Street Bond on the ballot for Charlotte voters; would focus on infrastructure improvements if passed

“There’s a lot of areas in Charlotte that need to be uplifted,” said Maria Cobeo.
Charlotte voters say they support the bonds because of the infrastructure needs of the city.
Published: Nov. 2, 2022 at 9:16 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - We’re less than a week away from election day, and voters in Charlotte will have to make big decisions when it comes to the city.

There are three bonds on the ballot that would support money for housing, neighborhoods, and streets.

The streets bond is the largest of the three bonds totaling more than $ 146 million targeted at improving roads and pedestrian paths throughout the city.

Outside of housing concerns in the city, voters tell WBTV infrastructure is one of the most important issues.

“There’s a lot of areas in Charlotte that need to be uplifted,” said Maria Cobeo.

All Charlotte voters WBTV talked to this week say they will support the bonds because of the infrastructure needs of the city.

Pamala Collier said, “I just think we need to support them because we do need to improve our, and keep the infrastructure intact and in good condition, I just think that’s important for the neighborhoods.”

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Byron Ulmer added, “I think it’s necessary when you think about how many people are relocating to the city of Charlotte, you know we need that improvement as it relates to infrastructure.”

The $146-million-dollar bond would be split between eight categories:

- Congestion Mitigation ($10 Million)

- Northeast Corridor Infrastructure ($6 Million)

- Road and Intersection Improvements ($20 Million)

- Sidewalks and Pedestrian Safety ($50 Million)

- Bicycle Facilities ($8 Million)

- Transportation Safety ($17.1 Million)

- Street Resurfacing ($21.6 Million)

- Traffic Control and Bridges ($13.5 Million)

Janet Labar, the President & CEO of Charlotte Regional Business Alliance said, “The street bonds, again have historically been supported by the community and we want to make sure we continue to see these upgrades and investments to our infrastructure.”

Voters tell WBTV they had no doubts about the bonds because they want to see a better Charlotte.

Cobeo said, “we need to keep our city going, it affects also how we represent ourselves, and we need to take care of it you know, it’s like our bodies, if you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else is going to take care of it.”

If approved, the bonds would help redesign the Eastway and Shamrock Drive intersection.

In the University City area, there’s a focus on improving traffic and expanding the bike network.

“Any improvement as it relates to infrastructure is necessary in the city of Charlotte,” said Ulmer.

People feel voting for the bonds is their way of making their voices heard for concerns in the community.

“I think just to tell the voters just to get out and cast your vote because your voice does count,” said Collier.

The $146-million bond ties into Charlotte’s capital investment plan which is a long-term plan of meeting the needs of a growing city.

Millions will go toward vision zero which looks to eliminate traffic fatalities in the city by making safety improvements.