‘The best medicine’: Breast cancer survivor passionate about saving lives through Project Pink

Sandra Goldman has had breast cancer about six times and now lives with metastatic cancer.
Project Pink brings mammograms to uninsured and underinsured women across our area.
Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 5:56 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - On Friday, 40 women will get free mammograms in the WBTV parking lot as part of Levine Cancer Institute and Charlotte Radiology’s Project Pink.

Project Pink brings mammograms to uninsured and underinsured women across our area on a mobile bus to increase access to life-saving screenings.

Sandra Goldman was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010.

“I don’t really know why, but I went three months early for my mammogram,” Goldman said. “I’m a curious person by nature, so when the technician took the picture, I went and looked over her shoulder and what I saw was a picture of planets exploding and somehow I just knew something wrong. Sure enough, I had stage two breast cancer in my right breast.”

Goldman got a mastectomy and four rounds of chemo. She thought she was in the clear until five years later.

“It came back,” she said.

After another 16 rounds of chemo and 30 rounds of radiation, she still wasn’t done fighting.

She’s now living with metastatic breast cancer.

“So over the years by now I stopped counting because it doesn’t really matter,” she said. “It’s in my lungs, it’s in my muscles, it’s in my sternum and such, and I’m doing fine. Every few months I have a scan that makes sure everything is stable, or if not, that we adjust, and it just shows how important these mammograms and scans are.”

Through it all, she’s grateful to have health insurance and is passionate about raising money for those who do not.

“It started out with generating funds and it turned into $10,000 dollars, into 20, into 30, 40, 50,000 and more,” she said. “If everybody just can give a teeny little bit and you add that all together, just imagine how many people’s lives we can save.”

She urges women to get annual mammograms.

“Do not put that mammogram off because it can truly save your life,” she said. “We don’t ask our friends ‘hey do you have health insurance?’ But maybe we should have a conversation about that. Maybe we should tell them that we have projects like Project Pink so they go and get those mammograms.”

For those fighting the battle right now, she hopes to serve as an example.

“Look at me,” she said. “I have metastatic breast cancer. Would you ever think that I’m sick, that I have a disease that can kill me tomorrow? You can have a very productive life and you can find a cause, for me it’s Project Pink, and truly it’s the best medicine for me to help others so they don’t have to suffer as hard. It’s amazing so, look at me.”

All 40 appointments are filled for Project Pink at WBTV this Friday, but you can still sign up for upcoming opportunities by clicking here.

A $250 donation can cover a 3D mammogram for one local woman.

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