WBTV digs into Clover Schools rumor about incident in bathroom, district’s investigation reveals what happened

York County Sheriff arrested two students for communicating threats to each other on social media.
Published: Nov. 1, 2022 at 7:18 PM EDT
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CLOVER, S.C. (WBTV) - You can see a lot online and some of it is far removed from the truth.

WBTV is digging deeper tonight into a situation around Clover High School in South Carolina after a rumor made the rounds across social media in the Clover community.

The district says it all started when a video showing an incident in a boy’s bathroom started going around with the words Clover High School superimposed on the video.

District officials say the bathroom in that video was not Clover High School and the students were not Clover School district students. We found out the rumors mixed two very separate stories. The district says parents did the right thing and that when they saw something, this time a potential incident at the high school, they said something to the administration.

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”Involve us and come to us and communicate with us. That’s the best line and best way to be proactive,” says spokesperson Bryan Dillon.

The district investigated. Spokesperson Bryan Dillon says administrators searched the school to find out if any areas matched the video. WBTV also found out that administration looped in law enforcement and spoke with students who shared the video.

”At all three layers they found no evidence that this happened at Clover High School,” says Dillon.

I asked the district why it is important to investigate even if the situation doesn’t seem likely in the first place.

”Take the information we receive from parents and treat it as if it is accurate and investigate it thoroughly. And through investigation we can find when something is inaccurate as we did in this case,” he explains.

There was another incident that could have thrown fuel on this rumor fire. York County Sheriff arrested two students for communicating threats to each other on social media. This came after a fight that happened off campus Friday night. By then, Dillon says the investigation into the video was complete.

”We will go through the steps to verify whether something is accurate or not. Just simply taking the word of social media, there are layers to that. Verify things. Take the steps and give the accurate information,” he says.

While the video did not come from this district, further investigation is going on to find out where it did come from