Suspects accused of 5 murders across the country plead guilty

Terry led officers on a week-long manhunt in 2021.
The couple was back in court for the first time in over a year, where the two pleaded guilty to ALL charges.
Published: Nov. 2, 2022 at 9:32 AM EDT
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CHESTER, S.C. (WBTV) - Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson, the suspects in at least five homicide cases across the country, pleaded guilty Wednesday morning in Chester County, S.C. court.

The two were charged in connection to homicides within days of each other in York and Chester, S.C.; Missouri; and Memphis, Tenn. Terry plead guilty today to 24 charges with most being murder and attempted murder. Simpson, his girlfriend and accomplice in most of these crimes, plead guilty to 15 charges. They will get life in prison without the possibility of parole.

“If I accept this plea that means you will get no better than this deal. You will get no worse either,” Judge Gibbons said in court.


The two still have to stand before a judge in both Memphis, Tennessee and St. Louis, Missouri for crimes committed there. Prosecutor Kevin Brackett called this a global plea deal which means Simpson and Terry worked it out so they can serve life sentences for all the crimes committed in all three states. Both will serve their time in South Carolina’s Department of Corrections.

Terry led officers on a week-long manhunt through Chester County in May 2021. Deputies say that he was able to avoid capture because he had been living in the woods.

Simpson, who was the wife to one of the alleged victims, was arrested before Terry.

Today, the system worked is what Sheriff Max Dorsey said about the conclusion of this case he spent weeks pouring over including one week spent out here trying to find Tyler Terry. Also today, families say they felt closure for the first time in a year and a half.

”I miss him so much,” says Pamela Simpson about her son, Eugene Simpson, one of the victims and Adrienne Simpson’s husband.

From the moment Terry and Simpson walked into the court room, the weight of what was being done here today was heavy. The victim’s families shedding tears immediately for the loved ones who lost their lives during their crime spree.

”He meant so much to us that we didn’t even know how much he meant until he was taken away from us,” says Simpson.

The words these families had been waiting to hear for a year and a half uttered today in court from the man who caused them pain. Terry stood in court and plead guilty to every single one of them.

”We thank God that the people who did this to him have been arrested,” says Sonja Hardin, Thomas Hardin’s, another victim, sister.

“Don’t nobody deserve what they did to my son. All these victim lives that they took. Don’t nobody deserve that,” says P. Simpson.

Some chose to forgive, like Jeremy Robinson, who was shot by Terry when he opened the door at a home on Ehrlich Street.

”I don’t hold a grudge because I don’t know yall. So I forgive you for whatever,” says Robinson.

Others would rather forget and start to leave this pain in the past.

”My soul and my spirit will heal today. Starting right here,” says Simpson.

When given the chance, Simpson read a statement apologizing for her involvement in so many peoples’ pain. Terry choosing not to speak at all.

”Words cannot express how this has affected myself also and how I wish I could rewind time and change what happened,” says Adrienne Simpson.

Simpson and Terry still have to be extradited to Missouri and Tennessee to get formally charged for their crimes there. The prosecutors tell me in those two states they will also get additional life without parole sentences that will be served in South Carolina.