What are the real benefits of electric cars and EV ownership?

The main benefits of electric cars.
Owning an electric car
Owning an electric car(Toyota of North Charlotte)
Published: Oct. 26, 2022 at 4:23 PM EDT
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If you’re buying - or planning to buy - an electric car, it’s definitely recommended that you do your research first. Electric car ownership is a different ballgame and requires a fair amount of information and planning. However, there are a lot of benefits of electric cars, and Toyota of N Charlotte’s experts are here to explain what they are. 

We know not everyone is destined to end up in the driver’s seat of an electric car. (That’s why we still offer hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and ICE - internal combustion engine - vehicles.) However, the benefits of electric cars can definitely sway drivers who are interested into signing the dotted line. Here are five of the main benefits of electric cars to consider before you decide. 

The five main benefits of electric cars

1. You’ll be paying less for fuel. ICE vehicles run on gasoline, which we all know is extremely expensive right now. Electric cars, conversely, run on electricity. You still have to pay for the electricity you use when you charge your car, but it’s noticeably less than fuel costs for a gasoline-powered car. You should also remember that charging your EV at home is a lot more affordable than charging at public stations. 

2. You’ll also be paying less for maintenance. Another benefit of electric cars is that they require a lot less maintenance under the hood. There’s no internal combustion engine, so you won’t have oil changes, transmission service, fuel pump replacements, etc. There are far fewer parts in EV cars under the hood, so you won’t have near as many maintenance costs. 

3. You could save money with tax breaks. Did you know that as an owner of an electric car, you may be eligible for tax breaks on both state and federal levels? Be sure to research yourself or have your accountant look into it to see if you can save some money next year. 

4. You’ll have a cleaner commute. Battery production and non-local emissions are definitely points of contention when it comes to how clean electric cars actually are. But on a local emissions level - what comes out of your car’s tailpipe - they’re quite eco-friendly, so you can rest easy on that front, at least. 

5. Your cabin will be much quieter. Electric cars don’t have loud internal combustion engines under the hood - remember, fewer moving parts - so they are a lot quieter inside the cabin. You’re pretty much guaranteed a peaceful drive time experience. 

Toyota of N Charlotte can explain the benefits of electric cars are more 

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