 (Event): The UPPYs are here! We’ll be celebrating the best in the industry on Monday, Nov. 14. Our chef of the year finalists are Greg Collier of Leah & Louise, Michael Noll of Bardo Restaurant, and Chris Rogienski of Supperland.

Course 3 (Don’t miss dish): Thanksgiving to-go! From restaurants to delivery services, get professional meals you can eat at home. If you’re looking for a partial meal, grab a smoked turkey from Sweet Lew’s or sides from Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen. If you’re dining for only a few people, check out Patrick’s Gourmet for per-person ordering. From restaurants like Angeline’s to Calle Sol to delivery services like Table & Twine or Your Farms Your Table, there are plenty of options for an easy meal.